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How Vishnu was born

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I am pained to see people are misrepresenting Veda.

I have posted this material before; else where I will agai post it with the hope to clear the muisconception of “Vedic Gods”.

I belong to the family of Hotr priests of Rg Veda. My father and my elder breather are Hotr priests. I am trained in Rg Veda in the traditional style of reciting entire Rg Veda. I know each and every line of Rg Veda by heart. I am also trained in the Bhashya – traditional interpretation - of the Vedas. Though I am trained to be competent to become a Hotr priest, I did not become a priest. My elder brother became a Hotr priest. (I am introducing myself to make a point I know what I am talking about. i dont talk things which I am not sure of. )

In Vedic system, Hotr priest is the priest of Rg Veda and the only one qualified to invoke devas as only Rg mantras are meant for invoking devatas. . Yajur Vedic mantras are meant for giving offerings to the devas invoked by Rg Veda and Sama Veda mantras are meant for singing the praise of the gods invoked by Rg veda mantras. Thus as to the matter of gods are concerned, Rig Veda is the complete and final authority, since other Vedas perform a supplementary role to Rg Veda. No other gods that is not mentioned in Rg Veda could be invoked.

There are only thirty three gods in rig Veda. There cannot be more because the number 33 is sacrosanct and has a tight logic. Divinities in Vedic system have esoteric connotation to the consonants of the Sanskrit alphabets. Gods are those letters. And there are only 33 consonants in Vedic Sanskrit. (From ‘Ka’ to ‘Ha’ are 33).

“Te Trayastrimsadakshare Bhavath. Tryastrimsadhuo devah.” – Aitreya brahmana (1, 10)

This tight association between devas and letters makes the gods limited to 33 and there cannot any more. Hence any additional gods mentioned in other later Vedas or Puranas (there are 33crores of gods in puranas) are to be understood as names or aspects of the original 33. If this is not the case those new gods cannot be technically invoked, from Vedic point of view. Hence there are only 33 gods in Vedas.

And Who are these 33 Vedic Gods ? Asta Vasu (8), Ekladasa Rudra (11), Duadasa Aditya (12). Prajapati , Vasad or sometime Indra. And their names are given below.

Eight Vasus: Agni, Jadaveda, Sahoja, Ajara, Vaisvanara, Naryapa, Panktiradha and Visarpi.

Leven Rudras: Prabhrajamana, Vyavadata, Vasuki, Rajata, Parusha, Syama, Kapila, Atilohita, Urdhva, Avapatanta And Vaidyuta.

The twelve Sun gods: Twastr, Savitr, Bhaga, Surya, Pushan, Vishnu, Vaisvanara, Varuna, Kesi, Vrshakapi, Yama, Aja-Ekapat.

These are the Vedic gods. Note that Vishnu is just one of the names of Sun god in Vedic system. Most of our present modern day Hindu gods are not at all Vedic. We have denigrated many of these Vedic gods and promoted new gods. What is atrocious is that peple justify their very non-Vedic gods as Original Vedic gods.

As a Hindu, I have no problem in recognizing these new gods and even worshipping them. But what Pains me is the ignorant and even purposeful distortion of the Vedic religion to justify the new entities and practices. There is no need to argue that Vishnu is a Vedic god. Nothing is lost if Vaishnavas Accept that Vishnu is of Puranic origin. Is Behaved Geeta not is good enough? Why bring in Veda for support of a new religion?

I hope people will stop talking about Vedas, with out a first hand study of it and use it incorrectly for supporting their wrong views. I have seen it repetedly in this Aurarya discussion groups, at many occasions in different places.I am writing this not with any animosity with Vaishnava religion or any other ( Puranic or modern) Hindu religious faction for that matter. It pains to see that Veda is not represented properly and is misused by Hindus themselves. I request humbly that care should be taken to represent Vedic System accurately and truthfully.

Saraba Iyar

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To saraba iyer,

saraba ji as our dharma shastra says that we should give respect to pandiths , that is one who practice vedas ( that too you have mentioned that you are a student of rig veda swashkadhyayi) therefore i do respect you ,but with out next thought i would condemn your statement on lord vishnu, because as true vaishnava its duty of me to defend parmathma...

firstly i would like to inform you one thing , in the whole universe no one can say i have studied vedas completely , except paramathma , lakshmi devi and vaayu devaru, rest of the devathas are not fully aware of vedas, so should say only a im studying vedas.

comming back to your point in kaliyuga aadi shaapa given by the maha muni gouthama people were suffering by ajnana in that time lord vedavyasa came and divided vedas into four and wrote 18 puranas, baghavatha ,mahabharatha and also blessed by stating brahma suthra on the entire vedas as we know he is the avthara of lord narayana him self(vyasaya vishnu roopaya vyasa roopaya vishnave ) because he only knows the whole vedas, others could do nothing,

thirdly you talked about misinterpretation of vedas , i tell you it was shankaracharya who did that thing at first later all the other acharyas came and did the same thing because of ajnana not having the right knowledge and some of them did intentionally as well , i do not want take their names, later jagad guru thrilokyacharya sri mad ananda theertha baghavadpaadacharya ,popularly known as madhwacharya , he is avathara of vaaya devaru as mukhya prana avathara in thretha yuga , did seva of lord sri raam , secondly as a bheema sena and served lord sri krishna and in kaliyuga he took avarthara of sri man madhwachharya and served lord vedavyasa ( refer madhwa vijaya for details ).

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Dear Yagna_Narayana

My take on this is that, if we are able to realize/know the supreme creator, The One, why do we have to worry about the orientation/ordering of the creation?


The first verse of Brahma Samhita mentions:

isvara parama krsna

sachidananda vigraha

anadiradir govinda

sarva karana karanam


Sarva karana karanam, The One who is the cause of all causes. Hope this helps.

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Great Acharyas like Sri Ramanujacharya and Sri Madhvacharya has already proved Vedas praise Supremacy of Vishnu. No one in current environment has knowledge has our acharyas did. They know everything better than us. Just by having knowledge in sanskrit or working as a vedic priest wont make a person a real intellect. We should accept the teachings of the great acharyas.


Note : SAivas may say their acharyas has quoted supremacy of Shiva. But it should be remembered that many great shaivatee acharyas were easily defeated by many vaishnava acharyas. Theres not a single non-vaishnava acharya who has proved that sayings of "Vaishnava Acharyas" are false.


Om Namo Narayanaya

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Dear Friend,


for your kind information the Trinity doctrine (three Gods) Brahmma, vishnu, sivan is the doctrine developed only in the 4th century A.d. in Vaishnavism. The another is Saivishm, I hope you know this. This two religion came to be practised in India only during 4th Century AD.


According to Vaishanavism The father is Sivan(MALE), vishnu is (mother) and lord Iyappa is son. In saivism the father is Sivan, sakthi is mother and Lord muruga or Pilliar(lord ganapathy) is the son.In christianity Father is God,mother is Holy Spirit and the son is Jesus.

In short there is no any deviation, religious denomination between us and we are all one family and we have only One GOD, we are all breothers and sisters.

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I have been reading this kind of thred but most of Krishna or Vishnu Bhakta's are confused. Here are some simple facts and questions to Krishna Bhaktas:


1. First GOD worshiped by any Human on this Earth was a: Stone

FYI.. Even today, Shiva can be worshiped as Stone.

2. OM is adiswara ..from which the Universe was created - Shiva is OM God.

3. Scientifically, universe was created by explosion of immence Power [shakti] blended with a eternal orderly nature[ Shiva], so only the union of Shiva and Shakti can create the universe, Shakti is wife of LORD Shiva only, so who is Greatest GOD.. You answer.

4. No where in any Veda or Purana it says that when Shiva Destroys, he leaves Vishnu and Brahma alive, everywhere it says complete destruction is done by shiva, hidden meaning is that only Shiva is left, Vishnu, Brahma and all other GODs get absorbed by Shiva.... so who is Supreme ??? You answer.

5. Niti and Science both say, he who can give life has the power and rights to destroy or kill which simply means Destroyer GOD is the GOD of creation too. So who is supreme...You answer !

6. Ofcourse, Lord Vishnu is worshiped by many, but thats logical. To filfil his assignment of preservation of Universe, given by Lord Shiva, he took many incarnations, but logic and facts says all his incarnations died..Supreme LORD Shiva never takes incarnation since even if a fraction of him takes an incarnation.. it never Dies...Like Hanuman and other anshavatars..Does not that opens your eyes?

7. Vishnu always did in justice to Asuras... agreee? he himself proclaims that he likes Devas, how he can be supreme LORD... FYI a supreme LORD can never be partial... which is clearly seen in LORD Shiva.

8. Universe is of Lingam Shape.

9. Time and Space form a Shape of Drum which Lord Shiva Holds.

10. Do not mistake by saying Hanuman was only a Bhakta of LORD Ram, actually LORD Shiva knew that RAM cann't win Ravana whithout His help, so he sent a fraction of his Soul in Hanuman to do what RAM could never Done. DO not deny Hanuman's Role in Ramayana.

11. LORD Shiva is having most archiological reference and also is most refered by other Dharmas e.g. Muslims have roots in Shaivaism, Chriest was a Son of Lord Shiva, All ancient religions and tribes worship Lord Shiva in one or other form....

12. If Linga is means of creation of every human and other Pashus, what an ancient human will think as a Symbol of creation of Universe? so who is worshiped by most ancient civilizations? You answer...

13......List is count less... Krishna or Rama or Vishnu Bhaktas I request you not to get confused by teachings of modern Krishna yogies... LORD Shiva is real Supreme GOD..... Krishna, Rama all are man created GOD that too only by a small sect of modern Yogis... even Sita, Rama, Krishna etc worshiped Shiva to get a boon from Shiva.. Krishna's contemporary Bhisma never accepted Krishna as supreme LORD, in Mahabharata, he says Mahadeva i.e. Shiva is Supreme... so you can gauge Krishna's GOD position in his own Life time... Please do not get fooled... Say Om Namah Shivaya...


Hi all,

Do you people know why we are celebrating Maha Shiva Rathri . Shivrathri

is started as the giving light to the cretures(gods or human beings ) who are in feeling that they are alone and first cretures of Universe .


Brahma and Vishnu quarreled with one another and in a feel that they are the supremes of Universe.At that time one white light(knowledge) generated and from some audibles of universe they listen that who find atleast one end of light can be supreme. Brahma started as hamsa for finding the top edge and vishnu started as Varaha and started digging the earth for finding the bottom edge of the light.No one succeded .


Vishnu realised that he is not supreme. But Brahma cheated and said that he found the top edge then Shiva(lord) came to them and he removed the

fifth head (feel of Ego) and given them highest positions of universe for creation and Preserving for both of them.


Could you please try to answer

God vishnu destroyed so many of the asuras.So can we give the name Destroyer for him.

No we cant as he is only preserver.


For preserving only Narayana is there.If any universal problem(high risk) happened then God shiva has to be there.


In "samudra madhana" also, all gods had their activity along with brahma and vishnu also referred as per vedas.But did shiva had any activity .Why not ?


He is the supreme(pashuapthi) and he describes the activity for any one in the universe and as they had risk with Poison he was there and solved the problem along with Godess.(Sri Neela Khanteshwar).

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Vishnu's birth or as a matter of fact shiva's and brahma's birth too is a very disputable matter as is their superiority in the holy trinity. you ask it and then you will be presented with numerous stories and sources where one or the other god will be shown as superior and creator of all. it is better to accept that interpretation which says that all three were born from the same source, Aditya or a huge source of light.

anisha starstell.com

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Dear Scholars:


It is a great pleasure to visit, read and learn from this India Divine forum. I believe, we should make this forum a great learning and expanding our wonderful spiritual world instead of preaching or condemning each other. This is the place, we can show our harmony, vasudhaiv kutumbakam means whole world is our family. We should open up our heart and accommodate everyone's opinions, views and believes. I respect and have great regards of each and every one who writes and express themselves. Now, it is up to us whatever is good and true to except and whichever we do not agree and we believe whichever is not true just ignore it. My dear divine brothers and sisters of this India Divine forum, I thank you from bottom of my heart for adding so much sacred information and making this forum very valuable forum.


I would always appreciate if more people will come forward and keep adding more to this topic (ignoring negativity).


I am very very thankful to everyone who gave priceless information.



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In shiv puran it is mentioned in Rudrasamihta that shiva rubbed his 10% of left side body with Amrit and Vishnu appeared and the name vishnu was given by shiva .It is also mentioned that Brahma was also created by Shiva and then placed him in the lotus that originated from the navel of lord vishnu.

For shiva It is written in the same book that he is the physical form of Nirakaar.

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hello hello

Lord narayana himself clarifies to shiva and brahma in puranaas first god is in a shape of gold (lord narayana)then he want to create the universe ,so himself made into 3 avatars vishnu who lays on adiseshu ,from his navel comes a flower padmam in that brahma was created by him with four heads,he has done great penance to know who created him then vishnu appears and explains him he shud be creator,and then from brahma comes shiva these three r shrusti sthithi laya karakalu

brahma created everything ,lord vishnu rules the universe(what ever happens in this universe is everything happened only if he permits) after death of living thing it goes to shiva

they r just same narayana ,same god with diff avatars

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all fools who argue who is supreme just close ur mouths ,It is Known fact whether all u accept or not

lord vishnu ,Brahm and shiva r same ,all r tri murtis

even shiva prays narayana mantra

lord vishnu in rama avatar prayed shiva

Learn to know humanity is more than divinity

divinity shud be peaceful if u say vishnu is not supreme (in another way u r saying shiva is not supreme)

coz both r same ,dont attach ur scrap dungs to vedas,puranas etc etc

all vedas puranas says be good do good

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The term, "nābhi" refers to the abdominal navel, as well as the hub of a wheel. This is most plausibly a cosmological reference, referring to an extremely slow drift that can only be measured by decades of stellar observation relating to gradually changing polestars. the "navel-hub" is located at the center of the roughly circular axial precession. This suggests that the navel hub is located in the midst of Draconus. Looking nearby, one can see Cygnus, Brahmā's swan vehicle—or, if you like—his lotus seat. It may further be noted that the center of Cygnus, called Sadr is located very near the core or the Milky Way galaxy, and formerly was also quite close to the former polestar some 14,000 years ago. This seems to correspond fairly well with the Aitareya-Brāhmaṇa's measurements for the beginning of the Satya-Yuga in the Yoga calendar.

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Guest divyansh

brahma Vishnu and shiva are the three names of same god divided according to their work to form "srishti chakra" and brahma Vishnu and shiva when meet together forms OM which means "sarva vyapak parmatma"

matlab "ek baam teem kaam" similarly durga is divided in their nine swaroops according to their fields of superiorities.


scientifically electron neutron and proton  ( brahma Vishnu Mahesh) which were formed from cosmic microwave radiation which was the own light of early universe (aadishakti)

us light me sirf photons hote the jinse electron neutron and protons bane usi light ko divya jyoti aadishakti khte h

yahi sampoorna gyaan h...   god bless, radhe govind

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Vishnu was not born.  He does not have a beginning or an end.  As the Brahma Samhita begins with the words


Ishwara parama Krishna Sachidananda Vigraha

Anadiradir Govinda Sarva Karana Karanam


Which means Govinda does not have a beginning or and end.  

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