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  1. Hi, vishnu is not going to take everying into his stomach.. the moola Shrikhara who is the creater of all gods including Lord Narayana.... Shrikhara is the parabramha..... people believe that parabramha dont have any shape and only shakti... initally Shrikhara was not having shape... but later Shrikhara Shakti took the God form of Shrikhara. Then he created everying.... their is nothing like Pralaya and all. Once created it created. No taking back....
  2. Hi, Vishnu, shiva and all other living beings was created by Lord Shrikhara.... who is the parabrahma...
  3. Dear Friend, Its good know that devotee like you, as I said above, I have seen Lord Narayana really, not only real form also many other countless forms in my residence. Any question or doubt you have about Lord Narayana... let me know also you can contact me Somashekhar...
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