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    Cow is god to hindus,According to puranas in cow(kamadenu) all gods exists ,cow milk is pure ,so they bath murties in milk,lightening deepak ( will fire all ur hurdles) ,insence to purify the air ,last when u light camphor rotate it 3 times and ring the bell u r giving harathi ( i heard atlast u do that to remove black eye even for god) and then atlast bring ur two hands together and give namaskaram to god
  2. use om or jai before srikrishna ,now see ur headache and all aches will shed off
  3. after watching adams bridge rama sethu bridge ,u r getting this doubt ,people r really foolish
  4. daily do ppoja to tulasi plant or during bath use this tulasi mantra 'yanmoole sarva theerthani yanmadhve sarva devathan, yadhagre sarva devaschya tulasim twaam namamyaham' yaanikanicha paapani brahma hatyadhi kani cha tani tani pranasyanthi pradakshinam pade pade
  5. all fools who argue who is supreme just close ur mouths ,It is Known fact whether all u accept or not lord vishnu ,Brahm and shiva r same ,all r tri murtis even shiva prays narayana mantra lord vishnu in rama avatar prayed shiva Learn to know humanity is more than divinity divinity shud be peaceful if u say vishnu is not supreme (in another way u r saying shiva is not supreme) coz both r same ,dont attach ur scrap dungs to vedas,puranas etc etc all vedas puranas says be good do good
  6. if you get snakes in dreams it could bring u luck ,sometimes they r also bad if u see a snake in dream with openhead means like how in devotional photo sarpa head ,it is very good dream ,it is sign of lucky ,u r blessed if u see a snake without open head just seems like stick then it is not god ,not luck some graha came in ur dream offer pooja to any god if u see a snake hunting u and if it bites u will definetely win lot of money
  7. hello hello Lord narayana himself clarifies to shiva and brahma in puranaas first god is in a shape of gold (lord narayana)then he want to create the universe ,so himself made into 3 avatars vishnu who lays on adiseshu ,from his navel comes a flower padmam in that brahma was created by him with four heads,he has done great penance to know who created him then vishnu appears and explains him he shud be creator,and then from brahma comes shiva these three r shrusti sthithi laya karakalu brahma created everything ,lord vishnu rules the universe(what ever happens in this universe is everything happened only if he permits) after death of living thing it goes to shiva they r just same narayana ,same god with diff avatars
  8. I dont know whether in kaliyugam he will appear physically or not ,but he appeared many times in my dreams with adhisesha in water sometimes like lord venkateshwara,i will share every thing with him,the answer will come in the form of result,if i am really very much confused of taking a decision i would ask ramacharita prashnavali chart ,click on that chart offer prayer to rama and aski him it really helps ,but one thing i learned from him reaching him is not easy u shud be very pure ( in ur thoughts,behaviour ,responsibility,dharmas ,patience ) .Once he accepts u as his devotee he will never let u do any kind of faults
  9. i cannot help u providng info but i can tell u onething a person without brahmagnyanam is not brahmin eventhough he born in brahmin family and a person with brahmagnyanam is a brahmin eventhough he borns in sudra family lord Vishnu is shrustikartha brahma done many years penance(thapasya) he dont know where he came from ,later he saw lordvishnu ,and came to knew that he is his god,therafter shiva also came from vishnu Narayana made himself into Vishnu,shiva,brahma who r leads of shrusti sthithi laya Just pray god with whole heart ,try follow him means try to behave like good ,manava seve maadhava seva onemorething if u tear down when u see vishnu that means u r blessed according to bhagavatham brahma created people according to their mentalities and then gave them names brahmins-the people think exactly like vishnu ,means they have vishnu gnyanam like saatviks raju- they r like vishnu heart ,like satva rajo gun vysyas from his thighs sudras and etc from vishnu's feet. if a person borns in a brahmin family he is not brahmin according to lord vishnu ,if u try to be like his wisdom then u will be brahmin understand. these all caste things people have created try to be pure ,pray lord vishnu wholeheartedly ,he is ther everywhere Read Bhagavatam stories it will show u what god is they r more powerful than mantras ,bhagavdgita This is for u 'NaarAyaNika-Nishtasya yaa yaa vrutthi: tadharchanam yO yO jalpasya sa Japa: Tath dhyAnam yannirIkshaNam Tath PaadhAmbhavathulam Theertham tath ucchisshtam SupAvanam tadhukthimAthram manthraagryam tath sprushtam akhilam Suchi (meaning): For that One , who thinks all the time about Sriman NaarAyaNan , whatever his karmAs (activities) are , they are equivalent to Bhagavath AarAdhanam .Whatever he speaks about are the equivalents of Japam of MahA manthrams. Whatever he sees are the equivalent to Bhagavath DhyAnam . The water associated with his feet are matchless sacred waters (like GangA Theertham).The left overs from his eating are sacred to partake.All his speeches are the loftiest of Manthrams .Whatever he touches becomes pure and pious. Each of the samhithais have treasures housed in them by our EmperumAn , MahA Lakshmi and Maharishis .
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