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  1. Before Mohamed ie 600 A.D, at the time of Jesus there existed only one group of people who are called Jews.There is lot of similiarities with Christian names and Islam Names.For Example Christians name is ABRAHAM, where as ISlam Name Ibrahim. Christian Name : DAVID- Islam Name is DAVOOD, SOLOMON-SALMAN, YOSHUVA-YOUSUF, MARY-MARIAM like this we can see lot of examples.In those days Abraham had two children one is Isac born through his wife SAARAAH, and Ismail born through his maid servant AAKAR.This two children were multiplied JEWS. This is is the history. It is true that the stone in Mecca is the shivlinga. But you should understand that there is no any religion called as" HINDU" This may be surprising to you but it is True. The truth is that "HINDU"means the name of the people who lived in the banks of river "SINDHU".if you have any clarification please write me.
  2. Dear Friend, for your kind information the Trinity doctrine (three Gods) Brahmma, vishnu, sivan is the doctrine developed only in the 4th century A.d. in Vaishnavism. The another is Saivishm, I hope you know this. This two religion came to be practised in India only during 4th Century AD. According to Vaishanavism The father is Sivan(MALE), vishnu is (mother) and lord Iyappa is son. In saivism the father is Sivan, sakthi is mother and Lord muruga or Pilliar(lord ganapathy) is the son.In christianity Father is God,mother is Holy Spirit and the son is Jesus. In short there is no any deviation, religious denomination between us and we are all one family and we have only One GOD, we are all breothers and sisters.
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