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  1. Numbers don't affect the effects of a rudraksha bead. instead every rudraksha bead has a unique purpose.
  2. I also agree that it must be some regional form of Durga worshipped probably in regions of Rajasthan or Gujarat.
  3. i had very little knowledge about lord Venkateshwara. Once I saw a movie which explained the story of Balbhadra, Jagannath and Lakshmi whose temple is in Jagannath puri, Orissa. the story seems similar. Can anyone clear my doubts?
  4. you don't need to worry about it much. Some children have more sensitive skin in comparison to others. Consult some good dermatologist and they will be able to explain the phenomena clearly.
  5. i am not sure if it will help you in your quest but Eastern Religion Western Thought by S. Radhakrishnan can help you to get a comparative view as well as an in-depth knowledge of Indian culture.
  6. In my opinion Buddhism is not a religion but a path which leads you to salvation. so anyone can follow buddhism.
  7. i think we should leave all kinds of speculations to the test of time and try to live our lives according to the principle of humanity.
  8. yes i too found very interesting descriptions where people from different religions claim that their god is Kalki avatar. why can't we just concentrate on promoting humanity using this premise rather than using it to convert people?
  9. Barbarik was indeed a great fighter, greater than his father and grand-father but very few premember or know him.
  10. don't lose patience. first find a good astrologer who would give you good and authenticated advice. different faceted rudrakshas have different effects on your life. like do mukhi rudraksha is worn to improve relationship and gyarah mukhi rudraksha for success.
  11. I am not sure about the part if their answers come to be true or not but I know one thing that i had come to know about a lady who often wnet into trance. she had said that she gets so much engrossed in the meditation on God that she forgets everything around and when she finally comes out of it she doesn't know what happened all the while she was in a trance.
  12. you should first make sure that the Rudrakshas you are wearing are authenticated. you should consult some good astrologer before you wear a Rudraksha.
  13. i have heard too that people practice specific mantras to control but i don't believe in it. in my opinion no can be superior to God and if you believe in him then nothing can harm you.
  14. S. Radhakrishnan, the eminent scholar from India has written a book on the subject Eastern religions western thought. this is one of the best books on the subject.
  15. it is indeed true that once we delve deeper we would find that gods in different religion have similarities, which indicates that somewhere all religions originated from the same core idea.
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