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Severe health due to relationship problem. PLEASE HELP

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namaste guruji's,


i was dating the man whom i love so dearly for over a year now. he would always argue with me because i didnt tell my parents about him. we both talked about getting married and everything and just recently on may 25th he said he doesnt want to be with me anymore after i already told my parents about him and my parents telling all of my relatives about him. since that day i havent been myself. i have been very ill and depressed. i just feel like nothing is working for me. life just isnt the same anymore and i have been ignoring everyone because i dont feel like telling everyone of whats going on. can someone please help me out?


my name:monika patel

d.o.b: july 13, 1983

time: 7am

place:borsad, india


his name: saagar nayee

d.o.b:february 16, 1981

time: not sure

place: orlando, fl

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simha rashi .ur under sadesati- worst phase of life.

Remedies:-chant "ammenarayana devinarayana lakshminarayana bhadrenarayana" 21times daily

wear 7 carats golden pukhraj or golden topaz in index finger in gold

7 carats pearl in silver in little finger rt. hand.

for ketu curses:

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For sadesati:

1. Worship Lord Hanuman.

2. Recite Hanuman chalisa daily.

3. Japa of Shani mantra: <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place>Om</st1:place> pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah, 19000 times in 40 days.

4. Recite the Shani stotra:

Nelanjan samabhasam ravi putram yamagrajamChaaya martand sambhutam tam namami shanaischaram

ur horoscope shows curses of ketu:

remedies:-Worship Lord Ganesha.

2. Recite Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotra.



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educational background: student ( biomedical engineer)

family: father- owns business

mother- works with father

sister(older)- married

brother(younger)- works with father and mother

date of events?- what do u mean by this question? there has been a lot going on so im not sure. but if in case you are asking about this most recent event im seeking help for then that would be may 25th 2008.


thank you;


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Happy Birthday Monika :)


Give jal to surya devta everyday. Its important in your case.


Time will heal your wounds. You need to think -

1. Its good he left you before marriage than after.

2. Rethink very practically what you want from a husband. You wouldnt want one who can deeply hurt and cause an emotional set back.


Think - is he worth affecting you? YOU? are far better than him and the fool shall repent.


Remedy for surya, pls do not overlook. Dear, better think of arrange marriage.


Best Wishes


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Monika Patel,

There is no chance for love marriage.It will be arranged NRI match by March 2009.It will be love after marriage.

Wear pearls(for Chandra) and red corals(for Mars) in a garland or in a ring on the little finger.

Pray/puja to Sri Uma-Maheswar (Sri Shiv-Parvati) for your lagna lord Chandra on Mondays and Sri Subrahmanya for Kuja on Tuesdays.You got Kuja in 12th which gives Kuja or Mangal dosha.

Your Shani Sade-sath period is upto 11/2011.Pray/puja to Lord Shani till that period regularly on Saturdays.

This can be done by your parents in your name and birth star Magha pada 1, in any temple in your town.

Don't wear any other Gem other than adviced.

Wish you good luck,


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Thank you for the response. but Is there anything i can even try to do to get him back because i feel as if i cant be without him. everything i do reminds me of him...there are times when i dont feel like wakeing up anymore. i feel like life is over for me.

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The sub-period of Ketu is current since January 2008. Since Ketu is under close aspect of Saturn and it is placed in the V house from Venus, it is likely to give disappointments in romance.

Saturn is passing over natal Moon and Venus in your chart. It also influences the IV house from the ascendant where natal Saturn receives aspect of progressing Saturn. Natal Saturn has shifted to the navamsha sign Scorpio that is the V house in the birth chart and the IV house from the natal Moon.Adverse influence of Saturn is therefore visible on the IV and V houses, Moon and Venus in the chart.

Your Jupiter which is retrograde in the chart has regressed into Virgo in this month. It is now favourably aspecting your VII, IX and XI houses. Therefore very shortly things would start taking a new turn for the better for you, you will come out of your depression and look forward to a new long term relationship that would be in the form of a marriage. This marriage would be fortunate for you and you will be happy in it. It will take place in the major-period of the Sun between March and July 2009. You will have lot of love and happiness in your married life. This is a passing blow. Forget it. Please recite Kunjika stotra at least once daily. it shall help you very much.

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Just believe in yourself. Keep your heart aside for a while and think of your life in a more holistic way. You certainly have more important things to do in life than just think of this man who clearly lacks committment. There is much more you might like to achieve- personally and professionally for yourself and for your loved ones- parents and family etc. Try to regain the focus of your life. Its not easy but definately not impossible either.


Best wishes for a brighter future:) :) :)

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Dear Mooni,


Look again, there are distinct similarities in the replies. My reply - "Dear, better think of arranged marriage" + "Forget the guy he isnt worth you!"


USR ji's reply - "No love marriage" + "Great married life with an NRI soon"


Mathurastro (Respected Dinesh ji) 's reply - "Transits affecting love and romance" + "new long term relationship in the form of marriage which will be very happy"


We are all, in our own ways of communicating, trying to tell you that the break was certain and so are chances of an arranged marriage. A better relationship awaits you!!


Hope that's clear


Regarding remedies, do as many as you can from all prescribed above, there isnt any harm in any of them!:) But if I were you I would not overlook USR ji's remedies.


Best Wishes


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Dear Mooni,

Thats is exactly how you shuld be doing-- taking each day as it comes. I completely agree that its always easier said than done but with right attitude and focus it always does get done. and imagine the feeling of ecstasy and achievement at that point of time- I am sure it would have no match.

So, just go for it. Focus on your aim and keep urself enuf involved in activities on hand that you get no time for thinking about any useless people.

Cheers and best wishes:) :) :)

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