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  1. A post on Years that a Planet Rules may be seen on the above blog.
  2. You are welcome to visit my blog at http://mathurastro.blogspot.com/
  3. Mr Deepak Shah, you will get a job abroad before the end of January 2009.
  4. I am not allowed by the site to reply to your query as i do not have 30 posts to my credit. Please come to my blog.
  5. Ms Dangok, Please clarify your question further and instead of sending it on the open forum you may do so as a private message to me on this site.
  6. Only real life problems that somebody is facing currently would be attended to free of charge. General reading of the chart or hypothetical questions to satisfy curiousity may not be attended to. I have clarified this on my blog as well.
  7. If you put a question to me on http://mathurastro.blogspot.com/ I will try to answer it free of charge. Please see my foreword on the blog. You must give the date, time and place of birth. The time should be accurate. Rectification of time may not be possible due to paucity of time. But my basic intention of starting the blog is to exchange Vedic astrology concepts.
  8. Lady, I have seen your chart. You are in the mahadasa of Jupiter which will end on February 12, 2009. Saturn owns the seventh house of marriage but unfortunately it is debilitated in the ninth house. I would not burden you with technical jargon but the findings are as follows: (a) The friction in marriage might have gone up since September 2006. (b) This state of affairs would carry on till February 2009.There will be no separation till this date. © Repetition of Om namah Shivaya 108 times at least, and more if possible daily is a must. If Rudrabhiskeka can also be done on a Monday it will help. (d) The Moon is very close to Rahu in the sixth house. This is giving mental tension and pain. (e) Mahadasa would change from February 2009. Saturn would start. Saturn also is not very helpful as far as marriage is concerned. You may seek help from your younger brother in the matter (but not younger sister). (f) So recite Om namah Shivaya 108 times daily, get Rudrabhiskeka done if possible and read Hanuman Chalisa seven times daily. On Saturdays you may visit Hanuman temple and pray to him for help.
  9. Saturn makes the spouse older, Mercury younger. In a male chart Venus (karaka), VII from the ascendant and the VII from Venus govern the spouse. In a female replace Venus with Jupiter. When each of these three elements is under influence of Saturn, the spouse would be much older and there would be substantial age differential between the two. Replace Saturn by mercury. The spouse would be much younger etc.
  10. The sub-period of Ketu is current since January 2008. Since Ketu is under close aspect of Saturn and it is placed in the V house from Venus, it is likely to give disappointments in romance. Saturn is passing over natal Moon and Venus in your chart. It also influences the IV house from the ascendant where natal Saturn receives aspect of progressing Saturn. Natal Saturn has shifted to the navamsha sign Scorpio that is the V house in the birth chart and the IV house from the natal Moon.Adverse influence of Saturn is therefore visible on the IV and V houses, Moon and Venus in the chart. Your Jupiter which is retrograde in the chart has regressed into Virgo in this month. It is now favourably aspecting your VII, IX and XI houses. Therefore very shortly things would start taking a new turn for the better for you, you will come out of your depression and look forward to a new long term relationship that would be in the form of a marriage. This marriage would be fortunate for you and you will be happy in it. It will take place in the major-period of the Sun between March and July 2009. You will have lot of love and happiness in your married life. This is a passing blow. Forget it. Please recite Kunjika stotra at least once daily. it shall help you very much.
  11. Well, your ascendant is in Virgo 17 deg 10 min if it is calculated according to Tropical (Western) zodiac for the given time of birth. There is a daylight saving time of one hour on the date of your birth. For the same time if the ascendant is calculated according to indian method the ascendant is Leo at 23 deg 28 min. Speech is governed by Mercury, the II house from the ascendant and the II house from Mercury. Thus the three elements in your chart are Mercury, Virgo owned by Mercury and Gemini, again owned by Mercury. Therefore Mercury is the sole element for speech in your chart and whenever there is an adverse influence on Mercury, your speech gets effected. What is the nature of adverse influence that should cause defect in speech? The VI house from the ascendant shows defect/disease. Saturn is the karaka for it. The VI house from Saturn would also cause a defect. So the elements are Saturn, Capricorn and Taurus. You will notice that major-period of Venus is going on since 1991 in your chart. It is the owner of Taurus.Venus is in Cancer where in the navamsha chart Mercury is placed, and Saturn and Venus have exchanged constellations in the chart. Saturn is in Poorva Ashadha and Venus in Pushyami.So Venus in its major-period may cause defect/disease and since it is strongly related to Mercury which is a powerful indicator of speech, the defect would manifest itself in speech. The timing would be determined by sub-periods in the major-periods of Venus.
  12. Reciting Om namah Shivaya 108 times and then a few stanzas, preferably 12, of Shivasahasranama daily should help you.
  13. I should also have told you that all the three are available at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan book shop on Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi.
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