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  1. My DOB is :22.01.1980 time:06:21 am place: Kolkata In my chart also mars placed in 8th house along with rahu and jupiter..My Lagna is also Makar..My career is not a stable one..I want stability in my career..please suggest some remedy..I already have worn a blue sapphire.. Waiting for reply.. regards, SARNATH:smash:
  2. Anybody please help clarifying my stand, i.e wether i should continue wearing the blue sapphire.. regards, SARNATH:smash:
  3. Dear sir, I already have worn a 3 carat (blood)blue sapphire, according to the suggestion of astrologer. I had been suffering from spondylosis(in initial stage) and other physical ailments including nervousness, which has been cured after wearing it. Now I am worried about my carrer. Please give suggestion whether can I continue wearing the blue sapphire ring? Regards, SARNATH:eek2:
  4. My DOB:22.01.1980 Time:06:21 am, Place :Calcutta,West bengal Can I Wear blue sapphire? Any one give suggestion regards, SARNATH
  5. My DOB: 22.01.1980 Place: calcutta,West bengal Time: 06:21 am IN MY LAGNA CHART Mars,Jupiter,Rahu are in 8th house(Dusthana).. is there any remedy?.. regards, SARNATH:smash:
  6. where can i buy the 6 mukhi rudraksha from? Please tell the procedure of it's sudhhikaran also.. regrads, SARNATH:deal:
  7. My DOB:22.01.1980, Time:)6:21 AM Place: Calcutta, West bengal May I request you to suggest some proper gemstone for my career and health ? regards, SARNATH
  8. Dear sir, I am 28 years old.I am an engineering graduate but still unable to find a job that suits to my position.My health is not too good. Being Makar(capricorn) asc I am already suggested 3 carat of blood blue sapphire and 40 cent diamond. My DOB: 22.01.1980,time:06.21 am,Place :Calcutta. Please help me suggesting proper gemstone.. REGARDS, SARNATH:crazy:
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