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  1. Sri Raj, Your baby is born in Dhanshta Pada 1. The first letter is "G/Ga".
  2. For Sri Shani Dev it is Neelam.Can be above 3 carats.Should be worn on Index finger after proper puja.
  3. Prashantji, Your daughter is born in Revati 3rd pada. Her name should start with "Cha ". USR
  4. neelimaji, when elderly support is lacking. we have to face such unhappiness.Though an exalted Jupitor is in 10th,association of lagna lord Venus with Mars and Mercury the 12th lord doesn't give you the required freedom to decide your fate. Do regular prayers to Sri Lakshmi Narayan on Saturdays and Lord Subrahmanya on Tuesdays. When you get job donate for annadana to Sri Kalahasti Temple. Ask your parents to encourage you for independant decisions. You have a bright future though a bit delayed. with best wishes. USR
  5. It might have happened somewhere in July 2010.There was a deadly combination of 2nd lord Mars transiting over 7th natal lord Mercury in 6th house with transit Venus.Also 12th lord Saturn by transit over Sun the 6th natal lord in 7th house caused the death by vehicular accident.A rare combination of transit planets over the maraka houses and house of accident.Difficult to avoid the incident.
  6. First of all the UI should ask for date range for any querry by the user. Yogas are to be indicated with strength of planets,nature and aspects etc with effective dates. Dasa,antar dasa have to indicate the malefic,benefic nature and planet - house indicators,their house relationships etc with Shani-Sadesath or 8th Shani etc.
  7. Mars in 7th causes Kuja dosha.In Gemini it has no cancellation of dosha.Generally prior to marriage if shanti puja is done to Kuja and regular prayers to Lord Subrahmanya are done the said seperation might have been avoided. Now also they can be done.Donate sea salt in Lord Subrahmanya temple and go round the deity 108 times once in a week on tuesday.Don't wear corals.
  8. Placement of Kuja in 7th house from lagna gives rise to Kuja dosha,which is not conducive for lasting marital relationship unless it gets cancelled under certain conditions. Lord Subrahmanya is for Kuja.Prayers to this lord helps.
  9. A girl in period is not eligible for marriage rituals.For this they postpone mensuration by pills. Mensuration is treated as impure.
  10. One thing certain is ,you are spending lot of your father's money and try to do many things.First study well,get a good job and help your parents.Take care of your legs and feet. Though you are good at heart your method of behaviour may hurt others.Refine your speech.
  11. The native is born in Moola Nakshatra pada 3 .It is harmful to the wealth of family. Out of 15 parts,for the native it is in 9th part which also indicate harm to issues related to family,property.Nakshatra Shanty puja rectifies this dosha.
  12. Pl refer to Sri Valmiki Ramayana –Ayodhya Kanda 52 Sarga –Last sloka Sri Rama,Sri Lakshmana became hungry,Killed 4 maha mrugan (4 types of great animals)-Varaha,Mrusyam,prushatam,maharurum(wild pig,sriped deer,deer and bison). This is done at the first entry into forest after leaving Ayodhya and crossing the river Sarayu.This is their first meal. Jai Sri Ram, USR
  13. Dear Stoned, Venus in your horoscpe is 4th and 9th lord responsible for visit to your homeland.It is with Rahu in 6th.Donate limabeans and pray Venus(Sukra). Your marriage is likely by June 2011.Can be love marriage. USR
  14. Darapu Reddyji, Your horoscope has some malefic influence of planets like 1. Kala Sarpa yoga - pl do kalasarpa dosha nivarana puja. 2.Sani sade sath last 2.5 years (balance 1.5 years is remaining) - Sani shantipuja is required. 3.You are born close to Amavasya.Your lagna lord moon is weak.Do regular puja to Mata Parvathi and wear pearl ring on little finger. 4.Pray/puja to Sani on Saturdays.Help poor and aged. with best wishes, USR
  15. Your Shani Mahadasa starts from 29-5-2028 to 2047.Shani sade sath from 27-1-2017 to 2025.
  16. Shlpa Singhji, Best date is 22-1-2010 early hrs between 00:25 to 02:25 .Saturday vee hrs.By vedic tidhi it is Friday night. Best of luck. USR
  17. Dear, Sometimes the waiting takes it’s own time.From the end of November 2010 things turn in favour of you. Shani sadesath is on and you have completed half the period.By Oct’2014 it ends.Being yogakaraka he will not harm you ,but protects you.But he has to do his duty in slowing the results. Pl light a lamp(with sesame seed oil) on Saturdays before Shani idol,offer black sesame seeds.Help the poor and aged with food or cloths etc. Continue prayers to Mata Parvathi. To continue with other puja and prayers is left to you. Hope this information can help you.I feel sorry that my previous advice has not given you the desired results.Let us hope for the best. God bless you. USR
  18. Dear Nikhilesh, The name of the child should be as per the birth star. If the name starts with a different letter the nakshatra changes.This can be pro or against the janma nakshtra and there will not be synchronisation between both.Why the nama nakshtra should be same as janmanakshatra is important for fixing muhurtha for different occassions. USR
  19. Janma Nakshatra - Starting Letters:Each star has 4 padas.For 1st pada it is 1st letter.2nd pada 2nd letter etc. Ashwini Chu, Che, Cho, La Bharani Lee, Lu, Le, Lo Krittika A, E, U, Ea Rohini O, Va, Vi, Vu Mrigashira Ve, Vo, Ka, Kr Ardra Ku, Gha, Ja,tha Punarvasu Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi, Pushya Hu, He, Ho, Da Ashlesha De, Du, De, Do Magha Ma, Me, Mu, Me Purva Phalguni Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu Uttara Phalguni Te, To, Pa, Pe Hasta Phu, Sha, Na, dha Chitra Pe, Po, Ra, Re Swati Ru, Re, Ro, Taa Vishakha Tee, Tue, Te, To Anuradha Na, Ne, Nu, Ne Jyeshtha No, Ya Yi, Uu Mula Ye, Yo, Ba, Be Purva Shadya Bu, Dha, bha ,dha Uttara Shadya Be, Bo, Ja, Ji Shravana Ju, Je, Jo, kha Dhanishtha Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge Shatbisha Go, Sa, Si, Su Purva Bhadrapada Se, So, Da, Di Uttara Bhadrapada Du, Saa,Jhu,Dha Revati De, Do, Cha, Chi For a boy even number of letters,for a girl odd number of letters.Name has to be pleasing and not frighting or ugly.Name of creepers,rivers,mountains,trees,birth star etc should be avoided ex.Lata,Bharani,Himalay,Yamuna,Narmada etc. This is given again as my previous reply appears to be having some icons.
  20. Janma Nakshatra :Starting Letters:Each star has 4 padas.For 1st pada it is 1st letter.2nd pada 2nd letter etc. Ashwini :Chu, Che, Cho, La Bharani :Lee, Lu, Le, Lo Krittika :A, E, U, Ea Rohini , Va, Vi, Vu Mrigashira :Ve, Vo, Ka, Kr Ardra :Ku, Gha, Ja,tha Punarvasu :Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi, Pushya :Hu, He, Ho, Da Ashlesha :De, Du, De, Do Magha :Ma, Me, Mu, Me Purva Phalguni :Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu Uttara Phalguni :Te, To, Pa, Pe Hasta :Phu, Sha, Na, dha Chitra :Pe, Po, Ra, Re Swati :Ru, Re, Ro, Taa Vishakha Tee, Tue, Te, To Anuradha Na, Ne, Nu, Ne Jyeshtha No, Ya Yi, Uu Mula :Ye, Yo, Ba, Be Purva Shadya :Bu, Dha, bha ,dha Uttara Shadya :Be, Bo, Ja, Ji Shravana :Ju, Je, Jo, kha Dhanishtha :Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge Shatbisha :Go, Sa, Si, Su Purva Bhadrapada :Se, So, Da, Di Uttara Bhadrapada :Du, Saa,Jhu,Dha Revati :De, Do, Cha, Chi For a baby girl the name should have odd number of letters and for baby boy even number of letters.The name should be pleasing and not after creepers,trees,rivers,mountains etc names.
  21. Dear Vinod, You can hope to get a job by this year end. Pray Sri Lakshmi Narayan regularly. USR
  22. Anushaji, Homam means sacred fire.Tila is nothing but sesamum seeds.By offering white,black sesamum seeds in homam to Trinetra/Rudra/MahaDev/Eswara/Shiva gives many benefits like cancelling all the sins committed by us,restore peace and happiness,gives wealth,health,long life,progeny etc. It is prescribed in Vedas and a reference you can find in Maha Narayana Upanishad :-63,64 etc vakyas. It is good to do in a place like Rameswaram ,abode of Lord Shiva. USR
  23. Dear Mandaksk, Eighth Bhava is called Randhra bhava.If all planets are distributed from 8th to 2nd houses,this yoga results.I don't know what your astrologer told,but it is not a good yoga.It can make the native poor ,gives long life and henpecked. USR
  24. Dear Upendrababu, You can try Chamundi beeja mantra as given in Mantra Sadhana in Telugu by Mohan publications,Rajhmundry.It costs Rs 30.Follow the procedure. Wish you best of luck. USR.
  25. Dear Vasudevan, Your thought towards performing Sradha to your ancestors is highly appreciable.The reply to your doubts are 1.Yes.You are eligible to do as a grandson. 2.Yes.You are eligible to do as a grandson. 3.3 levels/ 3 generations. 4.The remedy is do Gaya Sradha to the manes(departed souls),bhojan and dan to brahmins and then do Kanyadan (marriage to your sister). 5.Generally it effects the death of male children in the family lineage.Many astrological combinations are cited in Vedic Astrology. USR
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