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  1. its been only suffering no home no job no one to help living each day thinking there is no tommorrow is there any solution for my problem atleast i need a job its been 10 yrs i finished my degree not getting job . date of birth 21-may-1979 6.05pm ap india
  2. one doubt sundara khand is very big kanda in ramayam how to recite full daily is tehre any small script and during periods i cant recite and chameli oil means what in english please clarify my doubts thnaks for ur time
  3. thank you so much for this help i will never forget ur help happy dasara to u
  4. Hi I am neelima D.o.b:21-may-1979 6.05 pm tirupati,AP. I did my b.e. in computer science in 2000 but this tem years i never got any job i had been searching ...searching .Which Job i should try should i still reach in IT Dotnet devloper or testing or Look for any call center job.I am in bad position no parents and no one to help me i need job badly. And i did that puja for ganesha 21days JOb mantra even that didnt work out for me please advice
  5. Hi i am neelima,my parents expired last year my brother had sent me out of the house and locked the house my puja room has brass ,mud idols of god rama,venkateshwara ...etc can we keep the idols with out puja like this is there any pariharam for this,i cant go to my house and get the idols its been more than a year that house had been locked someone please help me with some solution or pariharam for this
  6. hi can any one help me, i have some ppoly cyst in my right ovary,it enlarged can any on ehelp me on treating this by using ayurvedic medicines can u tell some good ayurvedic doctor
  7. Thsnka u so much for the reply Can u please tell me Gayatri mantra and mala means how many times
  8. Namaste guruji I am neelima please kindly reply d.o.b:21 may 1979 pplace:tirupati,ap time:6.05pm I lost my job,parents,property,money,jewels,home everything as soon as my parents died.the person who was suppose to marry me left me married someone else. Its been 10 yrs i had finished my BE but never got any job which pays me salary. kala saap dosam is there in my chart how to get rid of this,please kindly help me advice me as what to do to get job,marry.please tell some way to get job when i will get job that pays me,will i get a job thanks neelima
  9. hi i am neelima d.o.b may 21 1979 tirupati 6.05pm i lost my job,parents ,property and everything ,the person who was suppose to marry me deceived me. please kindly tell me about my future will i get job if so when and any mantra to get job and money. nobody is marrying me any mantra for marriage all my sisters brothers all are avoiding me please kindly advice
  10. nameste guru ji i am neelima,d.ob:21 may 1979 6,05pm tirupati. recently lost my parents,no job its been 10 yrs i have finished my BE ,no one is marrying me loat all my fathers property.no money for anything,no body is helping me my sisters brother all are avoiding me not even picking my call,no home to stay please kindly tell some mantra so that i can some how get rid of some trouble and get some job which pays me salary thanks
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