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What does God mean to you?

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From post Prabhupada ISKCON hack to Protestant. Return to Audarya to bash the Gaudiya Vaisnava concept of guru, your agenda is quite transparent.
You're backed into a corner so you come out with your usual one-trick pony - the tawdry ad hominem.

Your speculations are ridiculous and desperate.

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You'll have better luck on a Catholic website bashing the Pope and you'll have a far larger audience.

You're the basher. You are breaking the rules of the forum you're so self-righteously and not very expertly defending.

If you can't speak to the issues - then fall face down in a temple in front of your guru-deity.

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You're the basher. You are breaking the rules of the forum you're so self-righteously and not very expertly defending.

If you can't speak to the issues - then fall face down in a temple in front of your guru-deity.

You're purpose here is only to try to attack the faith of the devotees and you think you can use you previous identity and your cbrahma screen identity as a cover. But some of us have memories still intact and you and the stages of your devolution are remembered.
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No one, even Lord Ananta Deva knows what is the REAL and ACTUAL meaning of the word SHREEBHAGAVÄN...so how can a stoolworm like me dare to state anything?

But with the Grace of ShreeNitäiiShambhu even a lame can walk and a dumb can speak...



firstly, the word god has, in now way, any association with the actual meaning of the word BHAGAVÄN....it merely hints at some individual, who is relatively higher than its contemporaryt batch of jeevas.


whereas the word BHAGAVÄN has specific connotations. each word in the Sanskrit language connotes a specific and technical allegiance...


the Sanksrit word BHAGAVÄN, is made up of two words viz. BHAGA+VÄN


>Bhaga is the ONE, Who has six oppulences simultaneously viz.

(1) eternal, infinite an unlimited knowledge (including intellegence and divine knowledge not just material),

(2) eternal, infinite and unlimited beauty (both bodily and characterwise),

(3) eternlal, infinite and unlimited fame (pure fame, unlike fame of current celebrities who pose nacked and ruin other souls' human birth)

(4) eternal, infinite and unlimited aishwarya (wealth,)

(5) eternal, infinite and unlimited power (including strength, tolerance, stamina etc.)

(6) renunciation


here ShreeKrshna actually has Infinte Attributes and Opulences but these are only broad aspects that can be interpreted by the human intellect.


here, the common phrase eternal, infinited and unlimited is of prime importance, in the present age also there is hell lotta souls who apparently have, at least, one of the six opulences, but firstly they are not real, because those who consider them of having such opulence are foolish (like the celebrity fan club) and secondly even if one foolishly considers 'em real, they're not eternal and they are them to awarded through demigods for pious acts.


the word VÄN means, the One, Who possesses such opulences.


now, none of the material things are eternal, infinite or unlimited or even pure, for that matter...so Bhagavän is Beyond the Nature!


So, one should first properly understand the real meaning of Bhagavän and then, by the HIS Grace, one can easily discriminate between the fake streetgods (like the current fag), the demigods, the saints etc.


WHO, Then, is that Bhagavän:


All the infinite Ruchäs of the Vedas continuously hint at the Truth that only ShreeNäräyan is ShreeBhagavän and that ShreeNäräyan reveals only one of the Infinite Aspects of Bhagvän ShreeKRSHNA.(ShreeBrahma Samhitä)






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Because of the definition of God, there is nothing that is not him, so all answers are correct.


We see the picture of Krsna and Radha looking at the mirror, full of wonder. This is because the vision of the divine couple is astonishing even to themselves. Lord Chaitanya appears because as Krsna, he did not know devotion of radharani, therefore, as Sri Chaitanya, that could be tasted.


God is hidden, even to those whom he reveals himself to. To Yasoda, he is a wonderful child, and when she notices that he has something about him that defies logic, he pulls the curtain down so her vision as wonderful and dependent infant is returned. To Bhismadeva, he isa the only worrior with superior skills to himself, so Krsna comes as divine adversary.


So, how can we see God? We cannot, under any corcumstance. As brother jim sings, we cannot petition the Lord with prayer.


He gives us glimpse, as we like. He is that perfect vision and companion that we have craved since the dawn of dawns and even prior to that.


God, to me, is Srimati Martyayani, the goddess of death. She is the great neutralizer, that which brings us to the point of adaptability. She is the being who tells us after we die that death does noit exist. Friend of the poor, patita pavana. She is not even subject to the order of Lord Siva and Lord Brahma, because they will see her as well.


haribol, ys, mahaksadasa

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