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namste guruji,


my details r as below

date : january 5th ,1985

place : visnagar,gujarat

time : 12:47 a.m.


i dont have gd health from 5 years,my stomach has always has prob.and my relation r always break after sometimes.the guy whom i love doesnt love me.i dont have job.

i have prob from every side.i want to make my career at top,but everytime boz of my helath i m nt able to do it.plus this guy is nt showing any interest now.i dont have job also.

when will iget job and gd relationship and health.About the marriage it is possible to hv love marriage


plz help me

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Date of Birth : 23 Feb 1975; 06:30 am; Coimbatore; Tamilnadu, India


Name : N Anand, Male


Query Subject : Delay in Marriage


Presently in : Bangalore


Profession : Central Government Service; Mechanical Engineer



Query :


My marriage delays for long time.. I am unable to settle in life.


Please guide me any set back in my horoscope like dosha and any remedial to

be done ?


Also, give indication about my life partner..




Anand N

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I am suffering from all types of problems, Job problems, self confidence loss.

Inspite of education from all top colleges facing failures at all the places.

Please help me and provide some guidance.


My birth details:


27 may 1977

10:17 AM

Jaipur Rajasthan


I am wearing Gomed in the middle finger and Pukhraj in the ring finger since 2009 after consultation with Panditji. But has not solved the problems , Problems had actually increased what should i do ?

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Hi ,


My DOB : 06 Dec 84 04:20 IST , Pondicherry , India.


My career is on the downside and no progress in the last two years. My love life has been always pathetic with breakups. am cureently alone.


Please help if my marriage and career with prosper or I should be settleing for the worst to come ?


Thanks for you help

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Hi Ashish,



Thank you for your interest to tell people about their horoscope and releive people from worries .I have analysed my horoscope with few astrologers and each one said differently.I will be happy if my questions are answered by you.


My birth details are



4.43 a.m



1)Do I have Kuja dosha due to presence of retrograde Mars in 8th House.


2)Due to saturn retrograde ,does it affect my marraige life


3)Mars is in same raasi in both Raasi chart and Navamsha chart,So it becomes Vargothama.Does it measn it gives always auspicious effect


4)Few said Taurus ascedent mars becomes malefic.Few said for taurus ascedent mars anywhere is no dosha.I m confused on this.Also few said when lagna lord is venus mars anywhere is no dosha.please clear my doubts


5)Becas of this any problem to longevity of partner? My horoscope has been rejected by many saying some reasons like this.Also I heard someone said its is a paava jathakam.


I beleive in god and hope good time always.Your answer will make me relieve from my worries.


Thank you!

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My details as below:


DOB : 2nd Dec 1978

TOB : 18.20 hrs


I would like to know what is causing myself ( including my family members ) harm / negative things like no peace within house, recurring health problems with parents , myself and my sisters marriage etc. and possible permanent solution for this.


You can reply to my email address for this.


Appreciate your help,



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Hello Sir,


My husband is in Abroad right now and right now looking for a good project.Would like to know if he can continue his job abroad for long term?

And also would like to know about his health prospectives?

DOB:20 Janurary 1975

Time of birth :14.35

Place of birth:Sirsi,Karnataka,India




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Hi PLease tell me my future in marriage life and children


My name:Logeswari


DOB :31/07/1975


Time 23.30pm


MAlacca Malaysia


Husband's Name : Vinod Raj


Date of Birth 17/08/1974


Time (Nt Sure from 4am-6am)


PLace of Birth : Kuantan, Pahang Malaysia


Daughter NAme :Kerenasha Raj


DOB : 28/02/2003


Time : 5.43pm


PLace of Birht : Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Marriaga Date : 15/03/2002


PLEase tell me will there be a divorce or how will ym marriage and wiill I have another children


Thank you very much

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Hi, join the group free_analysys_ashish for free horoscope analysys

provide your date time and place of birth along with the choice of

analysys and/or free question. I am the modrator and we do this for

expnding our knowledge and not for ny benifit just to prove tht how

powerful is the vadic astrology





Dear jyotish Sir,


I am concerned about my sister's marriage.

Her birth details is 29/03/1983,12.19pm





when will she get marrid & with whom? can u atleast tell me the 1st letter of the person with whom she will get marrid if not the full name.

Also she wants to know about her professional life.

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My name is monika and i have problems in married life..its my second marriage as well

I dont have xact timing of my birth.Please help me out as i m fully fed up now from my life.


My date of birth is : 19.12.1979

place : bhatinda (punjab)

timings: estimate 8.30 a.m to 11 a.m


Some pandits says that i m manglik and some says that i have kaal sarp yog..I m very depressed these days as my second marriage is also not working..I m not able to make any physical relationship with my husband after 2 months of my marriage..dnt knw what is happening..i get irritated whenever he touces me even..Dnt knw why i hate him so much..He is a nice person..But once a pandit told me that there is no family life in ur hands...m very scared this time also...In last marriage also i tried to commit suicide..and this time also same feelings cmng ..please help me if anybody can help in this matter...m dying day by day....

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I am new here and would like to awail of this good opportunity.please analyse my kids' horoscopes as well as mine.will the analysis be posted on these threads only or will i get them in my account/email?and when can i expect to get the analysis?





time---7.10 pm





time--4.45 pm



DOB--4th oct 2006


time--1.30 pm



Thanks and regards


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I am new in this forum . I will be very much benefitted , if i get a prediction about my marriage .


My details are as below


DOB : 5 TH JULY 1980

TOB: 17:20 HOURS



I hope i would get a reply of this post




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Hi Ashish

My Details are

Name :Raja

DOB :11/05/1985(DD/MM/YYYY)

Time of Birth : 02:30 am

Place of Birth : Chilakalurupet (Andhra Pradesh)

I have only one question

Howz my professional life and also in my chart Jupiter is in 12th house in makara rasi which is considered neecha for the planet however it is exalted in navamsa and also the lord of makara rasi that is saturn is in 10th house (Kendra from Lagna) so wanted to know whether there is neecha banga or not and also Jupiter is assosciated with moon so does that mean gajakesari yoga applies or not ??

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Ashish,

My DOB 18.10.1972, Born in Bombay(Mumbai)...at 9:30 PM, My Lagna is Vrishabha and Rashi Kumbha, i am running Shani Dasha since 2003 May who is my yogakaraka, Bhadkaraka and atmakaraka as well .....can you help me reading my horoscope analysing how will i fare in the balance period of shani dasha.


Also let me know that when will saturn give yogakaraka results if he is also the Badhakaraka.

I have good understanding of astrology and can relate to technical term of astrology.A detailed analysis would be appreciated.




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Respected astrologers,


I am Sloka.


my date of birth is 19th july 1983 time is 04:15:00 P.M at CHENNAI TAMILNADU,India.




star : visakha


In which year my marriage will fix?


How would be my married life?Alliances are coming but nothing has been successful so far.


can i get government job or private?


i want to become IAS officer and serve people.


is there any disturbances or doshas in my marriage and education?


presently i am studying .Is there any chances to change my profession?


sir,please tell me the stones i have to wear??


i just pray and wish u will suggest me the right path and end my troubles regarding my job and marriage.


with due regards,


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namaskar guru ji

i am asking for my friend,her life is really bad phase since last 5-6 years.

she is unable to get any job,though she works very hard.her life is becoming very miserable,however she has the best of determination to try everywhere.

please guide as to by what time she will get her job,and which area she should try for.she has tried civil services,and trying for bank job ,but no success.


tob-2:35 am

pob-kanpur city,uttarpradesh

please suggest



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Thank you for taking time to read this.It would be of great help to me if you can provide me your expertise on the following questions.


My details:

DOB: 22-Dec-1987

Time: 11:57 AM

Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)

Place: 76 E 38' 00", 13 N 18' 00" (Tiptur, karnataka)


My Questions are:


1. Remedies for delay in marriage and which diety I should worship for that?

2. The effects of upcoming(starting this October) Rahu dasa? career, health wise and whether it is going to further delay my marraige?

3. Pitru Dosha in my horoscope and remedies.


There is one more point in which I need clarification. In my horoscope Seventh house Lord(SUN) and Ketu are placed in each other's Nakshatra. I have read on this same website that this is not good for married life and also suggests Pitru dosha. Please shed some more light on this and suggest remedies.


Thanks in Advance.




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