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  1. namste guruji, my details r as below date : january 5th ,1985 place : visnagar,gujarat time : 12:47 a.m. i dont have gd health from 5 years,my stomach has always has prob.and my relation r always break after sometimes.the guy whom i love doesnt love me.i dont have job. i have prob from every side.i want to make my career at top,but everytime boz of my helath i m nt able to do it.plus this guy is nt showing any interest now.i dont have job also. when will iget job and gd relationship and health.About the marriage it is possible to hv love marriage plz help me
  2. hi i heard about this mantra so much,Can i use it to attract men and frds . i m lots of prob,if this mantra can use to attract men ,how 2 use it,do i need to tell my wish in my mind ,b4 i chanting.Can i chant this mantra while travelling or i need to chant it at home only. morning or evening when i should i use it plz reply me thanks
  3. hi i have heard about this mantra so much,i want 2 knw is it use to attract men also,if yes do i need to say in my mind what i need before chanting the mantra. how 2 use it? Is it possible if i use it while i m travelling or do i need 2 use it at my home only. i should use it on morning or evening plz reply me back
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