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  1. No problem, totally understood, just responding to Bhakta Devarsi.
  2. http://www.vedabase.net/tqk/5/en1 Here is a mention of women and sudras from Srila Swami Maharaja's purports in Srimad Bhagavatam, probably where I last read it. Just for reference: Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Teachings of Queen Kunti Here are some of the specific symbolical marks on the spiritual body of the Personality of Godhead which distinguishes His body from the bodies of all others. They are all special features of the body of the Lord. The Lord may appear as one of us, but He is always distinct by His specific bodily features. Srimati Kunti claims herself unfit to see the Lord because of her being a woman. This is claimed because women, sudras (the laborer class), and the dvija-bandhus, or the wretched descendants of the higher three classes, are unfit by intelligence to understand transcendental subject matter concerning the spiritual name, fame, attributes, forms, etc., of the Supreme Absolute Truth. Such persons, although they are unfit to enter into the spiritual affairs of the Lord, can see Him as the arca-vigraha, who descends on the material world just to distribute favors to the fallen souls, including the above-mentioned women, sudras, and dvija-bandhus. Because such fallen souls cannot see anything beyond matter, the Lord condescends to enter into each and every one of the innumerable universes as the Garbhodakasayi Vishnu, who grows a lotus stem from the lotuslike depression in the center of His transcendental abdomen, and thus Brahma, the first living being in the universe, is born.
  3. I'm not trying to set anyone up It is a simple question. How do I explain it concisely to someone? What is a woman's role in varnashrama? So here are some more just to get you started: Are they in the four varnas, or outside them? If outside, why? What responsibilities do they have? What is the difference from a man's roles? I don't know how you guys actually think my question is bad. It is simple and honest and if that is a curveball for you then good luck.
  4. I ask it this was because this is the way it will be asked by someone coming into contact with you 'in the field'. If you are working to establish the varnashram system, you better know the answer. It doesn't need to be too specific, but it has to be clear, concise and accurate.
  5. If someone asked you what is Krsna Consciousness, would you say 'more specific, too broad'? What is the role of women in the varnashram system? Can anyone else answer?
  6. Why are you at a loss? I'm at a loss that you are at a loss , it was pretty clear. Basically: (paraphrasing) I'l let you get back to discussing the finer points of DVD, I made my point good or bad, please forgive any offense, I am insignificant.
  7. ok, in Srimad Bhagavatam purports, Srila Swami Maharaj often says 'like a woman or sudhra'. Can you speak of the role of women in the varna system and where they fit in? Thanks.
  8. Prabhu, just please consider how you choose to express yourself, because though I am certainly offensive you definitely could use a drop of honey in your posts. Note Murali Mohan Prabhu's post above, you may not agree but he is right. 'Idiot' is a symptom of a problem, not the problem. Please take what I say seriously, as others can see what you can't. How to get people to realize? Through humility, tolerance, and giving honor to others. Without seeking any honor for ourselves. Sorry, I should try and follow my Gurudeva more closely: We are what doing? Arrangement, making arrangement for Sankirtan. If there is no Sankirtan there is no result. And Sankirtan will be without offense. And first offense is satam ninda namnah param aparadham vitanute that meant sadhu ninda we not with... abuse anyone. Who is sadhu we do not know. Then we will be protected with that thought. I shall be good. You are good or bad, that is another thing. But first I shall be good, and with that knowledge if I shall proceed, I shall get benefit.
  9. Because I'm not taking the time to read everything enough, multitasking while at work, which is irresponsible and not respectful of the subject at hand. I sincerely appologize.
  10. Sorry Prabhu but I disagree, I think saying there are idiots among the participants of a conversation is not respectful to the conversation and all involved. Spin that how you like, but I stand by that.
  11. That was you, Prabhu. And I am in agreement if I understand you correctly (in your words): that just be reading and hearing, then observing yourself introspectively and the symptoms of others, we will all know what to do. I feel #2 with a dash of #3 (per Bhakti-raja ) is best to determine the varna, along with a system of organization for voluntary service to make sure everyone feels engaged in their particular varna. My main concern and reason for all my arguing is the potential for material exploitation of sincere devotees by insincere pseudo-devotees in higher varna positions. We all know this has happened much in the past and pseudo-DVD could enable abuse. I hope you understand.
  12. Please accept my dandavats and appologies Prabhu. You are right and I was unfair. I'll look for instruction from the sastra, thanks.
  13. Sorry Prabhu, it was Bhakta Devarsi, please accept my appologies.
  14. Not to defeat Guru's order, but the poster's comprehension of the order, which all should do when hearing from others. "Does this prabhu understand correctly or not?" Otherwise we may be misguided. I'm not looking for your flaws Prabhu. Just seeing if you have anything more to offer on this besides vague statements like "I keep saying the preaching to convince compliance." What is compliance? What did Srila Swami Maharaj say would be compliance? If you want a system in place where someone gets a 'nametag' so all will know their varna and then assigned duties accordingly, please describe how that would work and who would determine the varna. That's all. Otherwise what is the point in discussing this further? All agree it would be a good thing just again HOW? And making blanket statements that some of the people in the discussion are idiots is offensive to me because we should try and see others as devotees. Not idiots. And it stifles the conversation and turns into false-ego bickering. And my comment about pratishta applies to me most of all, lest I get carried away in thinking I am right and others are all wrong. My points are flawed and I'm just working out my understanding of DVD here in this forum, if I have fundamental misunderstandings I hope to adjust them. The pratistha comment wasn't directed at anyone specifically but if anyone feels it applies to them, as it applies to me personally, I hope it is taken into consideration in further posts.
  15. I have to agree with you theist, I don't want to say it really but it should be said because this is a danger to us all. The desire for pratishta is very dangerous and we can see that cracks like 'surfer boy' and 'idiot' are meant to demean and put down, and therefore elevate the poster. But it does exactly the opposite, it degrades their arguments and lessens the respect for their position. It reveals their position actually. Please forgive my offenses, all glories to the devotees everywhere.
  16. Would the official body have to accept, or could they reject the decision of the devotee?
  17. It was a quote of Srila Swami Maharaj that Murali Mohan Prabhu quoted Nature as you so joyfully mock out of context: Me an my false ego are definitely a team but at least I'm aware of that. Murali Mohan Prabhu is on his own.
  18. The bottom line question for me is this: do you seek an official system where someone received the designation 'brahman' etc from an official body a system where a designation is self-selected after much reflection, and then recognized by an official body. a system with no official recognition but some method of cultivating awareness of your varna. Another option? I just want to get beyond the concept and talk about implementation. That is the tricky bit, where things can go wrong. If you have an idea or agree with one above, please share it.
  19. Please share with us the plan of approach to implement this system you said he laid out. If it is that clear please do so. That he wanted it to manifest there is no doubt, but the mechanism is what is in question. How to do it? Did he say how to do it? Not your ideas of what here said, but actually him saying 'do this, do that, this is the way.' Who decides who is who? Someone wrote a book I have not read, I do know many can interpret things many ways and I won't have faith in that unless I read it, even then with the guidance of a Vaisnava I trust. So please share with us not selective quotes on the subject but actual facts that he said to 'do like this'. I myself am agreeing that it should manifest and it is the will of Guru, that would be great help to us all, but HOW? That I admit my opinions are opinions instead of trying to put my words in other's mouths, especially an Acharya, I don't see as reason for critique by you, who are taking opportunities to say people are idiots etc. without aswering questions directly. It is clear you have contempt for other's opinions that don't perfectly match your own. I wonder what Srila Prabhupada would say. I am not preaching here, I am asking the questions 'who will decide, what was Guru's plan' and not getting real answers because you have none.
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