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  1. In my local ashramas most of the cooking is done by women. I never thought about it when I was a bramachari. They are devotees, not women really, eh? I think we should be more concerned with how do we see these devotees, are they eternal spirit souls or are they the bodies they inhabit? If the foodstuffs are offered and accepted by the Lord, is it just still food or is it Prasadam? Are you talking about taking unoffered foods or Prasadam? If it is unoffered, does it make that much difference if it was cooked by a man or a woman, it isn't Prasadam and as a pucca bramachari you shouldn't eat it. If it is Prasadam it seems a bit offensive to me to try and make any distinction between man or woman who cooked it. Maybe the best thing in this situation is for you to offer to cook and offer the food to the Lord yourself, and your hosts could get some benefit from your service, both in Prasadam and a tasty meal. And of course do the dishes as well
  2. I had dreads for 8 years. I loved my dreads, they were a roadmap to where I had been. Anyhow, Indian laborors in Jamaca likely brought many aspects of what has become Rastafarianism to Jamaca, including dreadlocks. So there is some connection withLord Shiva and Bob Marley I was listening to Uprising on the way to the temple yesterday. Forever Loving Jah! Not to mention strict rastas are vegetarians. Theists.
  3. It seems to me that someone even taking a primary step toward the Lord is worthy of high respect and even worship, certainly the service they may do is worshipable, no? So even though the teachings Jesus brings may be lower in relation to some other sadhu, does that mean we disrespect Him and minimize His position? That seems offensive to me. Some people only can hear from Lord Jesus, the Lord is descending in that way to give His mercy, should we disrespect that? Srila Swami Maharaj said He is shaktavesh, is He wrong? I can understand not wanting to mix religions, being chaste to our line, but my Gurudeva has spoken that Lord Christ has given the western devotees so much and appreciated that the devotees pay their respects to Lord Jesus on the celebration of His appearance. And in our own preaching, being able to use the goodness that is the foundation of most people's Christian roots to give some connection and understanding to those we meet seems to me to always be a positive thing. I have had many wonderful talks with Christians about Lord Caitanya that started as a discussion about Christ. We shoud be careful in our criticisms of others, especially personalities such as Lord Jesus. Would I ever have been receptive to the devotees had I not had the mercy of Lord Jesus? I think that is a good question for all westerners interested in Krishna Consciousness. Not that we remain Christians, but respect our first teachers in this lifetime.
  4. No doubt! I also had the same feelings about that song. Makes me want to put on some dary eyeliner and dye my hair black (if I had any left that is).
  5. It is one thing to disagree and debate, but you just crossed the line. I hope you are happy far from the spiritual world, because that is what that type of attitude will get you. That you don't understand the pure devotee's instructions is understandable, I can't claim I do, but that you, without any shelter of a diksa Guru, will take the position of calling exhalted Vaisnavas 'offensive' is sure to kill whatever you've got growing there.
  6. Anadi Prabhu: I would never claim to be a servant of the servant but wish to aspire reach that position after many, many lifetimes. My actual position is I am a servant of my senses and my own false ego, and even when I think I'm feeling devotion it is more likely emotion. If you feel you can make the claim of being a devotee then good for you. I don't consider that an easy position to attain.
  7. Dandavats Prabhuji, Yes, I completely agree. It is a crying shame that beauty is displaced by brutality. When someone says 'Islam' in the west instead of thinking of people who are devoted and pious like many Muslims the world over we normally think of someone holding a gun. Really, really sad.
  8. After being a vegetarian for 20 years I was just diagnosed with diabetes. Too much rice and potatoes I guess. I see my doctor on Monday. Granted I don't always eat the healthiest.
  9. I was really surprised no one responded to this. Is it that Islam is so out of the range of our experiences? Prior to joining the devotees I was very attracted to Sufism and particulary the poetry and dance. Just wondering who else had any appreciation for some elements if Islam. I always liked how carpetmakers and artists would make such intricate designs but leave flaws as to not try and challenge the prefection of the Lord. Anyhow.
  10. Dear HerServant, I was just wondering how you celebrate Good Friday, and Easter. Just wanting some more nectar
  11. I hate to say it but I can imagine that!
  12. Srila Guru Maharaj: Do you know of Judas in the Christian teachings? Disciple: Yes, he betrayed Jesus. Srila Guru Maharaj: When Jesus was praying in the garden before his crucifixion, Judas approached him with the scribes and priests in order to betray him, identifying that Messiah with a kiss. Suddenly, Jesus cast his glance towards Judas in such an impressive way – he penetrated Judas. And Judas thought to himself, “I am caught, I shall be responsible for Jesus Christ’s demise,” but still Jesus’ vision to me was something more like: “I am exploiting you Judas. It is not that you are exploiting me, rather I am utilising you as a traitor to show the greatness of my life to the future world.” Jesus has already said (at his last supper), “Amongst these twelve disciples one will betray me.” He knew. Judas had been there then and Jesus had cast his glance towards Judas. Then later, when Judas came with the soldiers and scribes to the garden of Gethsemene to capture him, Jesus had cast his glance towards Judas once again and was thinking, “You think you are exploiting me for some money but I am exploiting you for eternity. You have to stand out as a sinful person against me, I knew you were a traitor, but I did not disclose you. I still took you within my group of followers knowing full well that I am exploiting you.” The look of Jesus was like that. Judas was crazed. He threw away the sack of silver. He ran to the authorities and said, “I have committed the worst sin, I cannot tolerate it!” Judas’ energy was drunk, his spirit was drawn. Just like in Jujitsu, when someone attacks the opposition with great force, but the opposition suddenly withdraws, causing the attacking person to fall on their face – Judas found himself in that sort of position. Jesus was exchanging love for betrayal. It was the sort of love that disarmed and sent Judas mad. “I treated him so wickedly, yet his look is not one of vindictiveness but of infinite gratitude. That sort of look Jesus cast upon me.” In the perfect vision, in the full-fledged consideration, every atom is helping the Pastimes of Krishna. Whether it is direct or indirect – and although it seems to be indirect at present – a deeper vision will reveal that it is coming towards direct service.
  13. Anadi, it is all about the proper mood. All our activities could be bhakti if we had the proper mood. You wish to differentiate some activities from others, Shovelling sand from one place to another is bhakti if I am following the instructions of my bona fide spiritual master in the proper mood. So please get over the specifics of the action. Abandon all worldly activities and simple engage in the the Divine service of the Lord by serving His servants. And if the instructions from His servants is to take a role in a play as a sudra, then we should happily do that if we have the proper mood.
  14. Eating isn't a part of bhakti, unless you offer it to the Lord. Then it becomes prasadam, and a part of your bhakti. Alone varnashrama dharma or anything else is sepparate from bhakti unless you connect it to the Lord. Renouncing all duties pertaining to the world doesn't mean renounce all duties pertaining to the Lord. If Guru says to do something, we do that. If he says institute daiva varnashrama dharma, then doing so is bhakti because we are following the order of the spiritual master. Through surrender we follow.
  15. I don't know, but I would figure asking for Them to give you some service to Them would be better, and really really best to do this through Guru. You can try Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare
  16. It doesn't really roll off the tongue, but I appreciate the sentiment. Maybe that could be the name of the non-profit org?
  17. Ah, definitely Prabhu! What would a mobile home park be without senior citizens?
  18. Maybe this would be a gryhasta ashrama on second thought, where families could bring up kids in the association of the devotees, mrdanga lessons, school. Hare Krishna.
  19. OK, so here I'm really dreaming... I would maybe start a mobile home park for devotees, with the homes arranged in a tilak shape, with a Tulasi garden/greenhouse where the tulasi leaf would be. In the center another garden and maybe space for a cow. Mobile homes only because I don't know how to build proper houses, it would be quicker that way. Devotees could buy them back from me at cost if they like so they own their own place so they don't feel at anyone's whim. I'd make the land a non-profit corporation. I'd hire a proper ksatriya-like property manager who would keep everything running well and people from going totally feral. A central gazeebo that could serve as an outdoor temple would also be there, though I would hope a proper pujari would be available and only have a permanent deity installation if my Gurudeva wanted it. It would be for all devotees, not just those following perfectly. Like a home away from home where devotees could associate but not have to maintain the strict standards like living in a proper ashram. I know lots of devotees that can't live in the temple for various reasons, this would be for them/me. Watsonville Ca. maybe.
  20. Yes, Nityananda Prabhu is who I need to address. Help! Hare Krishna.
  21. Yep, that's the risk. I may have some high stuff in mind now but once I have the possibility of buying that new Ferrari, ya know, who could say what I might do? I'm in this place essentially because I did have that opportunity for the most valuable thing and chose the materialistic route anyway. Maybe I already have a billion pounds.... of anarthas
  22. Yeah, I've definitely been there before: "what happened to your hand, bro?"
  23. I've been asked many times essentially 'is that where you keep your money?' I guess it is where I keep my treasure, sure
  24. Yeah, but I constantly find myself bargaining with the Lord: 'Lord, please do this for me then I will be in a better position to serve you", always defaulting to desiring to be served instead of the servant. Even when I am making some attempt at service
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