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  1. << What do you do, persuading me to enter you country as a savior of hinduism? >> the above words show that you are not a hindu, and live out of india, and are not a hindustani (indian). what is then your interest on this hindu forum please? ------------ I'm interest in Skt.. Owing to this factor, I want to guide you s.way & s.where 1st. I'm a foreigner or alien from any aspect, but at least I'm higher. have these reasons satisfied you?
  2. The Bhagwad Gita 4-13 & 18- 41 to 48 maintain that the 4 orders of society are based on duties and not birth. ------------- It's not dif. to find the verses on birth in BG. at least. You are tricky people, which is not excessive evaluation.
  3. you cannot generalise. there are fair skinned south indians, these are the aryans that invaded south, but they represent very small percentage compared to north indians. sorry you cannot see this. there are dravidians all across india (like in bihar, bengal, etc...), but highest pure form is found in tamilnad. where are you from? ------------ No. Aryans only invaded the north & fair skinned south Indians are the descendants of peaceful north immigrants. In fact, typical dravidians exist in the north. In an indian TV program, I saw the villagers s.where in uttar pradesh are mediterraneans with long face & oliver color. Dark skinned south indians are not dravidians but the blacks that accepted dravidian blood & culture. That's the reason why they have 2 origins from both north & south. In a foreigner's opinion, S is a typical Indian. She will not be recognized as a westerner wherever she goes. To my surprise, some Indians think her look to be not so indian. Yet Fat may be except for her brows & lips.
  4. and now they say, "why india is so poor if hindusm is so great?" May all the Hindus know and rememer this. If they screwed up our education system, we now need to fix it well. time to wake up! ----------- I have a q.: Is spiritual know. separate from material know.? You shun this q. all along. Don't hang "wake up, wake up, wake up" on you lips any longer. India were not great if it were a sleepers' country. Pls. replace this word with "time to confront the neg. & dark side!"
  5. Your varna is determined by your birth & your birth is determined by your past gunas. You can say that a brahmin conducts unlike a brahmin or he's unqualified for his varna, but you can't say that he's not a brahmin. If today I declared varna by gunas, in a night there might come forth a crowed of qualified brahmins with unknown intention. Then what can I do with them? If all people are brahmins, that's to say, there's actually no brahmin.
  6. If your religion permits you to gamble, eat meat, commit adultry, become a loan shark, or kill another human being than by all means carry on as Priya-Vaishnava has said these are all leelas of Sri Krishna than I have nothing to comment further. ------------- What do you think of me if I say e.one can gamble, eat meat, commit adultry, become a loan shark, or kill another human being? Freewill is in people's hand but karman is in God's hand. You speak like an arrogant judge.
  7. << If you admit they're Indians, let your gov. find a way to let them behave like India's citizens. >> you assume the gov is perfect and cared for hinduism or the majority hindus. ----------- I haven't say that. The gov. is a machine, i.e. the nation's machine, so it can run no matter whether it's best or not. << Or you may wait my intervention in my simple way. Stupid madhu! >> thanks. now the readers know better of you. ----------- What do you do, persuading me to enter you country as a savior of hinduism?
  8. It's easy to say varna by gunas. But if you do so in practice, it will damage varna's firmness.
  9. If you admit they're Indians, let your gov. find a way to let them behave like India's citizens. Or you may wait my intervention in my simple way. Stupid madhu!
  10. Indian hindus are Indians, & Indian muslims are also Indians. No danger!
  11. As hindus, you should research the inseparable relationship of Hinduism with India. It's stupid to abandoning one for the benefit of the other. As indians, you should keep the concept of "nation" in your mind, otherwise I have to intervene in your admin.. In case of necessity I will even take up "blood & iron" to remind you forgetful people who is guarding this land. What I do is maintaining freewill, equity, peace, & authority in order to acquire profit from competition. If your attempts discord with it, they can't succeed. For ex., the possibility is 0% for me to join in a religious org. just bcos the possibility is 0% for me to give up equity & make the relationship more complex than employment so as to cripple my authority. You said you don't like dealing. That's not true. Not only you do like it, but you cunning people attempt to get too much with a little payment.
  12. If India was to split up again there will be so many riots and destruction that they may never recover. Don't you even think about the people who may die? You think India is too big?..look at China, Russia, America! ------------ That's the reason why I think it to be fragile. If you can't lift it up, it will break into pieces. I'm a boss & not a nursemaid, so I don't give the chances for your exercises before you become strong enough.
  13. Who is more powerful, rame or kr`eSna?
  14. as i have said before, youwould need to take another birth to understand me. or you understand me, but being a pro muslim or a muslim or an anti hindu, do not want to admit it. ------------- Let me make things simple for you. If you came into the power of India, you would be crashed by its weight. Why? You think yourself to be strong & right enought but that's not true. Similarly, Hindus would be crashed if India became a hindu country presently. As you said, know yourself. Spend more time to look inwards instead of outwards & treat me as your guider instead of your tool.
  15. how to reconcile true scripts of India? north or southern scripts very different. cannot be both. ------------- There'll be new scripts in DV3 font. They're not true but higher.
  16. I noticed many years ago that Sanskrit letters are organized according to their place and manner of articulation. I don't know of another language of which that is true (except for those directly related to Sanskrit). ------------ I don't think Skt. enough to be regard as an artificial lang., but its alphabet & vowel sandhi are very artificial. For exam.: iti + RiSi -> ityRiSi (instead of itirSi). Skt. alphabet was arranged by sb. proficient in phonetics though the origin of a part of dev. letters is obviously related to middle east. Greek & roman alphabets resemble their ancestors in middle east.
  17. christ <- khristos <- khri = Skt. ghRi This also confirms the rela. between Skt. "Ri" & Greek "ri".
  18. don't you delete my rude mes. like pupka.
  19. Once people have more money, there'll be strain in supply of diverse resources, such as energy, traffic, oil, water, metals, wood, environ.. So developing luxuries like cars are not suitable for over-pop.ed countries.
  20. hare krsna meaty ------------ But I've not been a member of you. If you want to be compassionate people, it's adequate to eat a rationed amount of meat. Don't take it too serious for meat will be produced with bio. tech. soon. Thats you before and NoW ------------ Yes, I'm as unyielding as you. But, it's possible for me to keep harmony with you if only you become more realistic by giving up the fantasies.
  21. Why don't you call it "dowf"? I heard that Indians are fond of hot spices, esp. in the south. Right?
  22. Fat or frozen? Have God-centered people left any space in the system of nationalism for me by now? Will I surrender to you?
  23. isnt atlantis only a myth? or is the eveidence of its exestance ------------ You have right to say anyth. & so do I. -------------------- while some of my theory is part of "nationalistic pride" or whatever, my theory is based on what I've read. ------------ You have right, too. And NO, Atlantis isn't only supposed to be in the Atlantic Ocean. At least that's not the only theory out there. There's also a theory out there that says that India MIGHT have been part of Atlantis, or may have been Atlantis. By the way, just wondering but are you a believer in the Aryan Invasion theory? If so, why? ------------ I haven't mention the civil war in Atlantis in order to affect my view on AIT here. As to AIT, I would like to say sth new tody: S. Asian is simply a subcon.. Indians are simply the people of Indian. Hinduism is simply a religion. Hindi is simply a lang.. Hence the absolute & invariable relationships & ownerships that your nationalism needs are simply illusions in the bewildered minds. In other words, your nationalism is a castle in the air & you're my enemies in it.
  24. I hope you still feel that why in your next birth when some kind human is knocking you unconscious before eatting your animal body. ------------ That's good to me for I'll be liberated unconsciously from this prison. And I don't care sth. belonging to this world. I am not being a smart _ss I am very serious. Who do you think takes birth in an animal form destined for slaughter? Why those who were the previous slaughters of course. ------------ Then you're a special politician. Why don't you stop slaughter vegetables & how do you treat meat-eating animals? A paradoxical notion! We are making our future by our deeds in the present. There is just another reason to develop a comapssionate lifestyle. ------------ I can't comment on them but I warn you that a paradoxical notion is easy to be taken adv. by anyone with any interpretation to emphasize sth. & disregard sth. for any purpose. There's many examples in India. A soul incar.s in this world for exercise during a predestined time instead of living longer or short with pain or joy. What I said is accordant to BG. & your notion is a little inclined to worldly direction. Don't ask the q. "which religion is right?" any more. It's impo. for me to accept any reli. in a whole because they're all imperfect parts of a perfect one so that the result would be bloody for any compassionate people.
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