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  1. This country & its people remain immature. Even if outer conditions are fulfilled, the people's mind still need a certain time to go into track. Today's people like to do what they want to instead of what is suitable for their country, religions, & selves. Rome was not built in 1 day.
  2. I don't want to deny that Gift of God may be accepted later, but who want to be no1 girls is another q.. Little fat's reaction shows her to be not a common girl. I think that she can do sth. either famous or infamous, moral or immoral for the same purpose even now. Now answer a q., the hero: who am I, an illusion in your dreams, an shadow, or a man? I can't accept you unless I create a system with the 2nd, silver, varna as the topmost of you. Mm?
  3. I'm studying carefully & piously the her(o)'s conducts & speeches on net. How can she be a politician that she aspires to since the casualness made her vulnerable? My hero, I wish I had been a classmate to keep you apart from it. I attach sth. funny here. I hope you to make further & bolder action in it.
  4. Do you like this euphonic subject? I'm not sure of the spelling of the prototypes' ends. More q.: Who's polynesian? What does "ppl" mean? By the way, I'm Secundus Secundis Romane.
  5. If you think about Competition, you'll find it's same as bleeding conflict except for the less intensity. You needn't so much nationalism once the competitivity is strengthened.
  6. You accept & support skt2 constructed by the gram., subh-aSin pronun., dv3 font, & etc., & you can get some subsequent adv. from it. Don't fancy too much I'll pay as I would lose a lot appendant.
  7. What's wrong with you?
  8. You're flattering me. Thanks. Please replace "prabhu" with "you, a dog!".
  9. I. Whether I made a mistake, Latino = Latin Amer.. So you're ignorant at this word.II. I haven't say whether she's ugly or not. So you would be known to all as guilty if you left your name with the mes.. III. I don't know whether you were "fat, ugly ppl" alleged by yourself. So you were lucky enough if you were such person because you would be identified as self-abasement or self-mockery "ppl". IIII. Conclusion: unreasonable mes..
  10. You should admit the following facts: I'm not an Indian. And you're Indians, more accurately, modern Indians. If I'm hostile & too sensitive, I couldn't say "personally". Similarly, your words show your sensitivity. I heard that many Indian actors & actresses want to be politicians & some of them have even been the initiators of some political parties. Apparently they're influential as they're the focuses of the public, whereas they're the people going along the dif. way from that of politicians. Do they have uncertain influence on the political situation? Have they get across the distance between? Any info.?
  11. I never mean to deprive your freedom but, in addition, you should be aware that your freedom is not free.
  12. As I know, this custom was brought by muslims. At the epics' age it's inexistent. I guess Indian women pierce their nose because it creates an aesthetic appeal. It highlights the nose which is positioned in the central part of the face, and resolves a balance to the face structure. ------------- Personally I don't think it to be aesthetic. it is a symbolic way of saying - voluntarily - that she has surrendered fully to her husband provided the husband stays within dharma, and treats her per dharma. ------------- If that's true, it's discriminative even for a man looking down on women.
  13. You can wake a person who is asleep. But you cannot wake one who is acting to be asleep. - - - - - - - - - - - Awakening ...., we need somebody like Shankara, or Ramana or some Hindu revivalistic politicians, who can tear down the false veil of secularism in the country and liberate people. ------------------- If you bought luxuries with all money, you could be bankrupt at once & couldn't be regard as a rich man. On the other hand, if you keep earning, you may be a rich man one day. Besides, I don't think either nationalism & secularism to be a part of dharma. The former is applied to a certain nationality & the latter is ass.ed with secular affairs. Aryan invasion was a theory - a fabrication. ------------------- What I concern is the ownership of land, which I have repeated for many times. Who are you, the owners?
  14. What evidence do you have to show that the Aryans and Dravidians are two different races? that the AIT theory is true? ------------------- How long can a player live in this world? The moment as short as a blink of eyes. Now proclaim you or s.one else the landlords of a piece of land. Who would respond you? If you have none, how do you expect to tell others to be more realistic, when you aren't realistic yourself? Circumstantial evidence doesn't amount to squat since it can be interpreted in very different ways. Unless you have solid proof of whether the Aryan Invasion theory is true, I'd suggest that you're the one who's not being realistic. ------------------- I have said: "hear, see, say, & do", then you will get the fact. You bound up the wound without cleaning & sterilizing in advance so I have to unbind the bandage & clean pus. That's realistic if you feel pain. Beutiful looking can neither withstand competitors nor satisfy a perfectionist. My point is, you can't be sure of whether the AIT theory is true or false, so expecting others to accept the theory is just plain foolish. It has done a great deal of damage to India and its citizens, so it's only natural and realistic for most Indians to want to prove the theory false. ------------------ O, you repeat the inclination. I tell you the reason why India and its citizens has been damaged: you put in dharma's category more & more mundane notions, concepts, ideas, thoughts, conventions, & etc. as you gradually confuse & displace dharma with them. aren't a lot of south indians 'euro' looking? ------------------ Aren't Mediter.s of 'euro' looking?
  15. The Concept of Dravidians, Aryans are created by politicians ----------------- I know you loving peace, yet you shouldn't confuse the fact with your inclination. Be more realistic.
  16. Everyone shall admit no perfect solutions of these p.s & compromise being the best one. Social benefit shall not be thoroughly disregarded.
  17. xxvvii


    if the current democracy of india has a body of vedic gurus as volunteer advising committee and accepted by the public, and if the ministers and gov.servants follow gita and gurus' instructions, then india would become a hindu rajya. -------------- Theocracy is feasible but not unconditioned. It presents to the hierarchs extremely high demand: the gov. must succeed in both religious & political fields. That's why it doesn't prevail in current age.
  18. Each building is made up of the components fitted at dif. places. For the same reason, inequity & dependence are the inherent attributes of each society. To raze a building is easy, but which doesn't mean the cease of all social problems. Another building with the same att.s would be established inevitably under the inner requirement & outer pressure. Some p.s would be solved & some other p.s would be brought in. Why was someone born as a woman or a member of a lower caste? Fate! Souls incarnated into various life forms for predetermined duties, which is the reason why some untouchables have to claim themselves as atheists since they had to confront their fates even if they converted themselves. Some people in lower castes tend to confuse the benefit of caste system with that of higher castes. But in fact, the harm to this system may be come from any caste, higher by discrimination, middle by insatiability, & lower by envy. So I object discrimination at the same time when I persist in caste system because discrimination has noth. to do with discrepancy. More clearly, I hold a natural attitude to these p.s.
  19. Unfortunately, however, Hinduism didn't use Hitler. A simple a. to a simple q..
  20. A body is a body whether it's of a god or a man. I admit that there's not a borderline between truth & illusion. In addition, I'd like to tell you the reason why I concern this topic. Every religion is not idolatrous in its initial stage, but a mere step is necessary to corrupt into an idolatrous one. On a whole, a religion's dharma is draining along with time than gaining. It's true for Hinduism with some indications, such as the intention of abolishing varna for competitivity as well as fabricating the idols of new gods that can't be found in any scripture.
  21. i am not saying that the other behaviour do not exist, i am only saying that the transcendence has to be also studied and not only accepted by faith.. if you want to say that the adult age is the more favorable for study, practice and realize spiritual consciousness... i agree ---- I just wnat to show a wider vision before you eyes. Only "truth's personification" is acceptable for me.
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