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  1. Dear Admin., Now I have 3 accounts -- xvi000 / xvixvi / xxvvii Please delete "xvixvi" & send the password of xvi000 to -- xvirobert@ xvi000@sina.com xvi000@263.net xvi000@indiadivine.com (no problem now?)
  2. It is necessary for me to point out that standing at diff. positions, your conclusions would be diff. If you go out of this time-space world, you would see the development of everyth. like a roll of film simultaneously, & noth. could be separated. So you would agree that noth. needs creation & destruction, there is no creation & destruction time of anyth., noth. needs a name for identification with others, & you couldn't find the reason of whether there exists God or not. Don't say "There are no correct answers to any of your questions." You are destined to find all answers on your own & at last return to God.
  3. I give you a metaphor. In order to buy sth. you need from a vendor (maayaa), you should pay some money (- phala); in order to get interests (+ phala), you should deposit some money. The value of money is illusively changed & the value of total property is unchanged. Thus soul can't be bound by karma.
  4. Lu Xun -- lu shyn (y -- greek (palatalized) 'u') Mao Tse Tung -- mau dze Dong (e -- weakest) I don't think PinYin to be perfect. For ex. -- wo -- wo, wen -- ven nu -- nu, niu -- NYiu man -- man, tian -- tien nuo -- nuo, po -- puo hen -- hen, he -- he (e -- weakest)
  5. If you are interested in Kr.'s limbs, I recommend to you some matters -- Buddha's funeral Death of Balder in chap. 15, Prose Edda For the Symbolic meaning of Kr.'s limbs - Way (up) / Branch (down), see topic "I`m the Way, Truth, and Life". [This message has been edited by xxvvii (edited 04-10-2002).]
  6. Thank you. Please answer my last 2 q.s - apposition & adv.. ***** In -- "prAcAM", "udIcAM", "pratIcAM"?
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