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  1. Who's an unqualified guru, me? You said you had read many religious books but you were puzzled by them. Then by what do you say I'm unqualified guru? Indians rebelled with the mouth of a puzzled girl. Though I didn't do ath. to you, I can't forgive you as you stand in the other side of me. You're lack of your own ideas, which is the reason why you're yielding & utilized by others. Don't own all of your suffering to others. Look into yourself. You still evade yourself.
  2. Sounds like another fire brewing. ------------ My hands have been idle for a long time. I'm ready to do sth. at any time for an cultural relic being wearing a religious coat. Krsna, don't you say sth.?
  3. Chapter 1 in book: WILHELM VON HUMBOLDT ON THE STRUCTURAL VARIETY OF HUMAN LANGUAGE AND ITS INFLUENCE ON THE INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT OF MANKIND (:Uber die Verschiedenheit des menschlichen Sprachbaues und ihren Einfluss auf die geistige Entwickelung des Menschengeschlechts) ************* I suspect that a subtle rela. exists between Lemuria & Mu. Thousands of years ago, there were lots of lands & islands, large or small, amid Indian & Pacific oceans. Lemuria refers to the west part & Mu to the east part. The former extended its influence to whole SA. & even Iran, & the latter to Indo-chinese, S. China, Japan, & whole Pacific. Their rela. is like & closer than that of Egypt & Sumer.
  4. Meridian length = 40kkm 1 day = 24 h. = 24*3600 s. Length/ms. in meridian = 46.2963cm = 1 elbow 1 elbow (cubit) = 46.2963cm = 6 palms 1 palm (okte?) = 7.7160cm = 4 fingers 1 finger = 1.9290cm ************** t-R: (tR-i "cross over") "one more"? cf. second "following".
  5. - "one", oi(- no/ko/vo): "oi/i" means one or this; "no" is a n. suff. & the other 2 are adj. suff.s., cf. skt. ena/etad/idam (this), eka (one), evam/iva (thus), ayus (life). Maybe the last 3 were derived from aiva meaning once & eternal. - "two", dui?: "duou" is its dual form, so I suppose its formation to be "d - (very old dual pref.?) ui (one)", cf. d-agh (both day & night), d-akru (2 streams of tear). That's to say, it means doubled one. - "three", t-R?: (-R: long syll.ized 'r') In skt., its strong & weak stem are "traya" & "tr-i", & the fem. stem are redup.ive "tisRi (titRi)". - "four", kwet-R?: In skt., its strong & weak stem are "catv-ar" & "catur", & the fem. stem are "catasRi" like 3's. So I suppose its meaning to be (1) + 3. - "five", penkwe: In skt., "panca" means spreading out. I suppose that because 4 fingers in one hand is used up, the counter has to stick out a finger in the other hand, i.e. spreading the counting to the other hand. - "six", swekse: In skt., "sva" & "akSa" mean self & dice. So I suppose its meaning to be "my dice with 6 planes & num.s". - "seven", sept`en: In skt., "sa(m)" & "pat" mean one/whole/together & falling. So I suppose its meaning to be all 8 fingers but 1. - "eight", okte?: "oktou" is its dual form. In Persian, "asta" means the length unit of 4-finger width. So I suppose its meaning to be all 8 fingers. - "nine", new`en (nu): It means "a new turn of counting". - "ten", dek`en (dik): It means "crossed fingers", cf. Roman 'X'. - "thousand", gheslo: In skt., "hasta" means hand, cf "pustaka" (pus - mud plate for writing). So I suppose its meaning to be "crossed hands, folded fist, or the num. too large to count or express". - "father", p`eter: (cattles) protector. - "daughter", dhugh`eter: In skt., "duh" means milking. So it means "milker". - "nephew", nep-ot(i): Not a householder. ------- nas -- nara ?, vas -- vira ? ------- dh-a "set" -- (s + surdized dh-a) -- sth-a "make ... set" ud "water" -- (s + uid) -- svid "make ... wet" Is 's-' a very old cuasative pref.?
  6. (Edited) Mono.s: [a] ranging from a to `e; {i} ranging from i to e; ranging from u to u. a/e/o is stronger forms & `e/i/u is weaker forms. Diph.s: ai, au Semi-v.s: y, w(v) ----- Plosives: (early: surd - p, t, k, K sonant - b, d, g, G more sonant - b!, d!, g!, G! K/G/G! is a set of uvelars, where K is arabic q. '!' denotes "more sonant". K+y/w -> ky/kw, G+y/w -> gy/kw, G!+y/w -> g!y/kw) surd - p, t, k, ky, kw sonant - b, d, g, gy, gw more sonant - b!, d!, g!, g!y, g!w Misc. cons.s: s(z), n(~g), m, r, l (ng, M ?) ----- Asp.s: surd `H & sonant H ------------------------- As the no. of vo.s is too few, the freedom in pronoun. these vo.s is very large. a can be weaken into `e & i/u can be streng.ed into e/o. Primeval labial b has weakened into semi-labial v in pre-PIE. Similar change can be found in arabic. So the plosives in sonant set is probably more original at least. Because of asp.s, other plosives are harder to change, so they are less frequently occuring in roots without the support of asp.s. v, as the variant of b, was confused with w. Besides, unlike semiv. w, v can be prior to u & vowelized r & l. So w head roots are far more than that of y head. The variants of s & n, z & ~g, share the same grammatical positions with their prototypes. It's unknown whether there are full & half nas.izings, ng & M. Surd asp. is easier to be ignored & vanish than sonant one. ------------------------ Vo. strengthening: [a] + {i} -> ai, [a] + -> au Syll. aspirating: Exam.s: (with & without prior cons.) [a] -> `Ha / (`H)`e {i} -> `He / (`H)i -> `Ho / (`H)u `Ho is stronger than `Ha & `Ha than `He. (`H)`e is easy to vanish & (`H)i/(`H)u is easier to turn into y/w instead of combine with other vo.s. ky[a] -> ky(`e)`Ha / ky(`e)`H`e; t -> t`Ho / tu; gw{i} -> gw(`e)He / gw(`e)Hi b! -> b!(`e)Ho / b!(`e)Hu (g{i} -> ge / gi; (unable to aspirated)) Vowelization of weak cons.s: Exam.s by n & r: n -> @n, r -> @r@ / @r / r@ @ denotes `e, i, u, & any other unstressed & weak mono.s, depending on the dif. contexts & pronun. habits. ------------------------ In early time, mono.s' length might change with intact words' meaning. But i/u in ai/au could not be lengthened at least. As the exist. of `e/e/o in practice, the exist. of diph.s `ei/ei/oi & `eu/eu/ou is possible in practice as the variants of ai, long i, or long u. Afterwards, mono.s' length become more impo. & the asp.s & prior plosives combined into aspirated plosives. [a]/{i}/ divided into a/e/o & `e/i/u. & a further weakens so that it was confused with e.
  7. Why has India had an anti-Hindu tendency since Independence ??? ---------- The rela. of India & Hinduism at present is like a horse & a man on it. The man drives the horse to run as fast as possible speed, whereas the horse tries to remove the burden on its back. In a word, their rela. haven't reached the harmonious state. Notice my last word. Bollywood. And the British empire which sucked the life out of its economy. But well what can they do except progress. HUh? ---------- Bo. & Br. share a common ground in natural ways. Bo. reflects Indian society sensitively by attracting viewers & Br. reflected India's power by colonizing it. From this angle, They are more honest than you. Blaming them are useless.
  8. Why is I_luv_janaka no longer here, sweet janana?
  9. I know who I am, xxxvvi. Who's him? ********* Is the 3rd miss world, miss Dominica an Indian?
  10. 'Hindus will become a minority in India by 2061' ------------ You still have the time more than half a century. In this time if you can face up to your p.s with courage, you will defeat yourselves; if you continue to go in old way with arro., you will fall down on the ground with shame. I'm waiting to see whether you choose to be future winners or losers on earth? Not bad for the members of the dominant religion in India.
  11. knows little about China, too. According to my observation, it's still searching for the entry. It don't know what Chn. like & Chn. don't know what they should choose from it. Currently the wood is eating the old food offered by last generation. Although India is an adjacent country, China's center of mass is located in the east.
  12. Come here like a cultural conquerors if you want to waste time, effort, money, sentiment, & friendship. However you should thank me instead for this reason.
  13. There's no problem of immigrants or invaders in China. Eone. connects to respective culture, race, ancestors, & living style naturally & firmly like Europeans. They needn't find any subjective support & attitude for their exist. & id.. Eth. about a Chn. are transparent facts that needn't endless debate.
  14. From the time you were born as a man, you were stuck on your body a lot of labels, male, yellow, South Chn., no belief, & so on. No one can avoid them whether they are beneficial or harmful. I don't think people are born equally & with rights. They are born unequally. They survive in this world on respective abilities & conditions instead of same rights. If sone. hang equality & rights on the lips, I consider that he/she put the ideal at the place of the reality with more or less hypocrisy. That's why I can accept varna system theoretically. I'm not a nationalistic Ind. that mixes up reality, ideal, & fantasy so I needn't to mention "love", "hate", "like", or "wish", though you may not unders. me. I have a mind clearer than you. In my view, Iskcon is a religious org. in Ind. leaders' hands as it's easy to perceive Ind. char.tics from these forums. Iskcon was called "Western cult" bcos it's more sophisticated & successful in marketing. But I don't think either adj. equal to bonafide. It's a religious org., which is all for me. I don't consider the possible develop. of Iskcon in China bcos of the arrogance of ind. style.
  15. the line/message you quoted is in the vedic literature since milleniums, in one form or another. iskcon is a new born baby entity, not eternal as the message is. ------------- It's impo. for me to consider joining in Iskcon bcos it would severely impact whole religious situation & even political situation, unless I were a child as Iskcon's members think me to be. Iskcon's members seem sensitive to the word "cult". If Iskcon expand to China, it may be driven out not bcos it were a cult but it would affect China's social order due to its own defects. It's impo. for me facilely to support an religious org. that know little about China.
  16. so, for most people the way is to learn from guru, sadhu, and shastras. wishing you best for your journey. ------------ I need to bend my knees to Iskcon.
  17. Krsna simply states that all those to be killed are already dead. He also affirms that the self cannot be slain, nor can anyone be a slayer of the self. ------------ This is only the surface meaning. In this world countless creatures are being born & dying all the time. It's wrong & absurd to attach to either life or death for there's no eternal life or death, & no eternal saving or killing. Eth. is changing. There's more important thing to do than such attachment. Ahimsa is a means to cultivate mercy instead of a goal to save life eternally.
  18. xxvvii

    Indian Movies

    6. A large group of gundoos can be shooting at the hero, but he will never be hit, unless of course he is attempting to save the heroine. 7. A large group of gundoos can be shooting at the hero with machine guns, they will always miss. Every shot the hero takes from his small revolver will knock down at least ten opponents in a line. ------------ The rich die for their money & the strong die for their muscle. Muscle men can only be saviors in a short while. brains are needed for s.one to be saviors in a long time.
  19. I've visit this site seldom years before. In a TV program about ancient Amer. Indian civi., I saw a triangle skeleton like that of this child in a shelf along with many other metamorphosed skeleton in a storeroom. Maybe it's metamorphosed as well or natural as the result of half-breed. Besides, I learnt that tokharian nobles (equivalent to Xatriyas in India) also metamorphosed their head to push out the racial trait.
  20. E.one can read the mind. This is souls' ability. But most people incline to communicate through their bodies so that their intrinsic ability is ignored. To reenable it, you need to reduce the dependence on common ways of communication, such as speech.
  21. If you often visit indian sites, you'll find that Indians like criticizing ill facts but dislike analyzing their roots. I mean, Indians' ideal is separated from the reality. If you ask Indians what they can do, they may be tell you that they want to reach their goals by taking over & compelling instead of confronting & respecting reality. Therefore Indians tend to slide from one end to the other end so that old p.s are solved with the price of bringing in new p.s. Polarization is an extensive feature of India. The result just is hypocrisy for Indians can not fill in the gap between their ideal & the reality so they have no way but accept unnaturally the discordance in the minds. Can spiritual people be unspiritual at the same time? Absolutely. Sone. in a wood site say why those actresses don't give up chances & money in improper cases. But why did they come to the wood, only for a abstract word "career"? Such q.s are unrealistic & helpless. 5. Love marriages are nothing but marriages based on lust. The fact is that most love marriages end in a divorce. While most arranged marriages are successful, the alternative to love marriages. ----------- Whether love marriages are successful is dependent on whether couples are mature & realistic at least. I, personally, don't think love to be overriding. Whether arranged marriages are successful is also dependent on parents' demands & morality. This is a subtle p.. ************************ Another topic related What do you think of it: Mena - little girl, Ice - girl, Madhuri - woman
  22. I've lived in this w. for several decades & I trust my eyes, ears, & brain. Can you fool me with your madhuravadin mouths? Who has the right to interpret BG.? Is kr`eSna a democrat or a dictator? Your nation & religion are feeble giants not bcos they're threatened but spoiled as loose as mud clots. And the spoilers are yourselves, indians & hindus. Which social principle to be better is not impo. for I'm changing the spoiled children. Let's wait to see the outcome. You needn't to learn from anybody bcos you need only to "do in Rome as Romans do". I don't care for whether India can attack pakistan or bangaldesh. Pl. look at Iraq & then bangaldesh. So smart are you! A q.: how can you have more money like America & Japan? China cannot be our ally until they hand over occupied territories to us. ------------ My simple solution: by war once again if only you dare & you can. A Chn. saying: the winners are kings & the losers are bandits. so, my request, with respect, is: please give up islam. it is not worth it on the vedic land. ------------ Don't you think yourself are too naive & self-centered. If a muslim replace "Islam" with "Hinduism" & then say that to you, what will you react? If all religious names were exchanged in this forum, I would think it to be an extreme islamic forum. Know yourselves, pl..
  23. like a mad girl. Just tell me what you want to do? I may do many things for the fatball.
  24. participating in a Hindu forum won't mean you'll learn Sanskrit. All I see are efforts to antagonize Hindus, and proclaim your stupid AIT ideology. ---------- Answer my q. why you must only leave Hinduism & Skt. forums together here. I don't think there's any p. unable to overcome between you & me, but unluckily you bid UP all the time. The only solution is to establish a theocracy in India ... with the help of a brahmin council. --------- I never deny this possi.. Its prerequisite is mature Hindus, especially brahmins.
  25. Where's the proof? HARD evidence. If there is none, it is merely a theory, and one that can't be substantiated. All we have is conjecture and supposition. It could be true, it may not be true. Your reasoning is faulty for why it HAS to be true though. Color does not mean anything. ----------- Yes, AIT is only a "conjecture and supposition" by now. But color doesn't mean nothing, otherwise why are aliens so intere. in it? Also, if you firmly believe in AIT, why are you even a Hindu? Why not try to trace back the ancient beliefs that you believe more realistically reflect proper Hinduism? Why denote your caste? Why pray to Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma if they are "Aryan" in origin? ----------- Not Hinduism but Brahmanism. Unless, of course, you are scum, and choose to associate with a religion that oppressed the natives (at least according to your beliefs) ----------- Don't abuse me. I'm not a racist at least. The prerequisite of varna by gunas is the rules to ensure varna's firmness. In other words, any attempt to bypass its hierarchies must be intercepted according to the rules. So you'll not be fully satisfied even if varna by gunas comes true. At last I should point out that a person develops his/her spirituality gradually. So your past should be taken into consid. of your varna.
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