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  1. Many people had started to reach to a similar destination at top of hill via different paths. There can be some differences in different paths, but starting point and destination will be the same. We may have covered certain distances on our different paths. Thinking our or other's path is not right and change it or try to change of others--may mean to spoil whatever covered and to restart afresh.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu Pls read above link.
  3. Devas >> GOD << Rakshashas, Punyas >> GOD << Paapas, Good imbalances >> BALANCE << Bad imbalances = Punyas, Good imbalances << BALANCE >> Bad imbalances = Paapas/Sins. The most prefered state can be "a Balance", "nature's/prakuriti's balance", "Homeostatis" and neither imbalances in good(more or less goods) nor in bad(more or less bads). That may be a state when GOD can be most happy or alike GOD. Our initiation towards such balance(when all things and beings are in perfect hormony to each other), God can be happy with us otherwise not.
  4. Does it mean that there is no difference between different avtars? Even we, whose source is also God, can be alike God, but still differ from HIM and among ourselves. There can be many healing systems as existed in different ages/time. But, will most valid be not, which is prominent in current time? The "prime force" may be the most basic unit in us, but still its concentration and complexicity can be different in everyone. There can be micro/prime to macro/gross structures of this "prime force"--and in this way, micro/prime force can be considered as eternal.
  5. How it can be possible as Lord Krishna existed after other avtars?
  6. The basic meaning is to follow the advices of last avtara. Are we following the advices of Lord Krisna--as indicated in "mahabhart" or otherwise? If not, what can be the results?
  7. It is indicative that God/Ist and last avtar, are better worshiped and followed in view of current status and need of time for maintainance purpose. However, all are respectable.
  8. How rakshasas and devas were born and existed? Are these two parts/side of God?
  9. Hello, Lord Krishna is last existed Avtar of Lord Vishnu/Lord Narayan. I want to know:- 1.Whether different avtaras are meant to tell people about future happenings and advice, how to handle the same as per need of changed time/age? 2. Whether worship or tellings and Leela of last existed avtar is first/most valid to practice(Lord Krishna now) and other just respected? Best wishes.
  10. Can't anyone give awnser to these questions?
  11. Hello, Can you tell me that whether following aspects exist in hindu sastra's:- 1. Curse of Laxmiji to brahmans i.e. no brahmin could be able to understand basic knowledges(understanding at basic level--mool gyan of sastras)in "Kalyuga". 2. Is there any exception to it? Was it that a Kshtriya cast person with 'mool nakshtras at his birth time"? Whether this type of person are much capable of understanding basic knowledges? 3. Noone in Kalyuga, can be able to attain 'salvation' or Moksha & will be able to prove(sidh) mantras unless he is of Kshtriya cast & Jain religion. Is it right? Best wishes.
  12. But God is said to be 'Omnipresent' means HE in in everyone. All had been made from HIM or all may be 'JUST HE'. Slept or awakened may only matter. It is true that we(except Kshatriyas+Jains+ Respective Mool Nakshatra's ones) may not be entitled/able to know & utilize all the 'GOD TYPE POWERS' like DD.A Shrap: In Kalyuga, basic knowledge can't be known & Mantra's Sidhi can't be done/obtained by Bhramna's(learnrd people) except some as I mentioned. But was DD means in satyuga or ancient ages as I am thinking? Could all any every atomic & sub-atomic activity was possible to see/feel by this DD. It may not be unable to get siddhi of DD directly ages after satyuga & so given by lord Krishna but not attained by ones own practice?
  13. Lord Rama: the only one neither his father nor his brother & any or most of others--had/suggested, just one wife. Moreover, he was in & for 'Satyuga' but this is 'Kalyuga'. The advices/pictures of next avtara if existed, can be more appropriate as Lord Krishna exited. I can't say if these were only for 'kshatriyas' in Lord Krishna's & thereafter time. Older existed avtara's (except prime or basic one i.e. GOD not Avtara) though should be respected but worship may not be appropriate as not meant for last 'current yuga' alike treatment by ancient systems instead of modren allopathic system. Older avtara's worships are only effected(remember Parlahda time & current time events). No lord Krishna worships seems to be really much effected. It is all in the hand of God Vishnu or Narayana. What Kalki Avtara's concept suggests in this regard? What the NATURE suggests for this concept? Can one wife concept leads us to some complications or imbalances? Why we & other are becoming imbalanced? Shall we be effected severely due to this miss in the near future?
  14. Om Nama Shivai! One wife restriction is there in Indian Hindus as per the legal rule. It is a crime to have two existing wives by any Hindu male in India. Btw, IS it a social rule/compulsion Or a Hindu religion rule/law?? Is it in accordance with the recommendations of Hindu sashtras or culture? Best wishes.
  15. Hello, There is mentioning of "Diviya Drishti"in Sashtras & Mahabharata. What was the capacity/capability of Diviya Drishti's holder? Can we think it like that: 'any ancient Rishi practiced with concentration very very deeply & continuiously for long time ( their age being much more), alike practice for learning hypnotism or any other power based on deep concentration. Accordingly, probably they could attain a power to see/feel all & every happening on Earth, may be in whole universe also--at atomic or sub-atomic (energy) levels. They, then made all mentionings in Sashtras which I think could had not been possible unless anyone could had this type of Diviya Drishti. What are your views for the same? Bast wishes.
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