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  1. thankyou shiva,that rings true deep down what you say,and i will treasure your answer.haribol subal
  2. haribol,of late i have been feeling very low in spirit about having no physical association of devotees of the lord for 3 years now not even a telephone call. i cannot travel due the nature of my illnesses which also by their nature can cause predjudice.i used to love communal chanting and harinam when the body allowed and do know or remember being told that one needs these two activities to help ones japa , please please please anyone can advise me.hare krishna subal
  3. haribol mataji,having chronic active hepc myself and done the interferon ys ago you surprise me about the transplant and give me new hope,my energy is gone and a coctail of blood pressure drugs dont help plus diabetic ones also and the pain and subsequent opiates for this,my only real medicine is japa and would love harinam but no devotees will visit this part of the world,still i love all of your associations.hare krishna.subal aka surrender
  4. a journalist friend of mine in scarborough uk did google web search on hate your friends and got 1,470 odd hits or something.does this speak for itself?
  5. thankyou for such an uplifting posting which i am sure will help all ill devotees who read it.take care mataji haribol.
  7. very interesting and thought provoking,never did like coke anyway,speed yes.
  8. something in it makes me cough,they cant even make good smack no more,breadhead republicans/////
  9. pretty amazing stuff tarun,i for one am with you prabhuji,dont give up. keep it coming im sure alot who sit in the background are with you.dandavats samarpan
  10. cant you see it is all or mostly a ploy to quicken the new world order,axis of evil/get alife dubya,
  11. samarpan

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    radhe radhe haribol valaya
  12. what a trip,at the same time they should drop dubya and his buddies a trip and go in dressed as jack daniels bottles and pee all over them,mescalito where are you?
  13. nice article tarun,talk to you soon ill just now but can read on and off.radhe radhe
  14. iran could be next as rumsfield reckons bin laden and al quaida members may have slipped into iran, here we go, good excuseNOT.china and russia are starting to get very peeved at americas arrogance,so am i and alot of people i know and how do you defend the effect sanctions on iraq are having on children there eh?
  15. what about northern ireland?and what is this axis of evil?the holes are starting to show in dubyas lies and the american people are slowly waking up to the fact that all is not well hence the speed of events to gain control,who is going to be demonised next?@now that osama bin laden is not so wanted,come on lets get real fella.
  16. haribol valaya prabhuji,such an honest description of this sorry state of affairs and can anyone come up withe antidotes to these rotten diseases without of course trying to be tricky and clever?nice one valaya radhe radhe
  17. they had a go at rajneesh also, for all his rascalish qualities the authorities still played dirty infiltrating rajneeshpuram and surrounding them with helicopter gunships etc,wheres my tinfol hat////////not.
  18. how can you say all that?you believe all your media tells you?this whole carry on is causing racism in my country and the public in uk is getting sick and tired of american jingoism.did not prabhupada speak out against jingoism and the like.as for the massacre of the prisoners in afganistan we will see. bit some how it will be sneakely spun of to blame others.everybody wants to rule the world.very sad.hare krishna samarpan
  19. try chanting you may get to like it [This message has been edited by samarpan (edited 01-31-2002).] [This message has been edited by samarpan (edited 03-04-2002).]
  20. and why not let the boys at the liverpool temple get involved.gouranga.
  21. i feel sorry for all innocents who have to live in the[land of the free]?poor olivia and dhani, that lawyer needs to get a life,the same disease is spreading in uk.viva lord chaitanyas revolution.haribol.samarpan
  22. how dare you.leave sriman george alone,what about the latest crazy american reporter filing a complaint with lapd over his place of passing?what has happened to respect? hare krishna samarpan
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