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  1. When two hearts unite, there`s joy and bliss. But when two hearts untie, there`s sorrow and sadness. Madana-mohana, unity and separation, need no explanation, when going home to God is our only destination. But where is Home, where is God? Ahh, it`s just perhaps my imagination that You are here for my consolation and exemplification. In anticipation for our future Union.
  2. When can I ever say, "ILOVU" to YOU, Srimati Radharani without offending YOUR Beloved Lord Govinda? When will His Lordship allow me to be with YOU? If given the chance just for a moment, It wouldn`t matter if I immediately die, like food for a black widow. [This message has been edited by krsnaraja (edited 01-07-2002).]
  3. I surrender unto the supREME LORD, sRi Krsna`s internal poTency, Srimati Radharani. May her divinelove blessings shower to whom she has FavOred. Who can resist Her.Even the Lord Sri Chaitanya Krsna Mahaprabhu was captivated by Her beauty. How much mOre I`m just a puppet tied on strings to Her wonderful digits. Even if She severs my ties to Her, I will always remain a dancing puppet who comes to answer her call to be with Her on the dance floor in case Her Beloved sRi Krsna`s not arOund. May Her Lady, the Supreme Goddess be merciful to me. [This message has been edited by krsnaraja (edited 01-07-2002).]
  4. most christians eat pork while muslims eat beef. catholics eat both pork and beef. there are those who don`t eat both, pork and beef, but only those that come from the sea and yet they think they are vegetarians. jesus christ is one but krsna is not. in other words, if krsna ate meat does that mean krsna is sinful? it would be unthinkable for those who profess to be vegetarians that krsna have never eaten meat from slaughtered animals. but what if he did? would that mean anything to you who is a vegetarian and yet doesn`t believe there`s a God? FOOD is precisely the cause why there`s WAR erupting every minute every hour on this planet. because people do not actually agree on what kind of food they should eat! in other words, if man is starving to death, would it exempt him from eating meat just to live? even cannibals do that. but there are cases of people who got stranded on a mountain top filled with snow who ate meat from the dead bodies of their loved ones who perished when their plane crashed just to survive. for the hungriest, any kind of food will do just to satiate an empty stomach so that he could survive and live. for these individuals they have committed no sin. but vegetarians do if they haven`t made up their minds to surrender unto the supreme lord, sRi kRsna! [This message has been edited by krsnaraja (edited 01-06-2002).]
  5. WWW.KRSNARAJA.COM WOULD BE A: 1) a sCIENTIFIC rESEARCH FACILITY THAT WOULD HELP EStABLISH THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. 2) iT WOULD OFFER BOOKS TO VISITORS AND RESEARCHERS ALIKE THAT would Help them FIND THE aBSOLUTE tRUTH. 3) iT WOULD HAVE A DISCUSSION fORUM WHERE THE visitors and reSEArchers ALIKE CAn DEBATE ON the Existence of the ABSOLUTE truTH. 4) It shall Offer FREE EMAIL aDDRESSES FOR VISITORS AND researchers Alike. For example, You@krsnaraja.com 5) iT shall GUARANTEE that ANYONE who s to ITs Free e-mail services be given SECURITY AND PROTECTION BY THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH HIMSELF, sRI kRSNa. [This message has been edited by krsnaraja (edited 01-01-2002).]
  6. I liked Mateo`s idea of a future web site where everyone can interact in its discussion forum regarding spirituality regardless of religion each believes in can participate without the biases they bring. Of course, if we would hire a moderator to carry this out, Jndas Maharaj can fill-n, unless he`s too busy with his relief work in Mysore, India, then maybe Tarun or Valaya can do it. Or anyone here who is willing to go an extra mile to serve, with His permission, Sri Caitanya Krsna Mahaprabhu and His Divine servant, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Is this suggestion okay with you? Proposed Site: Somewhere in Detroit, Michigan, USA which is near to this specific address; 383 Lenox Ave., 48215/ (313)824-6000. Any other suggestions from you. Please respond immediately because we are running out of patience! PS. We are dedicating this to the Kumara brothers all of whom already were liberated at birth and thus had nothing to do with religion but still they served God(krsna-bhakti) after they were attracted to the aroma of the tulasi flowers offered to the God in the temple.
  7. I`m worth $40,000,000.00 to you, Mateo, because I owned a piece of prime land with an area of 4.04 hectares ( 1940 Tax. Declaration No. 92165) which has yet to be re-surveyed, awaiting immediate decision from the Appellate Court(case. No. 41699), so that I could transfer it to my beneficiaries. Even the Joker here in this thread is also a beneficiary for I hold him dear like he was my own brother. As for the coming book you will probably write about me, I do hope you have already asked permission from the REAL Krsnaraja, Sri Chaitanya Krsna Mahaprabhu. Godspeed!
  8. IN My kINGDOM, THERE aRe JeSters who entertain me with bravado and chutzpah. ThEy make my visitors laUgh either by making faCes or caLLing my subjeCts names. ThEy also Do acrobatics, bOdy contortIons aNd wHat-have-yOu. iN oTher words, ThEy are tHe JOKeRs in aDeCk of cArds. PLeAse do parDon them for ThEir unusual and BiZaRRe acts in Making Each one of US laugh. CHeeRs!
  9. Would that change your mind what you regard of me if I say I`m worth around $40,000,000.00? How much Jesus Christ was worth, 30 pieces of silver coins? How much Mr. George Harrison was worth, $190,000,000.00? In other words, would you have shed pails of tears if the latter, after he died of cancer, worth only a hundred thousand pounds? How much Deepak Chopra is worth, $25-30 million? How much Swamijiraja was worth, $2Billion? In fact, when His Divine Grace died, he didn`t even had a penny in his pocket. If ever he had one, it went to a Trust Fund. Now, I tell you. If you can call me an IDIOT, then how much am I worth to yOu?
  10. krsna is inconceivable. in other words, he`s beyond pain and pleasure as simple as this and that.
  11. Swamijiraja explained that there are three platforms-sensual, mental, and intellectual- and above them is the spiritual platform. The chanting of harekrsna is on the spiritual platform, and it is the best process for reviving one`s eternal, blissful consciousness. Swamijiraja had come all the way from Vrndavana, survived the non-Krsna yoga society, waited all winter in obscurity in America, a nation which had no idea on chanting harekrsna. No "hare krsna" had come from Thoreau`s or Emerson`s appreciations, though they had pored over English translations of the Gita and Puranas. And no kirtana had come from Vivekananda`s famous speech on behalf of Hinduism at the World Parliament of Religion in Chicago in 1893. But Swamijiraja now have finally had krsna-bhakti going, flowing like the ganges to the sea, it could not stop. In his heart, Swamijiraja felt the infinite will of Caitanya running through his veins in delivering the fallen souls from maya, as he explained to his devotees the art of chanting harekrsna.
  12. If God is the cause of all causes then He also gave George Harrison cancer of the throat and brain. It`s worth to study why it is such. Thus if we were to collect names of people who chant hare krsna from the time they took IT to the time they got cancer, then there`s a big possibility my theory could open the gates on what really cause cancer say, of the prostate, liver, kidney, etc. I do hope there`s someone who would work on this. Any volunteers? [This message has been edited by krsnaraja (edited 12-15-2001).]
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