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  1. Mr. sadmim hossain, Salutes.!! All religions need to sensitize this value of respect for each other. This is the call of the day. I liked your response. May this spread throughout the world.
  2. Dear Karthik; One should be clear about one's objective for pursuing a Mantra Sadhana. What do you wish to attain ? If this is not clear, there are chances that you are misplaced in the ocean of all sorts of information.
  3. (Mr.) Callie, Would you explain as to what do you mean by 'This kind of spirituality' ?
  4. Thank you Mr Suthar. I am impressed with your providing information.\ The site was dormant.. and has been put to activation only now. This is the reason, I am writing back to you after such a long time. Hope, you appreciate this. Would be thankful if you can suggest an authentic book that would give all procedure. Is it possible ? Regards
  5. If Kalki is to ride a horse, I think the befitting time will come after world wide devastation either because of Nuclear missadvanture or environmental hazards or due to celestial accident. In some cases, people have been projected to future lives in a hypnotic trance and they have narrated life on earth without technology.. and mankind is seen going back to nature... If the poles of the earth shift because of electromagnitc Sun storms; our present technology would fail drastically. This cannot be rulled out.. that if electronics fails and if there is any major shift in the laws of physics, man has to ride on a horse again..!!!
  6. You must be visiting them with genuine spiritual queries. Know that, once they find that your common sense is intact and that you would not easily fall prey to their propaganda, they will not accept you and would ignore you.. Know that their caliber would not match to yours.. they cannot be your Guru.
  7. I have gone through UG's book 'the Natural State'and there he mentions : "...I was brought up in a very religious atmosphere. My grandfather was a very cultured man. Heknew Blavatsky [the founder of the Theosophical Society] and Olcott, and then, later on, the second and third generations of Theosophists. They all visited our house. He was a great lawyer, a very rich man, a very cultured man and, very strangely, a very orthodox man. He was a sort of mixed-up kid: orthodoxy, tradition on one side and then the opposite, Theosophy and the whole thing on the other side. He failed to establish a balance. That was the beginning of my problem. U.G. was often told that his mother had said, just before she died, that he "was born to a destiny immeasurably high." His grandfather took this very seriously and gave up his law practice to devote himself to U.G.'s upbringing and education. His grandparents and their friends were convinced that he was a yoga bhrashta, one who had come within inches of enlightenment in his past life.] He had learned men on his payroll and he dedicated himself for some reason—I don't want to go into the whole business—to create a profound atmosphere for me and to educate me in the right way, inspired by the Theosophists and the whole lot. And so, every morning those fellows would come and read the Upanishads, Panchadasi, Nyshkarmya Siddhi, the commentaries, the commentaries on commentaries, the whole lot, from four o'clock to six o'clock, and this little boy of five, six or seven years—I don't know—had to listen to all that crap. So much so that by the time I reached my seventh year I could repeat most of those things, the passages from the Panchadasi, Nyshkarmya Siddhi and this, that and the other. So many holy men visited my house—the Ramakrishna Order and the others; you name it, and those fellows had somehow visited that house—that was an open house for every holy man. So, one thing I discovered when I was quite young was that they were all hypocrites: they said something, they believed something, and their lives were shallow, nothing. I lived in the midst of people who talked of these things everlastingly—everybody was false, I can tell you. So somehow, what you call existentialist nausea—revulsion against everything sacred and everything holy— crept into my system and threw everything out...." So he had access to Hindu Vedantic Literature.
  8. I am really surprised to see that the site is active once again. It is almost more than 10 months that I got notification that Vikas has entered some message on the stream. Well, Vikas if you too got the notification and if you please provide the link to the said website, I would be obliged. Kindly also enlighten me about 'Trance being a kind of Astrology.
  9. Dear Krsna ji, Thanks for reproducing the article on Nescience of Science & Iskcon -BY: NAVA JAUVANA DASA I particularly liked the questions - ______________ "Where are all the great preachers? Too busy building non-ecological temples in India? Too busy flying around the world to the next festival? Too busy collecting donations or blowing bubbles?" _______________ I think, these are the questions, most pertinent to the CEOs (I call them CEOs because they work in businessmanship manner) - the present chiefs/mahants/priests who have suceeded great enlightened souls like Srila Prabhupada. This is the problem associated with institutionalization process. I find, most of them are engaged in the activities included in the above questions. I heard that Sri J Krishnamurti disintegrated his Ashram in Norway only to discourage the menace of followers after his death.
  10. Suthar Ji, Let me reproduce below the last para of my post _________________________________ "I want suggestions and help in following : Suggestions in addition/deletion of details to be collected Suggestion about methodology for the research Suggestion about an institute who can sponsor the project How to collect genuine data Volunteers for the project Net resources e.g. formulating the data collectiong form, uploading on a website, processing of data and analytical tools Please interact. Your support in any form would be a valuable contribution in furthering our cultural heritage." __________ Thank U for at least you have included people 'seekers, doers and experienced' Now, tell me is it wrong to put my appeal here ? --VibhutiGanesh
  11. Dear Vikas Trance and Astrology..!! Its a news, at least to me. I am very curious.. Please provide more information. Till now I know, I understand that Trance is an altered state of mind where the sub-conscious mind is predominant and the conscious mind exists only as a dormant witness. Under this state, a person can have experiences beyond the domain of logical mind and the senses. Breathing..yes. Breathing can be instrumental in the process of transgressing into Trance. When one undertakes excellerated and rapid breathing, a portion inside nostrills, because of passing of air go dry. This is qauite unusual for the physical body and for the part of brain that oversees and ensure that the inner surface of every organ must remain wet all the time. The portion of Pharynx is connected with the hypothalamus gland. Because of this connection, the hypothalamus gland get activated and hallucination can be experienced. Now,if the person who induces the other person, before starting the process, tells the subject that during the trance, he would feel great, he would have spiritual experiences etc.; it is all likely that the person concerned will lable the unusual feelings with 'divine experience'. This is due to the pre-conditioning of his mind. If you observe some of the Meditation Techniques (I don't want to name them), you can find the above phenomenon working behind the claims of magical, devine or spiritual experiences..!!
  12. Dear Anahatanada, The fact within brackets...(Which I later found out to be false) is very pertinent. In mythological subjects like Mantra, Tantra and Occult etc. we hear astonishing stories but very rare eye-witnesses. No scientific evidences. I feel, any one like me, you or others who have faith in the power of mantras etc. should pick at least one mantra with which one is very confident about pre-requisites etc., and undertake experiment in a scientific manner. Thanks a lot for sharing the link about Sri Yantra.
  13. Vikas, If you have some cronic sickness, too, I think you should visit a good hypnosis expert. Past life regression therapy can be useful. However, if you don't have any serious issues in life, just leave the idea and move ahead.. there's no need to open a Pandora box..!!
  14. Though this is not addressed to me; I reproduce few lines from the last para of my initial post : " Let us admit and sensitize as to what can be done and what cannot be done through Mantra.This is the way, we can curb the Cheaters and Thugs who are expoliting the ignorance of poor and needy people." In my personal opinion, we need to understand the process of creation : from subtle into physical. "Accumulation of Tremendus amount of Vaasanas - strong desires which can only be fulfilled through a physical body" is the row material by which the body is made up of. As water gets converted into steam and again if steam gets cool, it condenses and converted into water. Simillarly, thoughts vibrations turns into gross form and thats our body. So, mantra can have influence upon gross body. However, it requires very very huge volume of subtle vibrations of genuine mantra recited in genuine manner. It will first bring in change into our emotional body, aura body and then there would be changes in physical body.
  15. Observe the shape of a flame of a Diya. When something burns, it heats up the surrounded air. The hot air goes up. To take place, the cold air ghushes there. This creates a sort of upward flow. It is believed that when a prayer or reciting of mantra is performed near a Diya, the vibrations are easily carried up with the hot air upward current. Some people believe that different fuels create different kind of freqauencies when burnt. It is also believed that this upward current gets connected with the huge reservoir of Mantra vibrations already present in the ether. Because of this connection, the sadhaka gets backup of the collection of vibrations created by others and can get manifold benefits of Mantra recited by him. It is said that Ghee made up from Cow Milk, when burnt through a Diya, creates very effective bridge with the vibrations in ether. I am not very sure whether, some scientific research has ever beeen conducted to verify this.
  16. Excluding some expressions like ".....Shvu's zeal to point fingers at the iskcon types on this forum, he sometimes has to take a bit of his own medicine.".... I enjoyed the counter attack..!! Keep it up, may be in a more decent tone..!
  17. Research on Mantra Sadhana I wish to conduct a research upon effectiveness of various Mantras. My intention is to assess the effectiveness of different mantras and this will include the following : What was the objective of undertaking a Mantra ? Whether Mantra was received from a Siddha or a Guru If yes - who was the person ? what was the procedure used by the guru to seasion (siddhi) the Mantra? What were the conditions followed by the Guru to assess the suitability of the beneficiery? [*]How many times the Mantra was recited/chanted every day? [*]What was the duration/period the Mantra was recited? [*]Whether the Shadangas i.e. Rishi, Deveta etc. were performed ritualistically ? [*]Whether Viniyas i.e. Sankalpa, Nyaasa, Puruscharana were performed ? If yes, what was the procedure ? What benefits were observed that can be confidently attributable to Mantra sadhana? [*]What way the pronunciation and sound of recitation of Mantra substantiated ? Could it be verified by a living experienced expert ? [*]Whether the Verbatim meaning of the Mantra signified the expected benefits? [*]Whether colours were used deliberately i.e., colour of the cloths or the Asana used by the sadhaka [*]If Mantra was used as a remedy of any disease; was it verified through medical reports ? I want suggestions and help in following : Suggestions in addition/deletion of details to be collected Suggestion about methodology for the research Suggestion about an institute who can sponsor the project How to collect genuine data Volunteers for the project Net resources e.g. formulating the data collectiong form, uploading on a website, processing of data and analytical tools Please interact. Your support in any form would be a valuable contribution in furthering our cultural heritage. With warm regards. --VibhutiGanesh
  18. Dear Saranyakrishnan: Dreams do have encoded message. However, with your question "Can anyone say me will spiritual dreams come true?" it is not clear whether you have seen a dream and now you want to know the meaning of the dream or you want to know whether dreams in general, come true ? If you already have had a particular dream, please share here details about your dream.
  19. Dear Sanskruti, I believe, the dream gives a very positive and clear indication that you should get out of the notion you developed due to your sickness .."..no one would accept me with this illness and I don't want to burden anyone with it"... I am happy that you have taken the right inference from the dream. God as the creator and master of the world, will only be happy when people whom He has sponsored the Joy Trip to his most wonderful planet,The Earth; enjoy the trip..! You are really blessed that God sent to you this message and you took it so nicely. Yes..Everyone Deserves a right to be Happy. For receiving devine suggestions, one need not be religious. On the contrary, religious people are burdened with the load and conditions of rituals etc. Even if God appears before them in person, it is likely that religious people might make Him to pass through their filters. And, if He fails, would reject him. Go ahead. Your idea to be frank about your sickness is appreciated. All the very Best.
  20. Thanks a lot. My purpose is served with your valuable input. Yes, essence of a Genuine Guru can never be denied. However, they are rare to find in this age. Unfortunately commercial 'Godmen' are in plenty. I wanted that the sadhaka, if he is aware about pre-requisites of Mantra, he can at least verify the competancy of his 'Guru'. Bhava' is important. Throughout, I have maintained that mental vibration is the essence of Mantra. Thank U once again. I would look forward for many more meaningful interactions.
  21. Dear Alex, Hearty Greetings..You are very blessed being in deed. In the form of Bhagavad Gita, you have found the Gem of Gem. It is Nectar of Vedas. I am prety sure, with your endeavours, you will be able to find the eternal truth. As regards your question about how to work on your relationship with God, you will find that Lord Krishna explains this beautifully in Gita. The relationship with God is possible in different ways. According to your attitude (prakriti) you will be exposed with different ways. When you have predominent feelings of love, the way would be Devotion (Bhakti). When you intellectually try to know God, you will be on Knowledge path ('Gyan') and when you are actively perform your worldly duties, you relate yourself with God in Karma way. Every one, knowingly or unknowingly, is moving towards union with God in this combined manner (love-Knowledge-Karma) every moment. However, going ahead purposefully has its own beauty. Now, you are in the right hands and the responsibility of your Welfare lies with God. You only need to keep doing your best. There are certain limitations with the present form of Hinduism. In your quest, it is likely that you knock the wrong doors. There are many fake godmen with the Hindu flavour, too. However, since your mind is not conditioned with the religious stuff, I am sure you would not fall prey to blind faith. Be watchfull on not losing your 'commonsense'. Keep going.. and draw your own curriculam to go ahead. You should have a broad blue-print so that you don't get lost on the way. Your inner spirit knows well what is best for you at every stage of your evolution. Let me know if you wish to know more. I will try my best to share things with you and in a way, learn through it.
  22. Dear friend, I can understand your condition. Please, do not get you frightened, Just know that there are such powers and people do use them for their selfish motives. However, let me tell you that any such power would only work within the perview of the overall command of the Supreme God. There is a counter question here. Why on the earth, amidst population of millions, a particular person does the mean things with a particular person only ? The secret lies in the Karmic dues. If you have done something bad in the past, you have to suffer. The good and bad things we experience is result of the past Karmas. When we come across such a situation, we do not know whether a person hurting us is reacting to our act of having hurt him in past or is it a fresh initiative from him? This is the reason, we are left with only one alternative and that is - to let the avenge get dissolved. If you react with counter evil, the chain will never break. Now, to understand the issues like 'can such thing take away some ones life ?' Not really. No one can take any one's life unless the person has a destiny to suffer in this way and die. A person who is inflicting such nasty things is just an instrumental in bringing shape to bad luck and to set off the Karmic dues. The other dimension observed in such incidents may be of interest to you. It is observed that it victimizes those persons greately who get frightened during initial period of such spell. It happens that a person with strong will power and who totally rejects to believe in such things, remains untuched. The more you believe in it, you tend to attribute every unfavourable happenings with the black magic and you lose your self confidence. As more you think, talk and feel about it, you unknowingly create vibrations in favour of your enimy. On the other hand, as you get disturbed and depressed, your own internal security system breaks down. This disorganizes your aura body and you are more vulnerable to the nuisance then before. You have two options, (i) totally reject the idea of 'some one has done something to you' and stop talking about it. This way, you will stop supplimenting the power of evil at the cost of your own energy. Build your own self confidence. Know that the unseen power has just subtle power whereas, you have both, the subtle as well as the power of your physical body. (ii) Borrow some strength and support in form of taking recourse to some Mantra etc. (you will find many on this forum) This way you can rebuild the damaged shield of your own protection and security system. There is nothing wrong in it. However, remember to take it like medicine only. We take anti-biotics when infected with virus. But, once the disease is gone, the tablets have to be given up. Over dose of any medicine can have its reactions. Be Bold and Blessed.
  23. Its all I have learnt on my journey. I was studying astrology extensively and that led me into intuitive ways and the quest pushed me into spirituality. Theory, yes but not alone. I have used it and got benefited. It changed my life. I have also recommended mantras as remedy to people, but to only those who bear the calibre to realize the essence of Mantras. You must have observed, I am a critical fan of this subject and not a blind follower. I love to go beyond the words and try to find the sensible source of the power of Mantras. I have a project to create a centre where Mantras and other Hindu Hom-Havans can be performed in genuine way as a remedy for people. It will be in pure participative manner. The person concerned will understand the purpose and create the necessary mental vibrations. Mantras recited by a Pandit on behalf of some one cannot bring in the required results. Thus, the applied phase is yet to florish in a full swing. If you google with the word vibhutiganesh, you will know more about me. Thanks a lot for interaction and being frank in puting across this question. I have one more thing to share with you, that I am Atharva Vediya brahmin and 'Garga' is my gotra.. so we are related ..!
  24. Hi.. let me add, I have read about a book by a Hindu named Pandit Vaid Prakash where in he has putforth many arguments to prove that Prophet Muhammed was the Kalki avatar. Another Muslim scholar named Jakir Naik, too has supported the same logic and he goes ahead in details with extensive references from Bhavishya Puran. Though, I personally do not believe these arguments at all, I cannot stop myself praise Jakir Naik for his reading and analyzing many Hindu scriptures.
  25. One more nice post : http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/mantra-tantra-vigyana/150079-mantra-yoga-mantra-siddhi-sivananda.html Let the readers have something more on the same page.
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