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  1. Dear Sayanji, Thank you for the suggestion. Could you also tell me, which is the right Mantra for Lord Hanuman. Is it Om Hanumate Namah or Om Shri Hanumate Namah. Thank you. Jai Sri Ram!
  2. Dear Vibhutiji, Heartiest thanks for your reply. I am doing Ram Naam Jaap everyday. Can you recommend other mantras that I should recite? Jai Sri Ram!
  3. Hello, I need guidance from Gurujans. I am well educated with scholarships and still I am unable to find any job. Likewise, whatever business my father or I have started has encountered with unforseenable troubles and obstacles. At last minuted we have lost deals or after winning deals things have happened that were highly unlikely. It almost fealt like someone is working overtime to make us fail. As a result we have lost lot of money and are now neck deep in debt. Similarly my sister had bad marriage and financial troubles. My father is also suffering from regular seizures and doctors are unable to get it in control , as a result he is hospitalised(I.C.U) almost every other month. Scary Part: I have a uncle (my father's brother) who is also in similar situation. Once, he was doing Puja at his home and his clothes became soaked with blood. There were no cuts on his body and blood seems to have come from his scrotum( No cuts). He also got tested by doctors and nothing was found. Later they went to one paditji, who told them that my cousin has done some black magic on him and on my father to steal their life years for her mother (my aunt). And also, she has tied our work for her benefit. My aunt was suffering from cancer and she is cured now, whereas, my uncle and father are having bad health and doctors are unable to understand their disease. Anyhow, later on, when they were performing puja at home, they cut open fruit for offering. Shockingly,they found, sindoor, scissors and few other things inside the previously uncut fruit! The panditji had also given them one locket for protection and as soon as he took off that locket he got a paralysis stroke. In his case also, doctors are unable to diagonise his disease and everything is in God's Hand. He is still recovering in hospital now. Could this happen? Can anyone steal your life years and can anyone tie your work and steal your destiny? Or is it coincident and we are reading too much into it? Kindly advice. I am very scared and have no logical explaination for the fruit incident. Also, what remidial steps can I take. Thank you! Jai Sir Ram!
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