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  1. This query is regarding the importance of guru diksha before starting a particular sadhana. I have heard and read many times on the forums that any sadhana should not be started without Guru diksha. I recently have started the bagalamukhi shabar mantra sadhana (obtained from my guru) for personal reasons. However, my question is this. What if a person wants to do a particular sadhana and he doesn't know how to find a proper guru or if he is unable to find a proper guru? I understand that certain sadhanas can be dangerous if you don't know the vidhi for that. They may have no result or may even backfire. But what if that person knows the correct vidhi of practicing it, but is unable to find a good guru? Can he still go about doing the sadhana? This query comes partly from my experience as I faced a challenge for some time in finding a proper guru and I was really looking for a solution to my problem. - Regards, Karthik
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