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  1. i would like to know if there is any book as:SHIVA-GITA.if so what is it? i heard ,in it,lord SHIVA claims to be the supreme lord?is it true. i ll be glad if i can receive more information about it.
  2. i have been getting a dream quite often ,wherein ,i fly in the air,i literally can feel it,i am quite conscious and aware of what is going on,,,i feel sooo light,weightless,i fly across valleys,mountains,etc,with ease. then,i find myself facing sooo many obstacles and each time ,i fly over them, as i chant SHRI KRISHNA'S name.but,sometimes,,i become handicapped in chanting HIS name.I AM UNABLE TO DO IT.MY MOUTH DOESNT SPEAK,,,i dont understand what this actually means,,can anyone explain?
  3. please let me know what exactly is 'trance','transcendental ecstacy'.how can one experience it? i am a devotee of the lord SHRI KRSNA.what should i do in order to experience the same?is it a very severe practice?
  4. what exactly is trance?how can one experience trancendental ecstacy?can i also experience it?how do i begin?what all are the foundation processes?i would love to know the way to enjoy that DIVINE BLISS with 'THE LORD'. (I HAD already sent a mail regarding this dated:27.10.2002;;it appears it has'nt reached you.hope to get the reply this time)
  5. what exactly is trance?how can one experience that divine ecstacy?i would be grateful if u could tell me how and what is the process/beginning steps/foundation to reach that state of 'bliss'.i would love to know the real-personal experiences of anyone who has felt that SUPREME LOVE.HOW DOES ONE FEEL IT? can i(me,being a devotee of the LORD )also feel it?
  6. i am a new r to ur website.and i find great pleasure in being so. i have been in search of krsna-lovers eversince my adulthood.of late,i have developed immense love for THE LORD,i dont feel like doing anything in which krsna-consciousness is not involved.kindly advise me how to live my life only in worshipping HIM.Is RENUNCIATION the only answer?if so,how do i proceed?if not,how do i cope up without displeasing my parents who dislike over-involvement in spirituality??????? AND TELL ME ALSO------HOW TO FIND MY GURU?????(MY ADHYATMIK-GURU)?????WHERE IS HE??
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