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  1. Oh yes, don't forget theres no difference between book bhagavata and person bhagavata, maybe this specifically refers to your question. BOOK being Veda written by Vyasa and person being Krishna.
  2. They just got new domain name, faith.io, so you could have http://rama.faith.io if u wanted.
  3. Vyasa gained His knowledge from His guru Naradamuni, parampara. What you said is true prabhuji, though sometimes its easy to see Vyasa as an independent person with no parampara due to His powerful Knowledge.
  4. Post did on mobile: http://gauranga.infinites.net/Sounds/Gaurachandra.amr
  5. sopatel i like tat as well gita, turning to be good thread
  6. Watching sa re ga ma pa, zee tv, laluji, related where he saw lord shiva, lalu is shiva bhakta, laluji says wat r u doing here to shiva,
  7. Yeh, i also like when dristadumnya cuts the head of Dronacharya, the style in which its made you'd tink Martin Scorcse directed it
  8. http://gauranga.infinites.net/Videos/Brahmastra.3gp (10mb). http://gauranga.infinites.net/Videos/Brahmastram1.3gp (1mb).
  9. Have many but- When aswathama releases Brahmastra and Arjuna, and Aswathama points at Arjuna wife, and Krishna walks towards , hell i record on mobile and post..
  10. How about Mahabharta on mobiles in 3gp format at 7-8mbs each?
  11. Audio- Ramayana http://ia300231.us.archive.org/3/items/Bhaktivedanta-Swami-Prabhupada4/Ramayana/
  12. Nice pics! Yeh indu guess i used wat i know too bad cant get a job!
  13. Shud they? I am enjoying Freddy Flintoff Cricket on my Mobile, wat a game!
  14. Tat was nice, i put together book long time ago, same as above, goto www.download.com search for chaitanya bhagavata, or bhagavata. Its not the full book, took me ages to lay it out, with com by Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati.
  15. I met Prabhupada in my dream once, I went towards him was trying to bow but could'nt, i had a recent dream involving lord narasimhadeva in compasion form, it was like He was human not lion, and was not showing me His true divya form, maybe because i wud be scared. He blessed me saying I would have faith for lord Ramachandra eternally.
  16. Stayin for 6months or a year, uncles got a massive house! Maybe go on Yatra to holy places as well. VRINDAVANA! PURI. hope with gaura guru grace
  17. Yeh iam going getting applying for visa first tis tuesday.
  18. Raghu, you ought to learn how to spell, ooo get u! Take yr bangles off:)))))
  19. Lol to suchandra p;), trix and indu thx for the encouragement.
  20. I get wat shvu said, but it not just MY prob, my parents suffer to, they cud do with the break.
  21. Havent been able to find a job for 2years, parents hav said i shud goto india for 5-6 months, even pay for ticket. Live with uncle. Wat u all reckon 31year old shud i go?!
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