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  1. I can also Add bookmarks! Is this the final version? Or you wish to improve it? Its totally readable i changed font size to 8. THANKYOU AGAIN. May krishna bless you!
  2. Thats perfect prabhu! Spacing is just right. You dont have to include all files just the jar will work okay. Better than pdf,
  3. Hopefuly i will see my gurudeva in India.
  4. http://krishnamedia.org/ebooks/BgitaAII_txt.zip (2 gita, one plain, and diacritic)
  5. Re:txt spacing, problem is the Gita is copy pasted from the vedabase. I HAVE txt file of Gita that may work give me few..
  6. It works great with tons of options, to change the font size etc. Looks wise the is no spacing of the text, just one big clump of text unreadable. It works but wish there was text spacing. I notice you used 1968 gita. Id prefere 1972 with everything. Thankyou again. HAD NO problem installing, also the jar. File is all i need, my phone creates the jad. File.
  7. Is that in flash? Please put mp3 wud make a nice ringtone
  8. Should they? Due to quality BBC wont show though they DID show Mahabharata, in 90's. I never liked it that much as in it was too slow, still I loved it though. They should use actors that are not movie stars like they did with Mahabharata. Also the special effects should have a HUGE budget. AND quality should be best available. SO who wants to do it;)
  9. Souls eternal how can it be old or young?
  10. Of cource we came from Vishnu-tattva, and Vishnu is always in the Spiritual World. If we had spiritual bodies in their, and had fallen it would make no sense? Why? Because all fallen or unfallen souls are mentioned in the Scriptures.
  11. Anyone willing to send me for free;) in Uk? I sort of misplaced. Prabhupada Gita and Tulasi neck beads
  12. You can download doc. File of Gita from the above link.
  13. http://archive.org/details/Bhagavad-gita-as-it-is Thankyou prabhu, please upload the jar. File for me to see and test please.
  14. Currently the only free ebook jar. Maker. Some clever russian guy made it. No one else has done Prabhupada Gita, in Jar format.
  15. As you know I have no Pc. I want few chps Gita to read on mobile phone in jar. Format, Can you do or somebody else?. www.mjsoft.nm.ru/booke.htm (involve converting txt. Doc (?) to jar.
  16. www.photobucket.com is good to save your pics. They give you a link to post on forum
  17. I remember one Prabhupada disciple telling me how he knew that in his previous life he had parents who were demi-gods. I had one where I had parents who were demi-gods but i was an asura. Prabiupada was from Goloka yet He came here in this World, He did'nt fall. SO i guess we dont fall from Goloka but from somewhere else. If you say we fell from Goloka then you would have to be a pure devotee, as only pure devotees exist in Goloka.
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