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  1. Dear Shalini ji You can also opt for jhora Regards Swapnil
  2. Dear sav246 As per your details your were born in Poorvabhadra nakshatrs and meena rashi Regards Swapnil
  3. Dear Kailash ji Viparit raj yoga means you gain when some one losses and this yoga happen when the lord of malefic house is placed in malefic stana for eg: for dhanu lagna lord of 8th moon placed in 12th causes viparit raj yoga this can give water related profession like liquor selling where other person makes loss by consuming it but the native gains by selling it Regards Swapnil
  4. Dear rama kiran ji As per your data your AK happens to be shani and it is placed in kanya rashi in D9 so 12th from kanya is shimha rashi and lord of it sun is placed in vrichik rashi Here i think you have to do devi puja as u r surya is in female sign vrichik Hope USR ji i am right here now correct me if i am wrong sir PLs do suggest him the diety to worship Regards Swapnil
  5. Dear USR ji Thank you for your explanation i am a learner i happen to read a article on ista devta by rafal ji from his site as the question was there reagrding article i suggested the same next time i keep in mind Hope another swapnil follow your suggestion Here the question comes that ista devta is prayed to attain mukti but how in todays world one can define mukti Regards Swapnil
  6. Dear Swapnil As per your given data u r Ak happens to be shani placed in meena in D9 so 12th from its happens to be kumbha which is lorded by shani itself So i think your istha devta happens to be shri kurma avtara you can chant this mantra "OM NAMO BHAGAVATE AKUPARAYA" Regards Swapnil
  7. Dear Raman ji I happen to read a article on arudhas where it was mentioned with the example of 4th house and A4 it was stated that as 4th is consider for home and A4 is the what world sees the home and 4th form A4 is how others see your views about home So i think it must apply same to A6 and A5 Regards Swapnil
  8. Dear Cvlaxami ji As per given data your mangal is in 2nd house (kumbha) Generally mangal placed in 1 2 4 7 8 12 house from asc are considered mangalik Some astrologers dont consider 2nd house Regards Swapnil
  9. Dear prashantsomitry ji You need also to mention your place of birth to make a chart country, city or if not famous latt and long Regards Swapnil
  10. Dear Megala ji If you dont mind here are answers of your questions (hope webyogi ji dont mind it , it just a helping hand from a learner) As per given data, Your moon rashi is leo and nakshatra is magha ruled by ketu Your 7th bhava the house of marriage which is considered in general is also leo its lord is sun and its dasa is from 06/08/2008 to 05/01/2014 From 27/02/2009 to 23/01/2010 your rahu Ad, rahu natural significator and also has aspect on 7th bhava can also give marriage Regards Swapnil
  11. Dear Kailash ji Vargottam means planet placed in same rashi in rashi and navamsa chart For Eg if sun in placed in leo both in rashi and navamsa chart then it is said that sun is vargottam Vakri means retrograde or you can say planet moving backward practically it is not it only seems Regards Swapnil
  12. Dear Visti larsen ji i have managed to get details of Obama ji birth chart from internet and also put in for discussion for learning purpose under topic sat jup conuct data is as below 4 august 1961 7:24 pm honolulu hawaii usa regards Swapnil
  13. Dear Sir/Madam As the topic of shani guru is on i would like to take note of Mr.Obama ji his data is as follows 4th august 1961 honolulu, Hawaii 7:24 PM His lagna is makara and there is a yuti of shani and guru in lagna but both are vakri here like to mention guru is neecha, his chandra is exaltated which happens to be nakshatra lord too (I read nakshtra lord been exalted makes person famous for generation in general) his moon MD , Merc AD ad Jup PD is currenty going on It would be nice to discuss about this chart as here there is yuti of shani guru and also what other astrological factor has made him a powerful person All members are requested to put there views regards Swapnil
  14. Dear Romasingh ji As per given data the chart does not have kaal sarpa dosha Regards Swapnil
  15. Dear Webyogi ji Thank you for explaining in detail as i was about to write down in short Hope ramkiran ji is satisfied with this answer regards swapnil
  16. Dear Ramakiran ji Answer to the question is option No. 1 Regards Swapnil
  17. Dear kkr2008 ji Your 5th is scorpio and jupiter gets exalted in cancer So jupiter is not exalted Regards Swapnil
  18. Dear Classic72 ji A quick question what does A7 in D1 and D9 play a role Regards Swapnil
  19. Dear Hansraj ji Do mention your Place of birth if you need vedic readings Regards Swapnil
  20. Dear sandhu ji I have a confusion regarding a chart, was listening to mp3 chapters of visiti larsen ji there he mentioned a example chart of brittney spears Data below DOB 2nd dec 1981 TOB 1:30 am POB Mc Comb Mississippi USA As i follow your rules to check KSY and KAY but here he stated that she has KAY even when planets where there with ketu I would like to have your comment to on this chart Regards Swapnil
  21. Dear Sandhu ji Sorry for using wrong words, but i request you to help them out with some upayas so they be happy Regards Swapnil
  22. Dear ashish ji There is a factor called a free will if your you are sure going ahead go ahead i bet all planets you are concerned will help you I read Some where that ( May be i am wrong) only Ram sita horoscope had 36 gun but still they were separated at the later stage of life Regularly pray to god you believe and go ahead Regards swapnil
  23. Dear laxami ji Good news is that u r venus dasa MD has started since with respect to u r mars placement the delay was caused you will get married soon Well i can say the delay was cause only from your side as you were thinking too much in depth related to your future being too choosy and emotional Regards Swapnil
  24. Dear members In my opinion 8th bhava which is also for the learning of occult subject and mercury the learner planets In total 8th house, mercury and some relation of mercury with 8th bhava can make a person intrested in occult science Some say there should be some relation between 2nd bhava and 8th bhava regards swapnil
  25. Dear Ravi ji There are many theories in this and many have different views too And now a days there are medical procedures to modify the birth time so as far as my view is concerned i can say the time when a child cry can be considered as a right birth time as it cannot be altered Also there are geographical time errors and also man made errors So it may be better to consider the nearest to exact time be considered by doing birth time rectification Regards Swapnil
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