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  1. Dear Seekerseema ji Your Ista devta is shri rama Regards Swapnil
  2. Dear Gopalan ji I am getting 6 hrs west of gmt for the cordinates Can you please refer the lesson number of pvr jis's mp3 And also your words on the combination of dasa causing death Regards Swapnil
  3. I request for further prediction for better understanding since jatakas ketu mahadasa is on and from november it will be neecha what should be expected Regards Swapnil
  4. Dear Cakirogl ji Since you have stated that u r jupiter yuti is with ketu your chart does not have KSY Regards Swapnil
  5. Dear All My fellow indiadevine friend happen to discuss my chart for understanding purpose with an astrologer The astrologer predicted that the person is surely gonna die by doing suicide and life will be sad all over with respect to career earning and martial relations I kindly request to all member to look in the chart as i my self get confused with my own chart lil worried as my career and other things are not on track below are my details 31st december 1983 15:47 Mumbai Regards Swapnil
  6. Dear shridhar ji Yes it was excellent but rama had vanavasa seperation from sita and luv kusha too Regards Swapnil
  7. Dear V K Shridhar ji Thank you for enlightening for this topic as many must ppls around are worried about the thing Also thanks to all news channels who blindly keep exaggerating many astrological events Regards Swapnil
  8. Dear Sandhu ji Here below are the details of a native who has yuti of rahu shani in 7th 29 nov 1978 12:21 pm Mumbai Would like to have your views on this chart and effect of this yoga Regards Swapnil
  9. Dear Deepak ji 1.Conjuction of dusthanas in kendra or kona is bad (there are also lot of other factors involved) 2.As per me it does not cause VRY Regards Swapnil
  10. Dear Deepak ji As per given condition you dont have vipareetha raj yoga As per VRY condition lord of dusthasthana should be placed in dusthsthana itself Regards Swapnil
  11. Dear Sandhu ji Would like your views if this type of yog happens to happen in 6th and 12th Regards Swapnil
  12. Dear ddeepakrp ji See this is free forum u he may be busy with his personnel work remember we are all thankful to him that he gives his help Regards Swapnil
  13. Dear Occultist ji Please mention your place of birth For health varresh is important varresh afflicted or bad placement can give poor health Placement of varresh in kendra or ppls born on thrusday and friday are naturally blessed with sound health Regards Swapnil
  14. Dear Amature ji I follow with the fact that rahu has dristi and ketu does not Considering ketu has dristi then i dont know what will happen Hope learned members put there views also specially sandhu ji to explain Regards Swapnil
  15. Dear Keya ji There are many factor involved for eg placement of lagna lord and moon I had just mentioned the general traits of placement of rahu in lagna Regards Swapnil
  16. Dear Riaz ji As mentioned it occurs when 2 exalted planets aspect each other her as u mentioned abt chaya graha (rahu ketu) As per my view it wont happen as rahu has 7th dristi but ketu does not have any dristi Regards Swapnil
  17. Dear Keya ji Since you r mithun lagna rahu is exalted in lagna general traits for rahu in lagna is it makes person to think lot in details and at the end the native ends up in confusion Pls mention your place of birth Regards Swapnil
  18. Dear members What should be expected in year by me as shani will be transiting my 11th rasi from moon 12th from shani itself 5th from lagna According to vimmsotri Ketu MD and Guru Ad will be there in 2010 and Vimsottri Guru MD and chandra Ad will be on Narayan dasa rahi will be of kumbha where AL is there if for reference here are my details 31st dec 1983 15:47 Mumbai I would like to know what should be expected when narayan dasa of kumbha will be on from 2010 whose lord saturn is exalted in tula 9th from it and transiting 8th rashi Regards Swapnil
  19. Dear Members According to Jhora which i believe is developed on basis of BPHS if you look in the dristi, mooltrikona, uchha, neecha, which rahi it ows option you will get answers I think it is fairly explained too why and how it is applied in the way Regards Swapnil
  20. Dear Rajnesh ji Since 4th house shows vehicle and according to u r chart 4th is ruled by shani i think saturday would be good for u to buy bike Regards swapnil
  21. Dear asrubbu ji There is slight controversy here as its neccha uchha sthana are considered different But according to me i consider Dhanu rashi as neccha stana for rahu and mithun rashi for ketu Rahu is like a dancer he enjoys in mithun rashi lorded by budha and ketu is spritual he enjoys in dhanu lorded by guru . and you must be knowing opposite rashi is sign is for delbitation There are also views that rahu is neecha in vrichik and ketu in vrishab Regards Swapnil
  22. Dear Member's Here is a another take on rahu ketu with a puranic story During the churning of amrit an asura disgusied as a god and he drink amrit this was noticed by sun and moon god they immidiately informed to lord vishnu and the lord imediately took his sudarshan chakra and cut off his throat but by that time amrit was down below his throat due to this reason rahu and ketu where formed and were imortal In astrology rahu ketu are enimies of sun and moon as the puranic story goes that because of them they were two Rahu is important in chart as he also signifies the cause of rebirth as it is said that person get rebirth Ketu is mokshakaraka as he does not have any dristi (desires) that can lead native to attain moksha This also applies that rahu and ketu are always 7 house apart as they both represent opposite desires Will keep updating abt rahu ketu For more information on rahu ketu and there plaement on can refer mohan koparkar article on scribd
  23. Dear Ravi ji As per the above chart the 2nd option of 7 10 12 2 option is right See in northindian chart houses are counted anti clk wise here rahu retro means it is always moving clockwise so is in diamond chart rahu is in 1st house it will aspect 5 7 9 12 Since we generally consider counter clk wise dristi so it is said 2 5 7 9 Regards Swapnil
  24. Dear anusha ji My query is in red underlined pls explain me
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