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  1. I tried with a script, but find it impossible. Do any devotees help me create such a site, ? I can give temp access to my site. I want to call it: http://www.krishnadl.com/Vktub Or just: http://v.krishnadl.com (v for videos). A devotee asked me to do it, but its too complicated.
  2. mmmm, what about using my Paypal account, and putting paypal shopping cart on a site, and not going through ebay at all? I see the problem with the search facility, and ranking etc. But the good thing about having a site (or ebay) is that you can be anywhere in the world and still have a 'shop' but just online. Imagine having a shop (rent, etc) Bills, electricity, council tax (uk), etc
  3. this is a search from my site, by freefind: http://search.freefind.com/find.html?si=66966683&pid=r&n=0&_charset_=utf-8&bcd=%C3%B7&query=prabhupada krishnadl.com
  4. I have an ebay account, and am considered a nice buyer. Could I start a small business? And what could I sell to 'try it out', so I have nothing to loose, basically. I have some ideas: Miscro SD Memory Cards for Mobile (cheaply). Some people get stuff from China, and sell it cheap. I bought a mouse from China on ebay for £1 with p&p, the scrool wheel is funny, but works other then that. Any advice on selling on ebay?
  5. cook something: http://news.iskcon.com/recipe_archives
  6. Well you could have a Sanskrit Font based website and sister site with no sanskrit like vedabase.net. Though if I put vedabase into Google in show Sanskrit diacritic marks, I have Balarama Fonts installed on my Laptop. I think some sites need to put them robots in pages some google can't see them, just the pages with sanskrit. I think I noticed this long time ago, you'd think Sanskirt fonts would be supported somehow in Google. Maybe somebody should email Google (if you can find their email address, try googling it)
  7. Prabhupada was seeing oneness in all, neither christian, muslim, hindu, we ARE, but we also one and same.
  8. Anyway, just imagine like, tumeric, corriander, lime, mustard seeds, asfodita, etc, and some rice, and expert could combine and make. But me? I mean I know what sugar is.. it makes things sweet, but tumeric? Mustard seeds? What exactly do they do to food? Its proper complicated. I would ask my mum, but she would never tell me. I think its a sub-conscious cook secret. I know Prabhupada could cook, I'd give my Laptop for a taste of that prasadam.
  9. yeah i think women cook better then men,
  10. Its me Pankaja dasa by the way, Okay this is meant to be humorous. When I was in vrindavana, in the temple. The food was not really to my likeing, I thought it was because the Bengali food was cooked that way, but now back in Uk, I think maybe the person cooking 'can't cook?', is that possible? I tried to cook some kichari like in Vrindavana and it tasted exactly like the kicahri in Vraja:eek2:. Tasteless, (i can't cook to save my japa beads), what I am trying to say is, well.. When I was in Birmingham temple in Uk, the food was really really nice. The cook knew what he was doing. I had some kachories in Vraj from Dhaba that we nice. And the restaurant in Mathura (Govindas), was reasonable, I really think 'they' who(?), put cooks who can't cook. Indian cooking is very very very difficult, all those spices, even reading a recipe book. Anyway its meant to be humorous post;)
  11. Good point. I've been to Delhi in Narayana Maharaja Matha, tried to see Maharaja, but was told his 'resting'. Probably not easy to see 1 on 1, I would have forced that issue but was knacked with all my traveling, didn't have the energy, same happened with my Gurudeva Matha (Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja), you have to really FORCE yourself and see your Guru or 'A' spiritual master. You feel bad at first, but who cares, it's your life. I think you should see Narayana Maharaja personally, probably easier if you want to get initiated, I didn't want to as I am already, I could have lied:eek2:, its all good.
  12. I was going to do on Friday, but didn't. Not because of what people said here, I am desperate for a Job, and I can't wait too long now. So even though it's 'bad', I probably do it anyway. A MAN needs to work.
  13. It's actually me Pankaja dasa, can't seem to Login, so had to make temp User Name, I asked because after so long trying can't find a Job. I used to do this Fast for Lakmi (Vrat) that lasts 11 weeks, demi-gods are devotees, that is the function of the demi-gods.
  14. Demigods are also Vaishnavas, RIGHT, so why is it bad to ask them for benedictions? Anybody explain?
  15. Anyone know if this is possible? MASS txt. Files. I want to make a mobile jar. File of the site for offline viewing.
  16. I bought it from India when I was their, they also sell in the Uk, i opened the (ONE MUKHI) rudraksha and it contained glue and plastic casing. 100% Fake. The other 2 that you get for free (Ganesh and Lakhsmi) are real.
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