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  1. ive only read good things about it from people whove been raw for the last 30 years. people who even run marathons. DR Norman Walker lived to be 116 eating 80-90 raw foods.. this is closer to Breathatarianism. Parmahansa Yogananda has reccomended eating mostly raw(living) foods. i went to a raw retreat and most people had a glow in their eyes. before any food is cooked it is raw, and easy to eat. i am glad i was introduced to raw food. it has been very helpful to my consciousness like Yoga and meditation! heat destroys protein. heating above 115 destroys all enzymes. when youre heating the live food your destroying lots of the prana in it. i havent tried sprouting rice, but i have sprouted mung beans, Lentils, quinoa, garbanzons, sunflower seeds, almonds, buckwheat, wheat, etc.. i eat mostly fruits and vegetables. i am not for or against anyones lifestyle, i am simply sharing my experience and knowledge with all, because it has done me so well, out of gratefulness i am bound to help make This available to others. i think what you believe influences the assimilation of the food very much also. in the words of Sri YukteswarJi "follow any simple diet which proved suited to ones constitution". Om Peace
  2. Namaste Brothers and Sisters Eating primarily Raw Organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes is an excellent choice for your consciousness and health. I have been eating all Raw(Live) food for 7 months and i feel excellent. My perception is clearer and deeper, and i feel so connected with all life around me- people, animals, plants, Earth and the Cosmos. The deeper, subtler realities of life are more clear to me now. In me the Sun and Moon energies are more balanced. Recenty i have been making fresh vegetable juices from Organic Raw leafy greens like Kale, Chard, collards, lettuces, etc... and carrots, red/ yellow peppers, cucumbers and beets. these are incredibly alkalinizing and Excellent for your health. You will feel so wonderful when You take this juice. one great combination for the liver is cucumber, carrot, beet(only a little beet). Green juices have opened up many of my Nadis and balanced my emotions. I usually start to feel an overwhelming unconditional Love for everything surronding me. I feel this is an excellent medicinal drink even. I know some Ayurvedic doctors say that eating all raw inflames VATA, but you can balance this out. Actully Parmahansa Yogananda says to eat mostly raw(living) food. This way of eating is very balancing for the body and the glands. This way of eating has allowed my mind to become more clear and balanced and calm. May You experience your True Self. So Hung
  3. Namaste Everyone I am not sure if this is the right forum, forgive me if it is not I am looking for Rabindranath Tagores "Akhari Kavita" ("The Last Poem"). It is a beautiful story, but i can not find it anywhere If anyone knows or has a copy, I am Grateful to know about where to obtain it OM Shanti
  4. Namaste EveryOne I am intrested to know how you feell about this I wake up(when i can) around 4:30AM for Sadhana, meditation, yoga, chanting i dont feel like eating anything solid- even fruit untill atleast 10am. this is 5.5 hours later is this healthy? for me i feel best doing this i am just wondering Shanti
  5. Jai Ma Namaste everyone I am looking for the sheet music for O god Beautiful (Hay Hari Sundara) I saw it here before, now i cant find it if anyone could help me find it i would be gratefu l:pray: Blessings~
  6. You can study Naad yoga, the science of sound and the Shabd. Kundalini yogis and Sikhs say that the mantra (all thoughts) creates a pattern in the cerebralspinal fluid in the brain and this influences the mind. Also the mouth has 64 pressure points (meridians) on the upper palate. Different words pronounced, the tounge hits the different ones and stimulates different meridians. That is why there are different mantras for different states of consciousness. Also the rhythm is improtant. This is the physical side, energetic.. But also there is the part of devotion where you chant to the highest highest love with your Heart and you really surrender your Heart into and all your being and this has an effect. I hope i conveyed all this information in the clearest, most accurate manner and I admit that I have only began studying recently on these most wonderful subjects AUM Shanti Shanti Shanti
  7. Hello friends I hope to travel to India perhaps in December. I would be so blessed if anyone could reccomend a holy place such as an ashram or meditation center where i can do extended meditations (8+ hours a day [vipassana is 11 hours and noble silence]) The only thing that Vipassana is missing is yoga asanas to better prepare the body for such long sittings... I have been blessed to know of Vipassana and attend a 10 day course, and at the end wished I could go on longer. The only thing is for their longer courses they require atleast 5 10 day courses and ive only done 1.. Does anyone know of a similar thing, or an ashram where I can also meditate with others very long periods and be in silence? thank you so much blessings to you all
  8. Hello Dear Friend: There are some solutions so you can enjoy the Amrit. The first is to take a cold shower in the morning. This is very stimulating and you feel so fresh. After 3 seconds you get used to the cold, and it will become a good habit. If you have heart conditions avoid this one. I usually wait a while atleast 10-15 minutes after waking up to take the cold shower. Another option is to do some yoga. especially stimulating poses that are energizing. Agni pranayam (breath of fire) can be stimulating. You could go for a walk too. Drink lots of water (this is good anyways) Find someone close to you who also likes to meditate at this hour so you can keep eachother up. These are some things that help me Namaste
  9. well i think krshna would be happy with your compassion
  10. Thank you bhaktajan. I had alot of problems communicating with my mom around the age 13-16. she is the type to get very stand offish and really jump at the oppurtunity to vent her toxicity anger on someone (transference of energy). That bad energy is looking for an outlet all the time and often with addicts it gets pushed on others who have done nothing. So i think that accepting whats shes saying and listening, instead of resisting is the 1st step. but it also gets to a point where it is hard for me to take the insultive, disrespectful energy she sends along with her poor , low vibration communication. I know the masters can handle this type of thing, how do they do it and remain unaffected? At the root i feel its like standing up for Love and no matter whats happening, keeping the vibration of compassionate love, even to those who are bringing bad vibrations. but this is easier said than done (in the "real world". in an ashram or retreat or center its easier because youre surronded by love, but out here its the oppisite. i guess i will try to be mindful in my ownself and keep the vibration of love within my own being. im 22 now. and have been really into the yogic path for almost a year thanks for the light
  11. Why is it that women who are abused can not have a respectful disagreement? They get very uncomfortable and agressive, disrespectful. My mom for example is always ready to fight with me, and is not very nice to me. its not even nessicarily the things she says. she is a drug addict and i think no matter who it is she takes this bad energy out on anyone whos around. so i shouldnt take this part personally. but it seems like to talk with women about their problems who have been abused they get edgy and very defensive instead of listening. How to solve this?
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