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  1. First thing is that the events written and the description of wars in Mahabharat could have happened in some other plane (lokas). So searching for physical evidences will be futile. The thing is that people should keep in mind that Ancient Indian Civilization didnt believe only on physical aspect of life.Infact many people at that time could dematerialize their body into some other plane. So all discussions are useless
  2. For the past 2-3 days i have been suffering from acute itching in navel area and on the thighs.The place where itching is there, i can find small red rashes.I have a gut feeling that it is scabies since my father is also having the same problem but for the last i month I am in hostel and not in contact with him.The allopath doctors have adviced me for permethrin topical 5% cream. What should I do? i am afraid of side affects of using this cream.
  3. I have been practicing meditation for past 3 years.But a typical problem i am facing is that i am unable to do my meditation in morning(around 5-6 am).After sitting for meditation after 15 minutes i begin to feel heavy sleepiness.At that moment i am unable to control my thoughts i.e. i am unable to witness my thoughts. But while in evening meditation there is no such problem.I can do very deep meditation at this time. I am all the more disturbed because meditation in brahma muhurta is the best. So i am missing this precious amrit vela in sleepiness. please help me thanks in advance
  4. please could u send me details of sadhana in anurag.chand@gmail.com or anurag.chand@.co.in
  5. I am in need of some authentic tantric texts as i am really interested in doing some sadhanas to increase my psychic powers, my email id is:anurag.chand@gmail.com
  6. Maybe those aghoris have done black magic on ur sister. I myself have intense meditation practice.I know those aghoris are raping ur sister in shuksma world(astral world) ie the world made of thoughts in which u enter in ur dreams unconciously or thru meditation conciously. U cant stop this unless a divine power stops them(aghoris) to this.Only shirdi sai baba would listen to ur prayers fast. I would request u to go nearby shirdi sai temple or the best thing would be to go shirdi and tell baba everything in front of his samadhi.Sai baba will definitely hear ur prayers. OR u could bring the vibhuti of lord sai from shirdi or any sai temple and give ur sister to eat that vibhuti with water nd pray lord sai whole heartedly to solve ur problem. Lord sai is the avatar of lord dattatreya and he can remove all black magics. Please pay heed to my words.GO TO THE SHARAN OF SHIRDI SAI
  7. I am in urgent need of some tantra mantra books Does anyone knows abt such books sold in around delhi
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