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  1. Okay you still didn't answer my question whether chanting the different names of God works for EVERYONE on the planet. Is chanting hare jesus or hare buddha, or hare muhammad the same as chanting the hare krishna mantra? Personally I dont like chanting the hare krishna mantra because I'd like to know things which are of God and which are not. For example I started chanting an islam chant the other while driving. It does something like this: Bismillah, allah, allah, salam, inshallah, mashallah. Then out of nowhere I saw the arabic sign of Lord Muhammad in front of me in the sky in cloud formation. Man!! it felt so peaceful. Then while I was in the bathroom taking a warm shower and the number 6 suddenly appeared on my bathroom mirror. So I started chanting hare 6, hare 6, -6-6. hare hare and it had krishna's bliss. It also works when your chanting hare 7. Then one time while I was in a funeral service, the number 31 appeared out of nowhere in the sky also as cloud formation. And I started chanting hare 31, hare 31, 31, 31, hare hare. and it had God's bliss! Also out of my consciousness the number 16,000, 16,400, 3275 and 8,400,000 ( this was before I read the bhag.) suddenly appeared. Then also a mysterious Man appeared to me while I was sleeping, I know it wasn't a dream because I was also feeling the Lord's bliss while seeing him and he smile at me. I dont know but something in my consciousness was telling me it was the apostle Paul. The next day I was also chanting and then it suddenly started to rain. Then after it stopped the sun started to slightly appear and it had a huge letter S and it felt very blissful like the Lord. Then I went to my computer to listen to a lecture by prabhupada and the word SHASTRA appeared. I know the letter S stands for more things other than shastra like scripture, sansayya, the son. etc. I dont know am I going crazy?!!! Does chanting the different names of the Lord works for everyone? I chant Hare - Nirvana, heaven, prophet solomon, prophet joseph, joel, jonah, gabriel, 316, 777, ultima, alpha, omega, eloi, elijah, elisha, jehova, yahew, santa maria, fatima. If I chant those names I feel the same bliss as chanting the hare krishna mantra. Can anyone here relate? Does chanting the names of the lord work for everyone, I may have realize the truth here that God is indeed One. And No I dont believe in just letting other people who are weak spiritually just go by. If God is indeed our main purpose then I think its our job to help people out. 777
  2. Hi I'm just new here and barely discovered Lord Prabhupada. Is chanting hare jesus hare jesus jesus jesus hare hare the same effect as the hare krishna mantra? What about hare buddha or Hare Muhammad? I have a Jesus Mantra its: Yahew Yahew Christos hallelujah hallelujah yeshua yeshua jehovah yeshua yahew yeshua yahew christos christos jesus. Does chanting the different names of God works for ALL PEOPLE? Lord Prabhupada also talks about a systematic way of chanting the different names of God if theres a doubtful muslim or christian around. How does that work? What's the most practical way to convert and convince a stubborn christian or muslim that God is ONE? Do you tell that stubborn muslim to chant: Bismillah, bismillah, allah, salam, inshallah then tell him to chant the hare krishna mantra afterwards? I'm really interested in spreading God consciousness here so I can end all the prejudicism, ignorance and feud that is happening in my area. Where I live theres a bunch of muslims and christians that are fighting with one another. So whats a practical way to spread god consciousness using the different names of God as proof? I'd like to know so I can bring peace where I live. Thank you. 777
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