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  1. Whats the difference between using curdling agent {lemon juice} and Vegetarian Rennet to make home made cheese? Using Milk.
  2. Laptop works with new install of winxp. But asking for admin pass! Dont remember settin pass, anyway cost £45 to find out prob, waitin for tech person to come fix prob. (happ cause avast pick up win-trojen), and my winxp was corrupted.
  3. Scoop of ice-cream? Not very nice. 2 scoops is better.
  4. Maybe karma for uk lending money to other poor country, ie eithiopia. (interest rate) meant to get high evry second. NOW if uk go bankrupt who will help them?
  5. Mariner, that remind me of Family Guy, (i am 31!) eps: stewie and brian singing together about erm .. #i want to have intercourse with you 'relations', (repeat). Stewie: 'er is there a shorter word for intercourse?.
  6. Source.Files for mobilekrishna.com (webpages may vary) http://rapidshare.com186215498/mobilekrishna.exe (154Mb).
  7. I heard joke somebody told irish man about flask keeping warm thing warm & cold thing cold. Next day he comes to his work place, somebody ask what you got in your flask.? The irish man says oh my flask? A cup of tea and a scoop of ice-cream.
  8. I have Xp, F4 not work. No Cd either.
  9. Goto http://rapidshare.com #Upload a file. #Create a 'Free Collectors Account'. #Transfer the file. The file is hosted for 90 days, if not downloaded. (its deleted). (unlimited dls). Free accounts, file can be downloaded 10 times, Collector Acc are different. You may also use an exsisting link (see in acc admin) to upload a file or 'get that file'
  10. Thx Babhu p, i dont listen to yr advice most of the time but yr right. MAYBE i am bit more mature now. I hate pretending in 'okay', when im not. BUT i just give up totally when i dont talk.
  11. Ill hear Prabhupada japa tape.
  12. Mayavada Bhasya Sunyo Haya Sarva-nasha. (Chaitanya Mahaprabu). Eng: By hearing Mayavada you become a Mayavadi. And you are destroyed.
  13. yeah on a light note, i tried riding (i did okay) Maruti Suzuki motorcycle in India I fell of twice, but got back on twice. (i think i just got what i said).
  14. Fighting Maya or my own desire?
  15. I feel like that sometime. Not 'give up', but stop being so serious. I know I have Guru, but sometimes i find it too much, i am finding i feel this way after long time.
  16. Got old Pc from sister. I WILL use word-word as well, editing 18,000 of them would take forever. Plus i found a way, i dl rapid dl later. Imagine it! Entire Bhagavatam on audio! Mp3, i think 32kpb 22000 stereo
  17. How many Gujaratis does it take to change a lightbulb? 2, One to change it and the other to slap you around the face for not doing it right.
  18. Thx ghari, if my lappy get better, i do it, otherwise not
  19. Im using me mobile to browse net, seems it broke after i completed my www.mobilekrishna.com (my whole aim of getin laptop), .
  20. My laptops broken, so... Mm, email me link, pankaja.nityananda@gmail.com, anyway i cant afford to repair.
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