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  1. There is a procedure but i have avoided doing it as I am meant to ask Krishna. This worked for me in the past and I am desperate to do it again in future if my Job and Money prospects don't improve. The Vrat is called 'Vaibhava Laksmi Puja' involving 11 Weeks or 21 or 100. I would go for 11 weeks. Please be warned that once you do it (and you get money etc) if you stop half way through i.e You do 4 weeks get money and think okay I will stop Puja, then don't. As you would just displease, finish it all properly (i cannot stress that enough). All you need is Vaibhava Laksmi Book, and some paraphnelia (red power, tumeric power, small brass pot, some rice) VERY simple things you need. If somebody asks you they can do it for you, they can't. Also you need to do it properly, don't make things up as you go along. Its very simple. Buy the Book Here £2 or $3 This is the book I have at home, in ENGLISH, i also have a Tape, which tells the story and has arati. (i recommend this), just sit and listen to do Puja. If if you can't get the Tape or Cd (hard to find), the book will suffice. Personally speaking this is what you do off top of my head: Fast for the day, (eat after puja is done). Get all you stuff together, brass pot, rice, red/yellow power, some gold or money. Put some water in the pot, get a red cloth put picture of lakmi, put some rice in round circle put pot over it. Get small dish, put money, red/yellow power. This is very important: Pray to the pictures in the book (learn the appropriate mantra), after that is done, easy part comes. Light candel incence and do puja which is inside the book. It seems very complicated, but its not at all. When i did this before I got a Job (not a crap job) a very good job within 4 weeks of doing this Puja. It always seems to work
  2. Thankyou, found following info You can fly from Uk to Calcutta (Direct!): London, United Kingdom to Netaji Subhas Chandra (CCU), Kolkata, India Here If you go from Uk to Delhi, then probably have to get Train to Calcutta (12-24 Hour Jouney), also Planes may not have connecting flights, or you may want to goto Vraj first (which is 400km from Delhi), then you need to get flight from Delhi to Calcutta, or as I said go by train. So many places so little money
  3. #1 Krishna says in Bhagavad-gita that once going to the spiritual world the person never returns. #2 Jaya and Vijaya never actually came back to this world, look at their births: Ravana and Kumbakarma (In Rama-lila) Sikupala and Kamsa (Krishna-lila) Jagai and Madia (Gauranga-lila!) Can you really say Jaya and Vijaya fell? Tatasta-shakti (or Brahmajyoti) is identical to Krishna, the Brahmajyoti. And Sridhara Maharaja often mentions this is where we came from, (born from Balarama (Guru), so in that way we were with Krishna onc
  4. idea: yeah Ganesha is powerful. I think since Ganesh came from Lord Shiva, Ganesh represents intelligence of God.
  5. How would you go about getting to Mayapura from UK? Planes etc. ( dont give me any links), also what kind of work can be found there.
  6. yeah we fell from Goloka. Now we must go back. I cannot think of a more depressing thought. Anybody who preaches this is an idiot.
  7. When i had rudraksha i got from Shop24 i went around vraja and many places offering to Lord Shiva, thinking it was good rudraksha. The problem is even after you tell people you know they have fake rudraksha they won't believe you, (visa-versa) because you want to have it so badly. I think only person you can get from is very good devotee of Lord Shiva that you may trust. Otherwise they are try to scam you:crying2:
  8. They have tv advertisements always in india.l Especially Person who plays Rama in Ramananda Sagars Ramayana says they are real. This is india for you. I got because I thought he is advertising so must be okay, But his actor he was not to know of thier respectibility,
  9. Shop 24 in India sell fake 1 mukhi also, i got when i was in india. It was glued together with some glue and plasic.
  10. I know many people worship Ganesh, and he also helped write The Veda. But what is the tattva of Ganesh is he a 'Jiva' or is he 'Vishnu Tattva' since he was born from Lord Shiva, he must be something special.
  11. Take Riksha No Ask somebody in temple.
  12. very cool... http://audio.iskcondesiretree.info/index.php?q=f&f=%2F06_-_More%2FAudio+Books%2FChaitanya+Bhagavat+recitation+by+His+Grace+Damodar+Prabhu :)
  13. Okay can't find a free program or good paid one to do chm. Anyway, check out the Shop: http://www.e-junkie.com/krishna I was going to call it krishnadl but krishna was available! All Books are free now. Plus they have given me Free access to the account, as its spiritual products, 100Mbs FREE storage and 20 Products. COOl.!
  14. yeah i put the flash presentation here: http://www.krishnadl.com/mobilekrishna.htm chm i think thats a help file that Micro$oft uses. Just need to get the word files, copy paste to a chm maker. Probably you won't get jump links (would take forever), but it would be okay. If i have time i will do it.
  15. Came across this text site, looks unsually like vedabase.net the way it displays the text, : http://www.intratext.com/IXT/ENG0197/ Looks nice doesn't it?
  16. Yeah i sort of still have an account with krishna.com (krishnamedia.org), I use their servers. Ftp. But i put the mobile java books on archive.org, no point is using bandwidth when you can get for free. The Gita ebook (windows) is hosted with e-junkie.com that lets you use for free, they said they might consider letting me use their services for free as i am doing for spiritual reasons.
  17. Oh yes what year was Bhagavatam made? On the site I have it at 1972, I am sure that is mistake on my part. I must have copy/pasted and forgot about it.
  18. its on www.krishnadl.com, the mobile books are free. (java), (www.mobilekrishna.com)
  19. Its hosted with www.e-junkie.com https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart&i=190294&cl=45201&ejc=2 Its free trial for 60 days with a coupon, i can tell who download the ebook and who didn't.
  20. Thx, nice flash card suchandra p. Where to put this? Its amazing. Also I have a tracking device and noticed you both didn't download it.
  21. Bhagavad-gita as it is (ebook) A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada http://www.krishnaDL.com (click) Buy Bhagavad gita as it is. Coupon: Freegitaforme (expires on 2008-12-28 04:00:00) Offer Price: 0.00 Exclusive for this Forum. Can't get the code anywhere else.! -Site made my Me, Pankaja dasa
  22. Also the ones that sell for $1,0000,0 etc, they can also be fake. Just because they selling for more doesn't mean they not fake, although you like to think they are,.
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