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  1. hey lotusflower Holy Christ!!!!!!!! spare me man, I don't have the time to come to India and spend days or weeks finding these trees and from your saying it can guess that these companies that run sites selling beads might have also come up with artificial and fake trees :) :) :) :)
  2. hi there bija Thanks for the reply. Well money is the secondary part here the first and foremost importance is to honesty and genuinity of a vendor. I was just on the verge of closing the order today with them, thats when I noticed that the beads that I selected on these URLs were changed by them and it does not reflect the beads that I had selected earlier on the URLs. Also I noticed that a few of beads on the URLs that I selected says SOLD and still they are proposing it to me for buying them so I smelled a rat here hence forth had to seek opinions of people of your likes on this vendor. John
  3. hi there guys I caught this forum from google and it seems there were a few posts on these magical mystic mukee rudraksha beads here. This inspired me to take opinions of a few expert people who are in to these beads. Please advice, I need to buy a few mukee rudraksha beads and I have zero down on this vendor called Rudraksha Ratna. I have selected the following beads rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=73 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=3646 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=80 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=81 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=83 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=84 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=85 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=89 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=2559 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=233 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=2559 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=2754 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=244 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=271 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=3721 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=262 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=3726 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=3728 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=3713 rudraksha-ratna.com/dispProduct.php?prodId=3715 As you guys can see this is a lot of money to pay so before going ahead I wanted to see if I can get some expert advice fro people here on the where abouts of this vendor or beads and on the beads themselves Feel free to give honest answers please. Best John
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