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  1. It just means, forget everything, just let go, and surrender. Arjuna was saying, what about my family, and will I goto hell?, and what about Dharma, karma, jnana, then Krishna says forget it all. Bhakti is SUrrender.
  2. HELP Advice Needed, Books Business. Online Book Business. Hare Krishna, I want to establish reliable sources for Book Distributors (Whole Sale Prices ONLY). I want Books from the Following Publishers: Nityananda Bigyan Booktrust Inc (Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja). Bhakti Books (Gaudiya Vedanta Samhiti) (Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja) BBTI (Bhaktivedanta Booktrust Inc) (Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhara Maharaja Books. If you know somebody who actually can supply to me to United Kingdom, please let me know. Reason I ask here it's easier for me, then phoning people around and wasting too much time. Remember I need at Wholesale Price, not retail. Pankaja dasa, United Kingdom
  3. Is it a good idea to sell Krishna Books online, small business? I could sell Books of Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja for example that are rarely available on the net. And of cource Prabhupada, and Narayana Maharaja, Sridhara Maharaja, not really sure how to get hold of some of them. As they are stocked mostly in India (have to make some contacts). Probably not as simple as it sounds, any advice? I will start small and see how it go.
  4. So your sanatana dharmites? Did Prabhupada include Hare Krishna's in that list? Just imagine somebody asking Prabhupada saying that, disciple: Are we Hare Krishna? Maybe because Hare Krishna include Gods name it is okay, for example Prabhupada calls Muslims 'Mohammedians' so Prabhupada never says Muslims are not this. But Christians includes the word Christ, though Prabhupada always says they are followers of Christ. The same foe Hindus. Problem is Prabhupada was speaking from a non-differential point. (showing signs of His uttama-adikari), I doubt a Hindi who is a 'hare Krishna will go around his relatives saying 'your not actually Hindu, because its embedded in all Hindus, that Hindus MEANS hare Krishna. Then Prabhupada says we are all eternal souls, so the point is we are Hindu's, BUT don't forget that WE (Muslim's, Christians, Jews etc) are SOULS. Its like for example Prabhupada saying He is not Bengali.!
  5. The only time I didn't see any food being thrown away was when rice pudding was on the menu. Strange.
  6. Hare Krishna, I always hear devotees say, you should always respect Prasdam be it, from Iskcon devotees or Narayana Maharaja Camp. Though when I was in Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Matha in Vrindavana, after the meal I saw many devotees throwing away the left-overs in a bin and then feeding it to the animals outside.
  7. Okay I let you off: http://www.rudraksh.info/faced/one.asp This site is nice, they are real. (just kiddin))
  8. Yeah, the truth hurts. Better wait and get a true rudraksha than get a fake. There might be a site that sells. I don't know I feel wary of sites that MASS sell Rudrkasha (as they are rare to find), either they have tree that grow rudkrakhsa like mangos, or they are fake. The reason why many are fake is because they cannot be found. Otherwise they are actually Free as THEY GROW on trees. I worshipped Lord Shiva all my life, and was expecting to get the result and get a True Rudraksha. I knew when I got it, it was fake, but I just wanted to believe it was real.
  9. Hi, when I was in India I got rudraksha from Shop24, they advertise as Original One Mukhi rudarskha, I took it home to Uk. And one day wanted to put a string through it (i was sort of bored so wanted to do something), I heated up a metal pin and inserted it (rudraksha shouldn't break open), it did. The contents inside were made up of plastic casing, and glue. So of course it was a fake. You will find many 'bollywood stars' advertising great Hindu Products esp rudraksha. But they are all fake. THE ONLY way to find out I feel if a rudraksha is fake or not is to break it open with a hammer. Because it is made up one 2 layers, they need to glue it together. So you would have to buy 2. I was thinking of buying rudraksha again, from a site. Many sites have advertised Rudrakasha and say they Don't sell fake ones. And they show you what are fakes etc., this is a marketing technique used by many so-called Rudraksha sellers. You will stumbleupon sites (that a are massive), with explanation's on fake rudrakshas and how they are the ONLY ones that sell true ones. The only way to get a Rudraksha is probably to go to a tree (somewhere) on your OWN, and pick one out yourself.
  10. i though you asked have we fallen from tatatsa shakti, i was about to slap you around your face,
  11. So your saying basically 'what is eternal time?'. I did once think if I was in Goloka looking at the cloud of the material world, and watching it everyday appearing and dissapearing what would I feel?. Imagine it. Being in the eternal world looking at the small cloud. That's one way I understand eternal time.
  12. You know very well its impossible to understand eternal time with the mind;)
  13. Time Exsists for the following reasons: Birth, Death, Old Age and Disease. In the Spiritual World the above are non-exsistant. So you asked is it linear? As in is it 'conceived ' for us? Is everything the same monotonous daily trifle we have like in this World?: Working, sleeping, eating, enjoying Computer Games are often refered to as Linear, as in you are controlled more so in the game and don't have much indepedance to 'do what you want'. So I feel you are asking are we free to do what we want in the spiritual world?
  14. Thx I'll check it out:crazy: By the way, how does one become God, what qualifications do you need? And is the Vedas false? As it explains FUTURE incarnations.
  15. Include photos of when i was in delhi, and puri. With pictures of Narayana Maharaja and Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja. I put them up just now. After getting card reader convertor to put online. Check them out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nityananda/sets/72157611299906715/ or http://www.flickr.com/photos/nityananda/ comments? PS some photo others took, didn't even know they were using the camera! Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja, and me. The quality was not good as the camcorder had no flash. Plus it broke etc. Better quality, Gurudeva:) Jaganatha Temple, in Puri This is Jayadeva P at Vraj Rupa sanatana Gauditya,
  16. Prabhupada predicted it would happen in 2006. I read it somewhere but don't have the quotes.
  17. I looked everywhere, could'nt find easy emulator to see a website on a mobile phone. This works perfectly: http://wapsilon.com/ Try http://wap.getjar.com (in the site)
  18. haha, no yeah u didn't answer it. Well now that I look at your last comment: My point here is that we don`t have to do another Dhruva just to see the Lord. Chanting the Lord`s holy names is enough. (Melvin) Yeah sometimes seems that chanting for long period of time make God appear. But who can do it? What i was getting at is, how come after so long I don't have a taste for chanting. When I wasn't hare krishna or into KC so much, I would chant and be satified. Now I am meant to chant all the time, but I got no taste, even when I chant 16 rounds. Sometimes I feel i am forcing myself to chant (and that just makes me angry), must be something I am missing, na?
  19. Nice. Okay we can't see God with our Spiritual eyes. I have problem with some things: #1 Why would Krishna give Arjuna (divya-driti) or spiritual vision, ? As Arjuna is devotee of the Lord, and can already 'see' Krishna. #2 How is it that we can chant (AT ALL), since we cannot see the Lord as we have no spiritual eyes. As it were would'nt we need spiritual tongue(?) to chant the holy name? #3 What exactly do we NEED to chant the Holy Name?
  20. Is the Form of God MORE Powerful or is the the Holy Name? Any answers?
  21. I think ebay charges 10% or 15% but depends on your item. So if you sell something for £100 ebay takes £10, and your left with £90. Thats how auction works. Its commition (i saw it on tv!)
  22. Sometimes I think how can we Live forever? Can you imagine it? Living forever and ever and ever!.
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