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  1. thanks for your information... i have much to consder before i take the next step of my journey. the reasonwhy i am interested in santana dharma is it articulates clearly what i have felt in my heart for quite some time. i just need to choose the path that resonates most deeply within me. chandu, can you please pm me as i can't seem to pm you for some reason.
  2. I have recently been delving deeper and deeper into Sanatana Dharma, and I have now reached the point where I think I am ready to take the jump and become a Hindu, (though I may have already been one for some time). I was just wondering what is the procedure for doing so? what kind of ceremony is there, please note I am not patricularly interested in ISKCON, as I revere Brahman as manifest in Rama, Durga and Kali most of all. any assistance with this would be appreciated.
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