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  1. There is no problem if you meditate on a yantra printed on paper. Remember you re-create and visualize on a mental level this yantra. So the paper, or any other kind of material used to print the yantra doesn't matter at all.
  2. Hello again joesparky. I received you e-mail and yes you can write me on that address. I will answer there. I was quite busy this week.
  3. Now,as you give more details, the problem looks a serious one. Anyway, how this guy knows your fiance new numbers? This is one problem. They had common friends, maybe? Or how. I don't know how is life in India, the true is you're far away from western point of views and I will not give you advices in a social system I am not involved by direct experience. But you must separate your life and suppress any contact with this guy, you and your girlfriend too. If you both ignore him, he will stop. If you give attention to a bad people, you just nourish his bad intentions. It is clear for me the fact this guy is a trash. Throw the trash out from your life. Treat him like the last man on the earth, don't pay attention. I don't know how a girl past has influence in daily life in India. Peoples talking always bad things about others. If you really want to stop those things, and you want to practice mantra yoga for this purpose, here's the link to Bagalamukhi Yantra and Mantra sadhana. But keep in mind, you do this thing to stop for a while others actions, but if there is a social problem, it will never end till you act in this social world. I could tell you: Take this girlfriend as wife. But I don't know and I don't want to enter in others life. Keep in mind you practice in secret (don't talk with anyone, I mean even with your girlfriend) about your meditation. And keep in mind you must practice this with the will of being protected and not harming others. Here is the link http://mantra.ro-design.net/bagalamukhi-yantra-mantra.html If you have any question, leave a private message and I will answer if I can help you. Use the second yantra given, if you want a bigger image to print out I will provide you a link. A few words for practice. No one must see the yantra you use. So keep it private. The first step in practice is to calm down your mind, at a level when words said by this guy and even your fiance will stop coming in mind (yes they will come because are impressions or samskaras). The second stage is to avoid calling in mind this guy and your fiance images. So at a level of practice, you will feel complete out of any relation. Then after those are done, you can visualize other images. But those things I will tell you in private. For other peoples reading this post, keep your comments for you and don't bother to propose money exchange for offering a solution. No need for extra "guru" here or "money affair". Because I believe the scope of any practice is union with God. He not asks for money. So the spiritual practice must be free of "world" affairs.
  4. Sapnarani, there are different ways and sadhana in Tantra. The texts use sometimes the "crepuscular" or "symbolic" language. You don't need to go and meditate in cemeteries, cremation grounds or use skullcap as bowl etc. The main scope of Tantra is the inner evolution. So it's better to use mantra and yantra as methods to achieve Devi or Shakti. No need for sacrifice, those are folk-lore and you must keep away from this form of Devi worship. We are now in an age of science. No need to kill cats, etc. It is better to understand and follow the symbolic way of Tantra. Sometime in the past, a king killed people in a rite for Kali. This is a mistake. The whole tantra shows us the inner way to find God. And I really believe God don't need sacrifices. We must do austerity (tapas) as an inner path, we sacrifice our limits and bounds. No need for other external sacrifices.
  5. You're asking for a magical resolution. Do not act using any of mantra before you prove you are a man. Stop searching solution in mantra because despite your good intention you will attract more bad karma on you. Be a man and prove he is a liar. If necessary use the same way on him: speak with others about his small dick, his dumb head and so and so... The true: he is not your friend. Stop giving him attention and focus on your love relation. I am sure this way will made him stop sooner than you expect. Now, give away my previous jokes. It seems you're at an earlier age. As young, we made mistakes. Be sure the girl is really involved with you. Because if your relation is strong, nothing can stop it to evolve. Are you really in love with her, or you don't really interact with her? If you have a love affair, a sexual relation I can not figure how a little "preach" like other guy can obstruct you. The idea he will go far away from the town, and so, are childish and puerile things. So go deeper in you relation, be mature and act like a man. I can give you the mantra to harm this guy, but, really, this is not the solution. Resolve the social conflict before attending any practice. The fight is not a solution. Maybe the "words" spreading around will return to him and put him in a bad light. Maybe the use of force is not a solution, but sometimes you need "stronger" friends around you.
  6. For shakta, Shakti is Supreme. For others, Vishnu is Supreme. For Shaiva, Krishna is only a Vishnu avatar, a small demigod. So the idea of Durga as demigod is wrong. And yes, that mouvment is a sect. They believe in Krishna. Let them adore God as Krishna. If you are a Shakta, let Durga be Supreme. Such comparators who put Devi or Shakti bellow Supreme are bad ways. The man who realizes the yoga knows Shiva and Shakti are One. Krishna and Radha are One. And so is told in Tantras. Every mahavidya also is adored with a masculine aspect, only Dhumavati is known as a "Widow" because her husband is beyond categories and principles (Paramashiva). In fact, the biija mantra for Krishna (see note bellow) is given as the one of Tripura Sundari. How can then be Shakti put on a lower state? Let those people fail in their understanding and keep a clear, equal respect for Shiva or Shakti, because those principles cannot be separated ever. Note: We read this in PRANATOSHINI (praa.nato.si.nii -4- kaamyakaa.n.da) "ka kaamadeva udi.s.to.apyathavaa k.r.s.na ucyate | la indra ii tu.s.tivaacii sukhadu.hkhaprada~nca a.m | kaamabiijaartha.m uktaste tava snehaanmahe"svari ! | klii.m || " See source text http://www.muktabodhalib.org/SECURE/SHAIVA%20PUBLISHED%20TEXTS/PRANATOSINI/PRANATOSINI_4_KAMYAKANDA/Pranatosini_4_KamyaKandaVELTHIUS.txt
  7. sar you say : "Also i dont beleive by just READING my posts people will be MISGUIDED so i can RECEIVE their FAITH, and they can be influenced and their mind changed in a moment." Are you really mad or dumb? Peoples like television, internet, reading books and so. You are only another person from this Earth, you are not he chosen one and every other will ignore you, as you deserve. I not argue about Christians, in my country I don't know Christians trying to convert others to this religion. It was a terrible mistake of history the way Christians forced other nations to adopt this religion. But now, I see more sects trying to covert others to religion. If I take your words seriously, I can argue: ISKON, a great sect tries to convert other peoples to their belief. So don't start a flare or a war against major religions, because you will die one day and they still be on this earth. I don't have any opinion about others, I respect Muslims, Hindus and so. The religion is a choice and every man is free to choose what he believes. I asked above about Indra. Despite what you think, I read and write very well in Sanskrit language and perhaps I already read more from Veda than you. You have no idea about bhuta as is explained in tantra and yoga. So, put order in your mind, calm down. You are in a sect or what? Drugs are bad, you know... If you don't want a doctor, go see women. You are so frustrated and ill. If you know the supreme truth, can you bring to life dead man bodies? What siddhi do you have? ..Nothing.. so calm down your keystrokes, close your eyes, think clear. Then come back and I am sure others will read your post if you have an equilibrate atitude.
  8. Please stop mixing things like religion and aliens. If I accept your ideea, I can ask how can you prove veda is not inspired by aliens, too? What if Indra was an alien (an arian one) and he killed good peoples in Harappa and Mohenjo Daro? So, stop acusing other religions. You are "assaulted" by aliens? Go and see a doctor (a hindu one, not an alien western doctor). I hope you will calm down and put you feets back on the ground. There are many sects speaking today about reptilians and so. They suffer of paranoia. I still not accept your title for this topic: yoga, siddhis and alien technology... then you acuse the christians...then the alien... how about China? How about Iran ? or those will be your future posts ? Let me remember you what means paranoia: 1 : a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations 2 : a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others If you read those definitions, what you understand when you re-read your posts? Go and see a doctor, anyway. By the way, maybe I was send here, on this forum, by a Higher Council of Repitilians. See my avatar? Isn't this picture a reptilian? Take care friend, see a doctor as soon as possible.
  9. In purashcaryaarnava we read: '' mahaa"sma"saanakaalii ca kaalasa.mkar.si.nii tathaa | pratya"ngiraa mahaaraatriryoge"sii siddhibhairavii || 1-68 || '' On the other hand, Pratyangira is included sometimes with dasha mahavidya. Her mantra is found in Mantra Mahodadhi etc. And is part of Shri Vidya Puja as we can read in shrii tattva cintaama.ni '' na ca baalaabiijatrayaav.rttyetyanena pratya"nga biijatraye.na nyaasa upadi.s.ta iti vaacyam '' What was your question, anyway? I will provide more details if you will ask simple, without "lol"s. Be serious when you ask for something. Don't copy/paste from other peoples quotes on other copy/paste from different web sites, without any sense. Or, maybe, is the funny part of answer: then shiva says: parvati, look,the secret mantra for Pratyangira is LOL
  10. Hrim (I will say Hriim, you know, it is a long i) is a biija mantra, used for various devata (sometimes with sun, hridaya and mahavidya Bhuvaneshvari) aapad.h =calamity, aapadaaM = dangers dharanaya = (on him) to concentrate kuru = do vatuka = the aspect of Bhairava So I think you can understand what is about. Vatuka is invoked in order to remove dangers. I suggest you to find a transliterated form of this mantra, because there are long a, i, u as vowels in Sanskrit here. Also, the translation is useless if you want practice mantra yoga. the translation in this case is to understand the mantra sense. I hope this information will help you. I read some of other post from you. It seems you have no clue about Sanskrit language/ Please stop using any incorrect mantra, until you learn some rules for sounds used in mantra yoga. I don't know what spiritual practice do you have, or what cult / sect you follow. But take your time to study a little bit deeper the sound formation in Sanskrit, particular in mantra. This is the idea, take my words as advice, is my personally opinion.
  11. There are two points of view: one of them, tells us about God as impersonal and absolute. No form, beyond all the creation. The second one tells us about God who come in different forms on Earth and takes forms. So we have Jesus as God in person, we have Krishna and other avatars of Vishnu, etc this point differs from religion to another, from sect to sect. So if we need a present, manifested, in person, formal aspect to adore (with bhakti) we see God as person and we give Him different names. But if we see God as one, beyond creation, this is explicit said in all religious sources. Even Advaita Vedanta says there is One God, beyond all creation. We call him YHWH, Allah, Brahman, Paramashiva, and Parashakti and so on. Those are the Supreme names, given by scriptures. But peoples need to report first to a personal God, and we give different names. So, it is true to believe in one God, beyond all fragmented perceptions. For some peoples the way of religion is easy to follow by adoring a particular aspect of God. The supreme scope is one, no matter how we call Him. On the other side, there are many of us who tell, for example: “Veda says Krishna is God”. Far away from the text... But those exaggerations are a need to proclaim “my deity is Supreme”. My humble opinion is the fact in true God, there are no differences, no formal idea, no need to argue about some “god”, “incarnation” and so.
  12. It will be interesting if I will send him the suggestion to write about VajraBhairava in vajrayana cult. The traditional representation of Vajrabhairava has horns. I think he will call him the devil’s father. Now, the bad counterpart: I wander if he could resist to a Kala Bhairava Puja, or Maha Kala Puja or even Vajra Bhairava Puja made for “his wake-up to the truth”. I think the answer is not. But we not need to make ourselves bad karma. Let the Mother Bhadra Kali, or Maha Bhairavi deal with such a false swami. From the Sanskrit terms used by this worm, I believe he isn’t a Hindu. Just another stupid and fake “guru”.
  13. Ppena,I think you judge me without knowing anything about. I think like a “west-educated” person, because I was born outside India, outside “orient”, outside “east”. This doesn’t make me better or bad than any other user in this forum (or is an extremist forum, closed only to Indians?). I was and I will be skeptic to all “astrological” advices where there are in fact social problems. This is what peoples in India seem to not accept. I sow here, in this large forum, many women having trouble with divorces and so, and I still believe the solution is in society and not in the natal chart; I don’t blame astrologers, many of them are good in their duty, but the true is one: even somebody has in his astrological chart signs to become a king, if he acts in bad way, he comes to a bad end. So, before troubleshooting a person problem, I investigate all aspects from modern sociology and psychology point of view, trying to see what social conjunctures and relationships has that person, then see whatever has to do with him (you can say even astrologically, etc). I totally refuse the idea of fatalist karma, like I hear sometimes from Indians: “Yes, the poor children in India are dying because a bad natal chart or bad karma”. I don’t say there is no truth in astrology; I’m far away from this idea, since I practice yoga for last 20 years and I learned many good things from India’s spirituality, starting with sanskrit language. But accept my point of view, as easy I accept yours: we must make some movements here, in this world, now and not restrain to only spiritual activities. I think this idea was promoted by Gandhi, Vivekananda and so many others intelligent peoples coming from India. What if all of them, having intelligence (and spiritual power, if you want) and influence, just observe the world before their eyes and say: the destiny can not be changed, we must suffer until next incarnation. In fact, this is one reason for being in this forum. I use computer programs for “kundli”, natal charts and so. So what? It is a simple game, it is not my duty. But I like when some of the forum users, who are involved in this domain more than me, confirm or not what computers just simulate. Have a nice day, too. [later edit: I 'm not an English native speaker, even if I studied English for some years, so be kind if there are grammar mistakes in my posts].
  14. Does this man ever love women? I think he is a schizoid type, but merely he was disappointed in love. Or is frustrated. It seems from the social life he was involved, he went to an unusual escape. But this must be connected with emotional aspect. If his sexuality was not fulfilled the brain turns to sub consciences state and points all internal energies to the counterpart of sexuality, such death or morbid ideas. I doubt he never wanted a house, a wife, a family. Maybe the money was not a problem. If so, the woman didn’t play the right scope in his life. So here comes the abandon of social life. I’m licensed in psychology, also an engineer in computer (automatics). I work in computer business for many years, I have a family. Usually peoples in this kind of work have a high level of intelligence compared with others. But if the man doesn’t have emotional satisfaction, the same intelligence can turn over and leave him in a deformed perception of reality. I think this was your friend story. So ask his family to offer him little troubles till his fight spirit will be waked up again. He must fight for his life and wake up from bad dream. I don't think the astro-jumbo-mambo affairs will ever resolve his problem. Nor gods or cosmic powers. The only wall is his own mind. Let me explain a similar case. I have a friend who goes similar way. For six years long he lived inside the parent’s house and never goes out. For eight years he takes his medicates and all; now he walks outside speaks with old friends; his psychiatric has limited the medicament treatment. Only the periods before ill he remembers easily and sometimes he appears to live in the past. But for him a broken love affair was the factor that started the ill. I don’t think this was the real problem, it was only the point when all bad started. But from childhood this man did act strange and after years, speaking with his psychiatrist, we come at a conclusion: the problem is in his childhood and till he will accept the trauma (if was a trauma) and become able to overcome it, there is no chance.
  15. Some of the users complain it is difficult to find the page I was talking about. Here is the link http://mantra.ro-design.net/kameshvari-nitya.html
  16. See my notes on the link bellow. Use the Yantra and the 3 biija mantra I talk about. It is simple and more efficient to focus on yantra and use only the biija mantra of Bagalamukhi. I am sure you have already found Bagalamukhi biija mantra written as hrim or hlim. In <cite>brihat tantra saara we found biija mantra hlii.m used in nyasa. hrii.m is Buvaneshvari biija. But the most important is Bagalamukhi biija and it's form is hlrii.m, used in Shri Vidya puja.</cite> The H is read as in english "hit" , lr is read as lr from english "already" then we have a long I, like "ee" in english addressee. The final m is pronounced with closed mouth, so it's a nasalized sound. http://www.mantra.ro-design.net/bagalamukhi-yantra-mantra.html I will post soon also the nyasa used for Bagalamukhi.
  17. The differences are regarding the final sound in mantras. Traditionally, all the tantra say mantra-s you asking for end in M (it is a nasalized consonant). NG is a later form adopted, but to clear your dobt, this final sound or M is pronounced closing the mouth and let M to vibrate upside, to nasal cavity. Also, mentally pronounce M, and to NG. This is the short and clear way. Regarding kleem this was introduced for westerns, because ee is in english long I from devanagari. You don't pronounce EE but you just say I (a single vocal, longed a bit). I hope your doubts are removed now.
  18. I sow other "spiritual" movements taking care about "UFO" and the good group (called "the highest council of " etc) and bad group of "visitors" called reptilian. I think those are speculations regarding the apocalypse and have nothing to do with spirituality. See the mummification procedure in Egypt. They believed someday will return in their bodies. This is a big absurdity.
  19. Nice temple. The bad thing is it was done only for material profit. It seems it is only another "american dream" affair. To bad to see spiritual things used as ways to attract other peoples money.
  20. I am not an astrologer, but sometimes I use to study the charts, despite the fact I don't trust very much astrology. You just let the child to grow up, make studies, and become a good scholar. At this age of childhood, even if the girl has astrological signs of becoming lawyer, it seems to be more prepared to other activities. It is clearly the fact your child has energy enough to start any job in any kind of domain. But keep in mind she will not be stable because those conflicts between own will and others scope. She tends to become a punisher sometimes. As for spiritual and magical aspects, here what I found: "Highly intuitive and perceptive - the potential for developing clairvoyant and psychic abilities. An awareness of powerful spiritual forces. Being fascinated and intrigued with metaphysical branches of knowledge. Visionary power. Witnessing uncanny, synchronistic and magical phenomena. Sudden appearances and disappearances." So the advice is to offer her best education, in a way she will develop a balanced and equilibrate personality. She has the instinct to choose her destiny and carrier. But for now, let her grow, learn, play. Because will be a time when she will introspect very long time.
  21. It seems the singer use an unusual metric intonation system, so despite the mantra seems to be ok, compared with traditional sources, I can tell you the singer is wrong (or he is not a hindu at all, see how he sings svaha, stambhaya, I think the meters and accent are totally incorrect).
  22. As working with biija mantra is more effective in sadhana, use Durga Biija Mantra as is stated in PRANATOSINI 4_KamyaKanda ( Velthius transliteration): da durgaavaacaka.m devi ! | ukaara"scaapi rak.sa.ne | vi"svamaataa naadaruupa.h kurvartho binduruupaka.h | tasmaattenaiva biijena durgaamaaraadhayecchive ! || duu.m || I think you can do the difference between short u and long U in sanskrit. Thinking about psychic abilities, I can told you 2 things: if you have not since born any kind of psychic power, the chances to develop one simple by repeating a mantra is null; the second part, only from your personal practice you can develop your powers, but this requires some years of practice. If you don't receive the mantra from a person with mantra-virya, your effort will be more time consuming, till the moment you will gain the power to wake up any mantra, even if is one you read in book. Without this mantra-virya, there are no fruits. The practice will reduce to simple japa yoga, so maybe your mental will be calmed down, but that is, no psychic power at all. And run, fast, run away form any "guru" who offers you "initiations". Then about psy-powers again: try to approach dasha maha vidya system, and specially Bagalamukhi and Matangi vidya; all the 10 maha vidya offer siddhis. If you don't know and don't practice yoga and other kind of disciplines, take your life and enjoy worldly pleasures. pujarie 5 o ... you say you have a temple. Please excuse me, I think you have already have a bad way and attitude. Go with your life in temple and ask you daily a single question: will you finish your karma in this life? Or will you die like without achieving "mukti" ? That is the question, not what devi or shakti to adore, with wich biija mantra, etc If the answer at my above question is "yes, I will pass away from this life in a state of mukti, and I will not ever be born in any kind of world" you're on the good way. If not, burn the temple, take a life. You seem to be excited enough and I supose you are still an ignorant. Maybe I will change my first impression about you, but I have doubts. And for future, keep away from giving copy/paste to mantra you don't even know about, or if you just paste them, use a transliteration scheme used worldwide for sanskrit language. If not, go and learn grammar, devanagari then come back and write again...or maybe you will just start another "war", I looked up at your previous posts. You'll be already ignored
  23. I read with interest your discussion above and I feel the necessity to explain two things: one truth is the Buddhist imagery of Shakti and her partner is more explicit sexual associated; the second: all those images are symbolic representation of some principles. So if someone feels lust for an image of Shakti, in any form, even she’s naked, he must forget about sadhana and go in this world for a woman, because it is clear he has a wrong perception about Shakti as Devi or divine presence. But, on the other part, it is stated on kali sadhana, that a vira can approach Devi in her naked aspect. I don’t believe the person being in pashu state can do this, so the advice for such persons is to go worldly sense, resolve their problems with women and sexual frustration then return to Devi and love her in the mother aspect. All the other ways are wrong and will give him troubles.
  24. Hello, friends. I have the pleasure to announce a special page for Kameshvari Nitya. I used some Sanskrit texts and now you can see a synthesis. I also give Kameshvari Nitya Bija Mantra. Please follow the link in my signature bellow.
  25. There are no criteria as is said in Shri Tattva Cintamani ("sriitattvacintaama.ni). You could read this great work as a preparation for your initiation. Also Nytyotsava is more focused on Shri Chakra and Nityas. If you want those texts, let me know I will put them online, on roman transliteration or sanskrit.
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