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  1. Dear surentharpji, Thanks for Your analysis and remedies. I will convey this to their parents. Dear Bhaaskaranji, Thanks for Your analysis and remedies. Also i wil convey to their parents all the remedies You advised and as You said the past situation may recur, i will impress upon them that they religiously follow the remedies. Dear hindustaniji, Thanks for Your explicit interest. Everyone is fit to comment I feel as there is no end for learning and contribution. Perhaps I may have to gift him what You said. I wil try to do my best and afford it as i myself am in a situation. But i wil help him. Yes I am in AP, Hyderabad. Please tell me how to do Prana Prathista of Mala and the address of the shop. Is it in MG road by chance? This is great learning for me as a case study. Hope this is a learning for others too who may be viewing and studying.. Hope this continues to give better insights.... Regards, Unanth
  2. Hello Rajshekharji, Nice to see You here once again.. He is 5 feet 10 inches height. Almost Round face. Slim. Source is his mothers word and there is a chance of 5-10 minutes variation. But mostly accurate his mother mentioned. Regards, Ananth
  3. Hi, This chart may help learners. The guy had and still is in a state of stillness with respect to outside world. He was an outspoken, brilliant, aggressive guy with a very dashing nature. He completed this gradaution and computers course with me and moved ahead in career at a early age of 19.. He worked for a medium software firm for 3 years and later shifted to Satyam Computers in October 2000. He worked there for 6 months with a very good salary which was then a very high paid one.. And in March 2001.. He simply for no good reason resigned and came home and went into his room, with no activity kind of state for 4 years, something like maharshis with long hair and beard and things.. He never spoke to anyone and was reduced to skeleton due to lack of eating. I think he was fed a bare minimum. After 4 years he was by force made to look normal by grooming by friends.. After that he is now looking better than that and he is talking to people. He eats, goes out, wil ahve tea and cmoe back home. He can remember things very remarkably. He can remember names of people/friends, my house number, his birthday, lessons of his education, all these dated back 15 years ago but has no presence of mind.. his is not in PRESENT. He is just existing .. His parents they say have tried most spiritual and medical remedies they know in vain. Still there is no activity. He is eating and living like an infant. Also He often looks at nothing and speaks as if he is looking at someone invisble to others. His details DOB 21 Dec 1977 Time 01.00 am Place Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India He is living in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  4. Hi Anupam, I too was searching.. You cab find psa's post;s name as "Your Valuable Asssitance Needed" which received a reply from "hindustani" psa, goodluck with the responses You receive...
  5. Sasisekaran ji, please do reply. forgive my haste. regards, ananth
  6. Dear Sasisekaran ji, I have from lot of years had a vague persistant feeling that our family(my paternal grandfather's children) have some kind of a curse. This is because all of His(Grandfather's) children and their children including me who bear the same Surname leaving two daughters who are married and dont have the Surname are having a very hopeless common problems and worse things. I never found any way(i fact i didnt know there would be a way) in which I can find about this. Thanks to Deepaji, who mentioned in one of the recent posts that You will be a better guide in such matters, I am writing this to You. I generally dont mind giving my personal details but as this is family related and has some incidents and things which i am reluctant to give out in open.. However, if You insist I will give them out as this is very important for me/ our family. Please tell me whose birth details i need to give to You and also May I send a private message? It would be great help for one and many... Regards, Unanth
  7. Hi, As per my limited knowledge, regarding which chart to check for spiritual progress?, a divisional chart called Vimsamsa/Vimshamsa(D-20) is studied. Veterans here would be able to help You.. goodluck
  8. Dear Sanjeeva Roa ji, I have a general doubt regarding Kuja Dosha. Does Kuja Dosha gets cancelled if the Mars is in 12th house and if it happens to be His own house...?? Dear Raju32109.. It would be better if You could post/start a New thread regarding Your query as it is a fresh one.. Also if could see in above posts your Educational Qualifications and any major events with dates it would be of help to the astrologers.. GoodLuck...
  9. I Should not forget to Bow to You Deepaji, Bhaaskaranji, Sanjeeva Rao ji, Pabloji and Nikhilji, Rajshekharji and Many others for Your contributions in this and any othes Forums related to anything related to me. My Namaskaars .... I learnt a lot about life in this Forum.. Regards, Ananth
  10. Thanks a Million, Thank You Deepaji for Your reply. Thanks You Bhaaskaran ji for Your very exhaustive analysis on my chart. I thank You for Your remedies suggested. I am learning also from what You mentioned.. I cannot express in few words but i seem to follow Your elaborate views and suggestions.. I am only thinking of one thing. Inspite of undergoing what i am undergoing, I have started to realize that I have to view all this as a third party/ariel view and undergo and learn and experience at the same time and i am finding it painful as a native and informative as a learner at the same time. I thank everyone and everything contributing to this state.. Many Thanks to all and one.... Regards.... Ananth
  11. Thanks Deepa ji for your kind words.. Definitely Saturn has made me learn a lot for good or bad.. I started accepting things the way they come.. Saturn supposed to be Yogakaraka for Vrishaba Lagna, also being placed in 3rd from it would have been good for me. Also Sanjeeva Rao ji in another forum opined that 1-8 relation of Sani-Chandra was the reason for the delay in my marriage too.. Is this relation 3rd and 10th placement a cause for instability in career and frequent job change too in general. till 2006 i could never stay with a firm for more than hardly a year. i changed half a dozen firm in just 4 to 5 years.. Regards, Ananth
  12. Dear Raviraj, I am just a leaner and cannot analyse Your chart.. If You have to know about some specific questions/issues/problems regarding Your chart/life, You can mention them and veterans here will be able to analyse and help you.. Goodluck...
  13. Your Birthstar is Uttarashadha, 1st Pada. Correct me Gurujis if i am wrong.
  14. Hello All, I am posting the following information of my presonal undergoings from the time Sani Mahadasa- Saturn Bhukti has started. This might be useful as a case study for students of astrology. July 5th 2006, Jupiter-Rahu-Mars - Working for an MNC in Bangalore. Application submitted in Bangalore VFS for UK Work Visa. July 28th 2006, Saturn-Saturn-Saturn - Left my good job for reasons of my hypersensitivity related to peers at work. Mind matters. Came back to my home town Hyderabad with no task in mind. August 30th 2006, Saturn-Saturn-Saturn - My father(diabetic and normally fine in health) woke up from bed and realized that he has no strength in legs. Pain in Lumbar region. Not paralysis but no strength in legs. Zero capacity to walk. Admitted in Hospital for One month. After diagnosis, Doctors suspected Multiple Myloma(Bone Cancer). Finally they ruled it out and was discharged after one month. Till date there is no clear definition of what was his illness. He is fine now. Dec 2006, Saturn-Saturn-Saturn - Sold my vehicle Feb 5th 2007,Saturn-Saturn-Saturn - Attended Visa interview in Chennai, Visa was refused by the officer. Feb 22nd 2007,Saturn-Saturn-Mercury - I submitted appeal on my own to UK tribunal against the refusal. June 28th 2007, Saturn-Saturn-Mercury - Got letter from UK tribunal that they are ready to give Visa. September 24th 2007, Saturn-Saturn-Ketu - Went to London. Grossly neglected and ignored by a couple who were to give me place til i get work. Came out of thier home. Wandered in London all by myself for 3 weeks trying to find a job in vain. Running short of money. Oct 18th 2007, Saturn-Saturn-Venus- Back to square one, hyderabad crestfallen. Visa lying useless. Applied for US visa. Application approved. Nov 2007- Saturn-Saturn-Venus - Separation started in Love life due to my uselessness. Feb 2008, Saturn-Saturn-Venus - Left me, She got married. March,April 2008, Saturn-Saturn-Venus, then Sun - I tried to attempt suicide but could not dare. Depression of the worst order, not a single night proper sleep. Nightmares at night and day. Lived in Hell, what one may call Atma Kshoba in telugu- Soul Suffering... May 2008, Saturn-Saturn,Sun then Moon - felt a bit better, Started the process to attend interview for US Visa.. Getting postponed from that time with trouble from consultant-delay in giving papers. He is playing with me- again tension and anxiety in my life..till date.. All this while with all these things going on, tried to find employment but unsuccessful. Birth details-- Dob 5th July 1977 Time 3.50 am Place Hyderabad AP India ( 17 N 23, 78 E 28) Regards...
  15. Thanks Again indeed Pabloji ! I wil try to follow that book. Dear sgstalks, I think You too can note that point if not already aware.. Regards, Ananth
  16. Hi, i am sure you will get help from the veterans here. You should also mention your Place of Birth. city-state-country in order for them to analyse your chart. Goodluck
  17. Thanks Again Pablo ji. Pardon me for my short sightedness. I was not aware that debilitaion was for whole sign. I was taught may be in a wrong way. Also Dear sgstalks, excuse me for the same. I am learning as i said still. Please take my posts as inputs and not conclusions... Regards,
  18. Respected Sanjeeva Raoji, Thanks a Ton, Yes I have seen my natal chart. I have observoed what You mentioned about about Parivarthana. But could not effectively interpret. I will follow Your prescription. I wil try Emerald on little as You said and also do the prayers for deities as You said... Thanks a Million for Your Response.. Sincerely, Ananth
  19. Respected Sanjeeva Rao ji, Thanks Very much for your reply. I have to learn a lot still, a lot. May a request you to recommend a gem for me for my career currently. I am unmarried still and i am not wearing any gem now. Been unemployed from two years and failed to marry my love also.anyways no chance now. I Have a lot of fears and phobias and i am a disaster in social living. I am born on 5th July 1977, 3.50 am, hyderabad, india. Sincerely, Ananth
  20. Added to the above, if Sun's strength is less in the Shadbala and other balas, the communication becomes even more stunted and also fears may arise in the native for even casual interactions with people.
  21. dear sgstalks As far as my limited knowledge and experience goes , Combust Mercury is the Havoc Player for supressed communication. Mercury is the planet for communication and Mercury becomes combust when it is within 17 degrees from Sun. The native will have problems in communication as in hesitation, thinking twice/thrice before expressing frank opinions. This goes for verbal communication. the native will be effective in written communication over verbal. Also feels misunderstood with people. Also Retrograde Mercury has the same effects sometimes.
  22. Dear sgstalks Please dont call me "ji" i am just a starter. What Pabloji said about debilition was about Mars in houses 1,4,7,10, that is one point or view The second is in which degree moon is in scorpio. As u said that ur moon is in the 12th degree, then ur moon is not at all debilitated. The 1 4 7 10 does not come into picture then. Also I am not much knowledgeable about combinations for lack of skills. But it might be related to Combust Mercury or Retrograde mercury in ones chart. Regards, Ananth
  23. Respected Veterans, I am in a bad state of career(unemployed from couple of years). I have a rare oppurtunity for going to USA. Interview is this month most probably. Will I get the Visa or else wil i get job here or stay like this only unemployed? Or should i not go to interview at all? The guy in india who is giving experience to me troubling me from past 4months. Its because of him mainly its getting postponed. Really crestfallen to the core. Please do this favour to me. My details- Dob- 5 july 1977 Time 3.50 am Place - Hyderabad ( 17 N 23, 78 E 28) Sincerely, Ananth
  24. Thanks PPena ji, For clearing about the 1,4,7,10 part of it. I certainly learnt something. Regards, Ananth
  25. Respected Sanjeeva Rao ji, Please pardon me for asking but i just wanted to know why pearl was suggusted? is it based on the Weak Benefic(strenghtening) method? else on what method? i will be grateful if you can relpy to this.. as am trying to learn. Thanks and Regards, Ananth
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