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  1. dear medical astrology, thanks for your analysis.. yes true, i am not sure about jupiter's role but as u said i am pleasure seeking. always wanting leisure and things like that. that chart u gave has same placement of ju and ve except that ve nus is retro.... YES, i would want to try the medicines that you would prescribe. there is nothing to burn a hole in my pocket as i dont have a pocket ....i am unemployed from few years.. but i think i will be able to afford it with the grace of my parents..... please tell me the course...
  2. dear mylilangel,, thanks for taking interest in my post.... i read Hanuman chalisa everyday. ur analysis is right. it started in SA-SA but u know i always cant believe saturn being yogakaraka for me as i am vrishabha lagna. although technically correct, saturn has ruined my life, brought me down to rags in all the spheres of my life.. i know that he is slow and he wants to me to learn. after loosing people permanently what should i learn..? anyways i wont digress from the point.. exchange of Sat and Moon is creating hell as u said. I will do the upaya as u advised.... can u tell me the below Saturn is hosuin Gulika in my 9th house...and MD of gulika hosuing planet will be very bad.. So will these remaining approx 17 years be like this low and mediocare? and why do you say that Sa-Me period will be good? astrologically?
  3. thank you medical astrology for the very affirmative answer... i shall wait for your reply.....
  4. sorry vkomal for interfering in ur thread. software riaz, i have a question... i have read in one of ur posts that u are wearing a 96 cents diamond.. i wanted to know how muuh did it cos for u ?? i checked out once and found that a 1 carat diamond ring in platinum costed around 5 lakh rupees..... which is the store u recommend in hyderabad for these things..?
  5. hello alahu, note my words carefully.... The accuracy of nadi astrology is on dot. Problem lies with the person who is doing it. infact vedic astrology and all other branches are all divine. the problem is everyone learns it like maths etc and tries prediction.. It takes more than bookish knowledge. ones needs to have divya drishti to some extent... Ok now astrological remedies are like gambling(people might react seriously after reading this) but thats the truth. this is because no one is sure , they say do this do that, if it works out it is fine else u have to pursue someone else.. and so on... NADI astrology, i can guarantee that no one will do online , even if they do, its bogus.. The ONLY place u can hope to find authentic nadi reading is Vitheeswaran Koil(temple) in tamilnadu. Do not go to anyone else. If u manage to go to this place , then there is scope for accuracy, u know what i mean? so take a CHANCE ....... goodluck
  6. Hello medical astrology, i have been suffering from habit of drinking from 1997. from 2006 officially i am a alcoholic, drinking too much unimaginable quantities every single day. now i think i have a fatty liver and it will lead to cirrhosis later and i will die. i have many other problems which has increased this habit,. I have used the so called FREE WILL and things like that upon advice of many good men but in vain. i have given up I have already prepared myself to see the end of me. I have consulted some so called doctors but all of them say that, if u promise to stop then i will start medication. Thats a great joke, if i can stop then why i would need medication??? lol If you can help me out it would be great, astrologically and medical astrologically... i would have sent u a PM but i want to be bold, it doesnt matter to me what others may think or express in derision.. counselling would not help.... please try to help... details date 5th july 77 place hyderabad time 3.50 am
  7. it is true that the gemstone has to be in contact with the skin.. i know what u mean but it is okay if it is in constant touch with ur skin by pulling it upwards when ever u realize that... i have one suggestion.. it is okay in the current status but if it is possible , make the bangle more loose so that u can wear it above ur elbow.. u know what i mean, like where people tie a tabeez....
  8. i understand what u are saying ..its true but instead of commenting on others (i have seen ur posts) in a sarcastic way, can u help people in the forums with ur vast knowledge? if u have some.... Somayajula..(is that ur surname?
  9. and different shashans doesnt make a difference for ur info....
  10. lordshiva, why are u being adament? if u want to hear something that u haev in mind, type it in here and astrologrs will reply as it is and u will be satisfied. after such seniors like classic72 has told u , u should just stop and think.. There is NO REMEDY in hinduism for marriage within same gothra. Same gothra means brothers and sisters... So as there is no wait out. You please get astrology and religion out from your mind and have faith in love and go ahead. You cant have the cake and eat it too All the Best, Keep faith in urselves...
  11. monica ji, please note the date of the thread. it is from the year 2001. i dont think Sanjay Rath ji would still be following up the thread.... May be other seniors would help ....
  12. Hi ramakiran thanks much for the link. it was helpful indeed regards,
  13. Hi arasel, hope you are doing well.. could you please provide me Matangi mantra or give me the link if you have it in your blogspot website ??? Thanks and regards,
  14. Hi All, I would like to know how do we come to know what one's body constitution is? i.e if i want to know whether i predominently Pitta/Vatha/Kapha type.. Is there something like a questionnaire which i cold use and ascertain? And what diet should be followed to overcome the negatives? Regards,
  15. Dear qaza, Firstly I didnt find a Guru. The alternative i took is to pray to Lord Ganesh and and other gods to be my guru. I started reciting the mantra and it gave miraculous results. Till date i am experiencing the benefits. Now coming to the mantra and how to practice, follow the below link. Thanks to arasel, he gave the link http://www.mantra.ro-design.net/baga...ra-mantra.html Also below is the link for the post in which i got it from http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/showthread.php?p=1113979#post1113979 Hope it helps You
  16. Dear rajshekharji, As you said regarding getting back my money(matters related to communication) in mid september, that guy called me in first week, on the 3rd day of lighting the lamp under peepal tree and returned my money on 16th september. i thank you much for the prediction as i am mentally relieved from the feeling of getting cheated. Now again i have started searching for new avenues as my main task is still to be done .. Regards, Unanth
  17. Dear arasel and pablo ji, Thanks for Your comments and suggestions. I find a common point in both of Your suggestions that we should give him some oppurtunity to get out and do somthing by restricting support in a way. I think he is in a state of inertia because of lack of activity. Things have to be slowly forced upon him now.. Regards, Unanth
  18. Dear Ayush Bhai, I would like to add to our discussion, my opinions. I believe in Gemstone remedies also. That first article was a perspective only as we are still exploring.. About the physical aspect of gemstones, i think there is more than a physical effect of them... Example.. when someone slaps me, the physical effect lasts only for a minute but may be the mental/psychological effect may last even a lifetime. When I keep searching for info on Navaratnas, not just any gems i find so much clues. I keep thinking why these are chosen. What are the chemical/physical properties and why these are chosen to act as a medium to receive energy/effects from planets.. If You see the concept of Idol Worship which I think most of us follow, its purely physical for an agnostic eye. But there is much more to it. The Prana Prathista and such procedures make these idols more than idols.. There are people and studies already in place for all these matters.. Also Mantras and prayers are as You said, not only features of religion but of faith and God. I try to see what is common in all the religions and i find too many things are common between them. It is just the egotistic/egoistic self that would not let it shed the veil and embrace each other and single mindedly seek the truth. I think as You said there is no end to this debate. So we already know there is no end, so let us not try to put one and carry forward with more insights of Yours and everyone who wish to give them..
  19. Sanjeeva Rao ji, Dont know what to to say. Thanks for appreciation.. Will keep posting and not only guidance, but I also need blessings of all veterans here.. Deepa ji, You are kidding right??? Bhaaskaran ji, Thanks a ton for Your kind words... I think this is the Maya/ Illusion associated with my life i.e. how people are able to perceive me.. I think the 5th from my AL is playing a role.. I just remembered the story of the Cork and the Whale.. I will bounce keep popping back with more energy the harder i get hit... Dear All, Again no offence meant to anyone or anything..
  20. Sanjeeva Rao Garu/ji, Thanks for Your gentle and fatal reprimand.. It was someone's article , not mine.. please read it fully.. You already know i am a not even a grain in sand.. Anyways, No one will see my posting again.. Thanks again...
  21. dear arasel, Thanks much for the link.. It is simple and more efficient to focus on yantra and use only the biija mantra of Bagalamukhi. And i understand it is Bagalamukhii Biija Mantra HLRIM (hlrii.m). Thanks again Dear ab12, I think this will be of much use to You too
  22. Dear surentharp ji, Thank you.. Dear All, Below is some more information(in bold text) from PGA site on Pratikul-Vad and Anukul-Vad in addition to what was posted by Bhaaskaran ji in 4th and 5th points.. <TABLE cellSpacing=4 cellPadding=4 width="100%" border=4><TBODY><TR><TD bgColor=#ffff87>Pratikul Planet's gem choosing method for overcoming a weak or evil planet, based on the misconception that a 'pratikul' (inauspicious) planet is strengthened by wearing it's gem and there by it changes from being inauspicious (pratikul) to become auspicious (anukul). ILLOGIC: By providing the gem for a malefic planet, benefic results will follow. Example: A person has Jupiter debilitated and a malefic which is inauspicious or pratikul, but by wearing Jupiter's gem, yellow sapphire or another yellow Jupiter jewel, it is believed that the 'weak' (troublesome) Jupiter gets strengthened and REVERSES to become auspicious. Some persons opine that a harmful planet means that the planet's "cosmic color" is weak. The gems for the planets are concentrated essential cosmic color rays; so by wearing the gem for the weak, Pratikul (harmful) color that weak color is strengthened, and when the weak color is stronger then the harmful influence will be REVERSED, removed or mitigated. Pratikul means a planet that causes evil influence or suffering to the native as seen through the horoscope. This may be a debilitated planet who is in a dusthana and enemy of the lord of the lagna, or otherwise disposed that the influence simply causes suffering.</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#a6ff91>Anukul Planet's gem choosing method for resorting to or harnessing one's auspicious (Anukul) planet(s) (exalted, mulatrikona, own sign, benefic, great friend, good house, owner of good house, etc.) based on the concept that lucky planet = lucky gem! In all Jyotish there are basically two broad catagories of planetary position, viz., favorable (to the chart) (Anukul) OR unfavorable (to the chart). One should avoid their weakness and cultivate their strengths. "Ratna-anukul" means the auspicious gem of strongest most desirable planet. Example: One has Leo Lagna - their lagna lord is Sun, who is exalted (100% strength) and posited in the 9th house which is all very auspicious. That person would be advised to use a fine ruby, the Sun’s gem, to attract or harness his auspicious influence. On the other hand if a person had Saturn debilitated (0% strength) and in the 8th house they would be advised to avoid Saturn’s gem blue sapphire and all other Saturnine things or activities. And better still they could donate a blue sapphire to pacify Shanideva. The followers of Anukul-vad believe that the pratikul-graha color is the unlucky color, and to magnify that bad color will simply increase the problems caused by that unlucky Planet. Both methods believe that gems increase cosmic colors of their planets, thus for an Anukuli it is considered to be suicide to increase a pratikul-graha's color. In Anukul there is never a case where a Pratikul (harmful to the chart/native) planet's gem should be worn as it will surely increase the ill fortune; but such gems for a Pratikul planet can be used by DONATING them - giving them AWAY - according to Shastric directions. A pure anukuli believes that a pratikul-gem is NEVER good to use; it is increasing the cosmic poison, and ill fortune (a person's bad cosmic vibes) should NEVER be increased. Anukul means a planet that is beneficially disposed either by being strong in own sign, good house, ruler of houses which will bring positive results, or otherwise not ill disposed nor inclined to produce evil influence. A planet which is good for the chart either naturally or by house ruler ship yet somewhat weakened by placement may be strengthened through the gem, or a planet which already is strong and giving benefic influence may be further strengthened for gains in particular areas of life by wearing the gem.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  23. Dear rohini nakshatra, As you seem to be troubled by combust mercury very much I would like to do my bit of help by suggesting You a known potential remedy.. There is a mantra for mercury(budha graha) which could mitigate the effects if chanted sincerely.. You may listen to it in PVR Narasimha Rao's website for clear pronunciation..
  24. Dear Ayush, The below extract is from a post on this forum named " Article on Gem" dated 24 july 2008 by kathpal.kapil I dont know what to infer from it as i myself am looking for answers regarding gemstones prescription methods.. I wish veterans here would lead us... ---- "" PLEASE NOT :- This article isn't written by me, this is a exact copy of original. It isn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings. -------- This gemstone remedy amuses and interests me. I am a professional astrologer, practicing and studying for the past 25 years. I learned Vedic astrology studying the various Sashtras and got further guidance from my relative Mr. K. N. Rao, the famous astrologer. To this day I have not found a single Astrology Sashtra, which prescribes gems as a "remedy" for anything - from Parashara in 3000BC to Ramadayalu in 19th century AD!! So based on what are we supposed to prescribe gems as "remedies"? A book known as "Mani Mala" by S. M. Tagore, written in 1879 is quoted by many, but it is not an accepted classic of astrology. I am not against gems or gemologists. Gems are beautiful and the gemologists are the gem experts. I have bought various gems for my wife and daughter and I am happy with their beauty and with the gemologist who gave them. Gem therapy also exists in Ayurveda in the form of Ratna Bhasma as a cure for several diseases. But I am dead against the fraudulent astrologers who know nothing about remedies but prescribe several stones to make money. Gems are prescribed in several Vedic astrology scriptures for keeping in the Pooja of various planets. They are also prescribed as a Dana in various astrological remedies. They are also used in several Ayurvedic preparations. However Vedic astrology scriptures have not prescribed the wearing of gems as a remedy anywhere. The Brihat Parasara Horasastra by Rishi Parasara prescribes a lot of remedies but doesn't prescribe wearing of gems as remedy. The same with the other authentic Vedic astrology scriptures written by other sages like Jaimini, Garga, Varahamihira etc. These highly evolved Rishis knew all the scriptures like the Vedas and Puranas, but ignored the gems as a remedy and prescribed only Poojas and recital of mantras and Stotras plus Dana. There are some Sanskrit verses from the Sashtras quoted quite frequently by these gem-selling astrologers. But the verses mostly say, "Suns colour is red, direction is east, nature is hot, metal is gold, gem is ruby.....you can keep them while doing the sun pooja....and after the pooja if you want you can wear them (meaning no need to either throw away or give away the Rubies and Diamonds!)" etc. They don’t prescribe the gems as a remedy for anything!! The same goes for the verses in the Vedas. A verse from the Rig Veda says, “ May the Sun, whom we pray, and who rules our existence, give us the required money and may he protect our savings for buying gems....". This is merely asking for prosperity so that one can buy gold and gems like Rubies etc. and not a remedial prescription for anything! If you have enough to buy gold and Rubies you are a well off man! They impress people by the so-called “authentic ancient Vedic prescriptions” and get away with it because to day 99% people don’t understand Sanskrit. Truths and half-truths, when told in a nicely camouflaged manner, make wonderful lies. A famous espionage training dictum taught to the agents by the famous CIA is, "Base your lies on a verifiable truth". Our gem selling astrologers are very up-to-date! In all the Indian scriptures, there are a few instances where gems are recommended as remedy for planets. Narada Purana which prescribes gems as a remedy for planets. "The loss and gain depends upon the planets. Hence one should placate them with effort when they start giving untoward fruit (viparita-phala). For placating the sun and others one should wear in the order of ruby for Sun, pearl for Moon, Coral for Mars,. Emerald for Mercury, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus, Blue Sapphire for Saturn, Gomeda for Rahu and Cat's Eye Gem for Ketu." The following are more quotes from other scriptures. Garuda Purana Ch.69: "The potent semen of Vala transformed into the seeds of quartz (rock crystal), also known as Bhisma stones. These seeds germinated primarily in the Himalayas and the lands to their north. These crystals are usually transparent and colorless, and are often so brilliant that they are mistaken for diamonds. Any one respectfully wearing a pure quartz crystal set in gold will attain good fortune in this life and be protected from dangerous animals such as tigers, leopards, wolves, elephants, and lions. Pure quartz is also an amulet giving the wearer extraordinary sexual prowess. Wearing quartz while offering libations to departed ancestors insures them lasting happiness. It is also a talisman against drowning, burning and theft. These attributes pertain to pure flawless quartz, and knowledgeable gemologists advise that flawed varieties that are included, fractured, or discolored should be completely avoided." Agni Purana, Chapter 246, Verse 7 & 8 - "A gem free from all impurities and radiating its characteristic internal luster should be looked upon as an 'escort' of good luck. A gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster, or appearing rough or sandy, should not be used at all." Sri Garuda Purana states, "The potency of a high-quality ruby is such that even an ignorant person living a sinful life and surrounded by deadly enemies is saved by wearing such a gem. Anyone wearing such a naturally effulgent ruby would be freed from diseases caused by any imbalance of the bodily functions." After that there is a warning: "A ruby, although genuine, should not be worn if it has strong color banding, excessive inclusions within like numerous internal cracks, a sandy appearance, a rough surface, or is dull and lusterless. Anyone using such a flawed ruby, even out of ignorance, will suffer from disease, or loss of fortune. ---Sri Garuda Puranam: Chap. 70. Everything in this world, both the living and the non living, emit some positive vibrations and some negative vibrations called "spandana". Only the highly evolved Paramahamsa level saints and yogis know how to control them properly. The astrology scriptures don't acknowledge gems as a remedial measure. In Vedic astrology we need an authentic classical authority from an acknowledged astrology scripture based on which to prescribe the remedies and cannot prescribe gemstones on the sayings of a Tom Dick & Harry! Moreover no one knows on what basis to prescribe the gems. Is it for the flaws in the Birth chart, or for bad Dasas, or for bad transits, or for a specific purpose? Suppose Saturn is bad in a chart. You want to prescribe a gem for it. What about the lagna wise malefic and benefic planets? And what about the rasi analysis and the badhaka lords? Suppose Saturn is bad for your lagna but good for your rasi? Do we prescribe or not? Even amongst the gem prescribing astrologers the basis of prescribing a gem is a split issue. They are divided into two opposing philosophies, viz., Anukul-vad & Pratikul-vad. ANUKULA-VAD: A gem will act "SAME" as it's planet - So gems should be chosen for Anukul (favorable) grahas. PRATIKUL-VAD: A gem will act "OPPOSITE" of it's planet - So gems should be chosen for Pratikul (unfavorable) grahas. However the majority of the famous and learned astrologers agree that the gems should be used for a native's ANUKUL GRAHAS (benefic planets) to harness the benefic influence. They do not act OPPOSITE of their Grahas and so gems should not be used for a native's PRATIKUL GRAHAS (malefic planets). So according to this they are only boosters for the good planetss and not a remedy for the bad ones? In this case the learned experts are doing the opposite of the Narada Purana verse "Hence one should placate them with effort when they (start) giving untoward fruit (viparita-phala). For placating the sun and others one should wear in the order of ruby for Sun...." Apart from that, as we know each planet has its positive effects and its negative effects – in every sign and in every house. Suppose a planet by nature or situation is good for profession and bad for children. If the corresponding gem is prescribed and the planet becomes stronger, suppose he gets a promotion but his child dies?? No one knows how to control the positive and negative factors. I have discussed this with several gem-prescribing “pundits” and no one could come up with a proper answer. All our kings used to wear loads of gems and all of them were beaten black and blue by every foreign invader from Alexander to the British!! Since the authentic verses say, "Suns colour is red, direction is east, nature is hot, metal is gold, gem is ruby....." etc. etc. let me suggest a cheaper remedy for you: Go to your office wearing red suite or red Sari and red shoes, keep a heater under your seat and sit facing the east (probably the toilet), use red color stationary and pen - and expect the Sun God to be pleased with you and give auspicious results!! If you take the remedies to fanatic and foolish extents, you'll become a prey to the cheats and charlatans and waste your time and a lot of money. A stone can’t change anybody’s destiny; only Poojas, Mantras and Stotras can – if properly done. That’s why our ancient seers prescribed them and ignored the gems. Stick to the authentic prescriptions of the astrology Sashtras. I agree that a lot of things we have today were not there in the ancient days, like computers or antibiotic medicines or heart operations, and were not prescribed in the Sashtras. But gems were there in those days and yet were ignored as an astrological cure. So their uselessness as a remedy is obvious. A few Puranas prescribe them but there are so many warnings, ifs and buts and hit and trial methods that I prefer staying away from them as remedies. A standard answer by a lot of these astrologers is " This was told by my guru Sri Sri Sri 1008 Ananda Maharaj!!". When you ask where he is, the reply is that he wanders in the high Himalayas and doesn't normally give darshan to every one!! So you see we can never verify from him. However one effect of the gemstones is guaranteed. If you wear a big sparkling diamond, a lot of people, with their Venus or the 7th lord (of marriage/love life) afflicted, will be attracted to you! A lot of practicing astrologers get some very lucrative “offers” from gem-sellers, from cuts in prescriptions to promoting gem-cure books. I get quite a few offers!! The average Indian astrologer gets less than Rs.100/- for a prediction. But if he prescribes a "Pukhraj" or yellow topaz, which is the most prescribed stone, its worth Rs.15000/ to Rs.25000/- and his cut is a cool 10%. It is normally prescribed with a warning, like " The quality and colour must be right and it must be flawless". So you see, either the gullible man buys it through the prescribing astrologer or brings it for his "approval" and the astrologer is assured of his commission! This gem prescription has become so common that, leave alone the general public, even a lot of astrologers actually believe in it. What is more, the common man believes so much in this gem-remedy that, an astrologer not prescribing gems is frowned upon and regarded as someone who does not know about the "proper remedies"!! So not many astrologers have the guts to tell the truth. My last take on this subject; The MD in Heaven has His door open and saying repeatedly in many scriptures - from Gita to Gajendra Moksham - "Seek me and I will come to your rescue". So instead of going to Him why do you want to go the Chaprasi? """ ------
  25. dear arasel, I was in my mind was expecing ur feedback in this, believe me. I saw ur input regarding this mantra in vedic astrology forum on someone's post. I couldnt get ur feedback when i posted this here. Please tell us how to do this. i remember something about bindu and anusvara u mentioned. So please be generous and make us perfectly knowledgeable about everything about this mantra so tha we may follow... also when i tried the blog u mentioned in that posting in vedic astrology forum, it wasnt opening.. help us to do this....
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