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  1. dear sgtalk, i am not a guruji but just a novice and trying to learn. just wanted to give some input. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio upto to the 3rd degree and after that the debilitation effect is not there. Did you check for the above. And even if it is debilitated, that may not neccessarily be the reason for being weak in interpersonal skills. I think the whole chart must be considered and not just one planet. By another rule if Mars is in 1, 4, 7 or 10th house from the Moon, again the debilitation effect is not there. Hope this helps. The above information i gave may need to be verified by the veterans here in order to help you. Good Luck
  2. Again i forgot to give my birth details DOB 5th July 1977 Place Hyderabad AP Time 3.50 a.m.
  3. Sir, Will be great if you can help me. already two of my postings didnt receive much answers from anyone here.. This is also one tihng happens to me.. people ignore me.. Please can u do something..this is long story but please bear with me.. As per Lahiri Ayanamsa my Sani Mahadasha started in July 2006. Please go through account and please suggest miraculous remedies ..as i am already doing many remedies.. Please do not mistake for a materialist.. * I resigned my job in July 2006, till date unemployed. nothing lasts for long. * Failed in love i.e. could not marry the one due to. i still dont know what..Just slipped away.. * Went through suicidal trauma for long.. * UK visa got rejected, then again given. My trip lasted for 3 weeks with much problems instead of lasting for 2 years. * Anxiety and Mental(not yet clinically insane) problems right from childhood. *Trying for US visa. interview getting postponed from1 many months. Mighty obstacles in everything in pursue.. ***All the above r only couple years account, my past was even more horrible. Remedies I do---- I am naturally spiritually inclined and a brahmin..Have faith in God and so am still having hope in life.. * I do my Sandhyavandanam daily/ Adhitya Hrudayam from long time.. * I chant Visnu Sahasranamam on saturday- Lalitha Sahasranamam/Srisuktham/devi khadgamala etc on friday *Chant shiva stothras on monday/ Tuesday-Hanuman chalisa-subramanya sthotram-ganesha pancharatnam Sani remedies i have done like// been to Singanapur,Mandapalli,Doing sani remedies and charities. feeding cows with rice mixed with til/ Rudrabhishekam.. I chant all veda mantras of Navagrahas.. Am not boasting sir, all these i naturally do as i see the glory of lord.. Anyways i cannot avoid anything by my will... Only hoping if anything good happen... Tried wearing Hessonite, bluesapphire,pearl, emerald on recommendation of some astrologers.. Everyone says i have BRIGHT FUTURE.. but never experienced anything..that bright future never became present..
  4. Sorry! Anxiety problem, for got to give details Date of Birth-- 5th July 1977 Place Hyderabad, AP, India Time 3.50 a.m.
  5. Hello All, Can someone really take much interest in my chart?? i know it sounds odd but can someone really a Jyotishi can help me to know and solve.? Your help will be a great favour to me.. please can you clarify the following.. 1) Which planets are most benefic and most malefic for me in my chart? 2) I am a non technical guy and with herculean effort, i got a UK visa in Sep 07. I went to UK and failed to survive there(many reasons) and came back in just 3 weeks instead of settling there in job. Now i have to attend the USA job visa interview by now, its getting postponed from 3 months due to employer permission delay and experience letter delays.. Now finally i was asked to attend after 8th August. PLEASE OBSERVE THAT THIS IS NOT A COMMON OPPURTUNITY THAT SO MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH IN OUT COUNTRY TODAY. THIS IS ONCE IN A LIFE TIME FOR ME AS I AM NONTECHNICAL.. Can some one really tel me how i can get this thing done and why not, if not.. its a do or die thing for me.. how are the planets favourable/not. Confidence and Faith i know but i mean astrologically.. 3) Can someone diligently recommend a gemstone(s) for me, NOT based on simple Nakshatra Lord or Mahadasha/sub periods.. as i myself know these naive methods.. please please please please someone help me.. i am on the verge of begging..i dont have ego problems...
  6. Dear Ayush, Thanks much for your valuable adive.. Also its interesting to know and hear that love marriage is indicated for me.. although it can haooen no more.. they say astrology has a curse from Goddess from Goddess Parvathi that only 50 percent will be true.. Also i am very much interested and shocked to hear first time that it takes 4 years to make predictions.. can u pleas tell me more about it?? this questions the dependability of astrology.. i myself am trying to learn astrology... Ananth
  7. i would be grateful if an expert can give ASTROLOGICAL REASONS/REMEDIES etc etc. i asked many people in many forums but evryone keeps telling me about will power and believing in myself and personality development related stuff. perhaps my chart is too complicated. one more time my humble request is that i dont need counselling... Thanks Much
  8. i believe in all concepts of hinduism.. i only believe in them.. thanks for your advice. everywhere there is adulteration so i am not sure where i will find panchi mukhi rudhraksha even if 5 mukhi is common. i am not already wearing one.. also about my job here.. its not just about abroad. its about my general instability and also this rare abroad oppurtunity thanks again .. please advice
  9. Am here first like many others who seek help.. pls patiently read my following account and suggest precise remedies/reasons. I do not mean to debase anyone out if there is an expert here please help. I have reached the fag end of misery in life not only on below account but overall..please read on.. I am on verge of begging.. " I resigned my job in July 2006 due to psychological instability and depression. I applied for UK work Visa same time. I was rejected in Feb 2007. I appealed against the visa officer's decision and waited. I applied for US H1 at the same time then. USA visa application was approved in the lottery in June ending. Same time UK people replied and said i wil be given visa. I took UK visa and went to UK in SEPTEMBER 2007. There worst things happened , things didnt work out and i returned in JUST 3 weeks instead of settling there happily. One 1/2 lakh rupees went into drain. Then i failed in keeping my relationship with my Love and she got married to someone and carrying on. I Came out of that depression just in April end 2008. As my USA visa application is still valid, I decided to attend for interview. From May till last week my US employer didnt send my documents and was not responding to my emails etc. only last week they sent. Now when everytihng is thought fine, my current so called employer is teasing me by not giving me certificates etc. He is indifferent to me. acts very rude. He said i can go to interview now. Now i booked my date on 17th this month july 2008. i made all arrangements for travel etc. Suddenly today he sent email that i have to go on 1st week of august. One more hopeless miracle happened just now. I booked trained ticket on this 12th to mumbai through internet. i am sure i booked on 12th. Now i received email from railways that "Thanks for using services. My ticket is cancelled and amount is refunded to my credit card and the travel date mentioned is 4th july and not 12th. 4th was the date i booked. All these omens/things are so weird. Now USA visa holds a stake of 1.5 lacs ruppes of hard earned money. It will take a book to express my miseries but i wil end this for now.. this visa is a life and death last chance for me to go abroad.. Please help.. My details-- DOB 5th July 1977 Place - Hyderabad- AP , 17° 20' N, 78° 30' E Time - 3.50 a.m.
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