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  1. hi suren tharp,so my entering spirituality and keeping aims on it is ok?i want to enter it.what do you say?
  2. ohhhh....thanks a lot surentharp.so i can get ready for good penance for god and universe i guess.i'll start on then.what do you say?
  3. hui surentharp that's really great answer you gave me.thanks a lot for it.so is "AK in Lagna of D20"in my birth chart?i mean i'll be blessed with spirituality in this way?
  4. i suren tharp,can u say what AK is?so i'll be a spiritual person b'coz of that?
  5. arjun pandit ji and other great astrologers please take a note and answer please..my d.o.b is 8/8/1988,time 11.42 pm,born in vishakapatnam,india. please tell me one thing...that would be very greatful of you.i want my spirituality to excel and succeed in spirituality.please tell about my spiritual career.
  6. chant kaali mantra or gayatri mantra and you are totally saved and you will see the wonder when you do it.this is for sure.
  7. gayatri mantra is the perfect solution.chant it 1ooo times a day or more you can.even u can chant 300 times.depends on your will power and determination.this mantra really washes away all your sins and takes you to divinity
  8. my north node[rahu] is in 12th house [pisces] in rasi chart and in navamsha chart it's in 11th house.i want to attain penance in spirituality very much.is it possible?when will i start?and should we follow rasi chart in checking for this?
  9. name:kasi,sex:male date of birth:08/08/1988 time of birth:11.42 pm place:vishakapatnam,andhra pradesh,india. please you great astrologers tell if this person will be a good spiritual person and do penence and become a yogi?what is the time he will set for the penance.he's also showing lot of interest in these things.
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