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  1. sir, Do i have Gaja kesari yoga? date of birth:20/1/1985 time:12:30pm place:hubli state:karnataka country:india
  2. sir i want to know about my carrier, iam an computer engineering student, name:ravi date of birth:20/01/1985 time:12:30pm place:hubli state:karnataka country:india
  3. could anybady here can analyse my chart and tell me,something regarding my life.
  4. thank u unanth ji once again for giving ideas to me
  5. thank you unanth ji, and m.r.moorthi ji . thank you very much for putting light on my query. could you plz! analyse my birth chart completely.
  6. namaste sir je, i have a confusion on my birth star. somebady says its pushya and somebady says its uttarashada.could you plz! help me.. bith data:20/01/1985 place:hubli state:karnataka country:india time:12:30pm thanks in advaance...
  7. sir,plz! iam waiting for ur replie from last many days...
  8. hallow sir, i need to know about my brothers marriage and married life date of birth 03/08/1980 birth place hubli birth time 8:26am state:karnataka country: india <!-- / message -->
  9. sir plz tel me when my bad time going to finish.. date of birth:20/1/1985 time:12:30pm place:hubli state:karnataka country:india
  10. i need to name the child plz help me..it's better if it is an ganesh name. and end's with sh. other than ganesh,suresh,manesh,giresh..plz! date of birth:22/06/2008 place:gadag state:karnataka city:india time:7:30am thank you in advance...
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