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  1. You are not a virgin and no body else is, because virginity only exists when there is a body ... body is an illusion, so is virginity and so is the whole marriage. The true marriage for us is with krishna, the rest is all illusion. So, I think whether you find a virgin /chaste/ sexy girl , or unchaste/ unvirgin/ ugly girl depends solely on your karma and is completely insignificant in this brief material existence. You are already married to the supreme /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  2. "This guy Druce was supposedly a pedophile victim himself. Strange twists of fate." Not strange at all /images/graemlins/grin.gif The Karma Ghost Got him... check out this movie "karma Ghost" /images/graemlins/smile.gif It was posted by vsdprasadji about an year ago http://billyblob.com/cartoons/karma-ghost/index.html
  3. He took some of the pictures in front of the Golden palace And in some of the pictures where he tries to pose just like Sri prabhupada. And there is a disturbance in the background sound of his website, they all yell like "wooom" or something it is very disturbing to hear. Anyway, he is fake and shouldn't be thought as an acharya. You can take him as a nice "poser".
  4. I heard about Shani influences and everything , but i don't think it is true... My family makes every one including me to sit and listen to "Panchangam" every year in Ugadi(telugu new year) . Anyway, in it there are stuff like Guru(jupiter) is in 5th position so something good will happen to you and everything. But I think if you chant Hare krishna nothing really affects you.
  5. You can be a living calculator ! /images/graemlins/smile.gif I had this post in the vedic verses thing like 5 months ago... I think. Anyway, it is a good website, but it is only useful until to the point of precalculus. Or simple mathematical calculations needed for every day life. It does not have any trig calculation tricks so it is not useful in calculus.
  6. Yeah! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  7. The Supreme controls us, not his objects. If he wishes them to control us, then they will control us, otherwise he won't let anything control you but yourself. but there is that karma... that is also in our control(depends on our actions) . Do Good Dharma , Get Good karma... but I don't think Mars or any other planet has any control over our actions. However, I do think that it may have control over our bodies, because they are materials.
  8. I asked him how we can control the mind and direct it toward krishna , it was a basic question and then I came to this forum and people started to say he was fake... I freaked out and thought if he was going to reply . I dreaded it because it was going to be a fake reply and I didn't want him to bother me, anyway, he did reply by saying "What is mind? Unreal?" Never heard from him again. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  9. I remember some one had a post up named Har Tzon... or something, a few months ago... Anyway, He is fake. He changes his identity alot... well that shows dishonesty right there and he is not good at it either /images/graemlins/smirk.gif I think the stuff on who goes to hell should be studied by Har tzoine.
  10. "Is the brahman concept of GOD different from the present hindu concept of GOD. If it is where did the new concept come from and why does not a present day hindu believe in the Brahaman concept." By these above statements it is clear that you are completely ignorant to the Hindu religion. So, I will explain this from the basics of this religion. Dear SS, In hindu philosophy, the creation is non different from the creator. In other words, if the creation is like a wave, then the creator is like the water. The creation exists in the creator and dissolves in the creator. The creator's energy or brahma jyoti that exists to create this universe is "brahman" . Brahman is the impersonal form of God, where the God has no form and is in the form of an energy. Then again God does have form, because out of this universe and in the brahmajyoti the supreme personality of the Godhead enjoys various sports with his energies. Like a child playing with her dolls, the creator "plays" with his energies outside of this universe for his enjoyment. For that purpose he has a body. He has a form and his form is superior to his formless state. The hindu impersonalists try to be one with "brahman" or this formless state because they are sick of the suffering of this material world. The Vaishnavas/Shivites/Shakteyas etc of the hindu philosophy worship the God in various forms according to their liking.
  11. I have a big spotlight that I use instead of a flashlight!! I could land planes with it! -------------------------- Can you send it to me as a birthday present /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  12. We are usually afraid of the Unknown... I am afraid of the dark (no laughing please /images/graemlins/crazy.gif ) when the power went out like 2 weeks ago I freaked out , because darkness makes everything in front of me disappear out of my site and it is basically my mind's version of the "unknown". Thats why we are also afraid of Ghosts and UFOs and what not , because they are all a mystery and are part of the "unknown" /images/graemlins/smile.gif It is the same thing with Death, death is the "unknown" , so we are afraid of it.
  13. We are like six blind men and an elephant. We think that we are right about God because thats the way we see him, but actually every one here is right. Krishna is in Bible, All the vedic scriptures, you take anything he is in there... He is even in my school books /images/graemlins/wink.gif So, I think Myra is right. God is not known by any of us, except through love and service, otherwise we are like the 6 blind men and a fat elephant.
  14. Thank you for showing how he was in bliss while he departed this world.
  15. Yes, you make a good point , what if I can't speak... or I hear, what then? Would Krishna not come to me just because of something he never wanted my body to have? I think if people are lazy like me, then they should be persuaded to stop being so darn lazy, but if they can't do it because of some physical/cultural reason, then I think krishna won't just ignore them, but will still come to them. In my humble view (Emphasis on humility), Krishna is not Indian, American, Turkish or Chinese... He is God... He is above cultural, material and other mundane differences that we think we have. Now I truly see why we are inferior to him.
  16. Is it me or is the white/light blue radiance radiating from your post with the sound of a transcendental flute... Those answers were good enough for me, I will start trying to chant properly(will stop being lazy) and do it in sanskrit even though it does not really make sense... Thanks it has some sort of a mystic nature to it anyway /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  17. Why should we worry if Krishna is not pronounced the right way? Krishna is everything, he is Krishna, krsna, Rama, Ragurama, Jesus , Allah... he is in everything , then why do we bother about the correct pronounciation and that too in sanskrit? Sorry, I am naive/stupid, but can't we just call "Krishna help me in serving you" or something like that, or the literal translation of the Hare krishna mantra... Is it ok if we chant his name that way and just think about him rather than trying to achieve perfection in some dead language?
  18. My humble obiences to THE MAN prabhupada! Because he is The man! ANyway, the point is , Prabhupada rules whether we call him as "this guy" or "that guy" or "great soul" or "mahatma"... What prabhupada is , no one can change that with bad words , good words or "flowery" words /images/graemlins/smile.gif That is all in my humble opinion, sense the humility in me porfavor.
  19. This website is about you, if you wish to know yourself, get a clean mirror and see your reflection, If what you see is yourself then you are in illusion, if you see your body then you are out of it. This website has many people, who make you either think that you are ultimately in illusion, or try to encourage you to come out of it. Read this guy prabhupada though, he is the one who will do both to you.
  20. Make people misunderstand each other and draw people more closer to him who is understood by all, or is that an illusion?
  21. And why only America! or Britain! Why should I be brought up here and made to listen to Bhagavatham and the rest of the scriptures! Why should they have been taught in India in the past?! Why shouldn't I go to Angor Wat and try to look for a spiritually enlightened person there?! How come?! God is prejudiced ... take care. /images/graemlins/wink.gif
  22. In reply to : "Time is short " "I have wasted so much precious time that I will never get back - Rather than lament on this loss (it won't get it back!) I try harder to make every moment count - I fail miserably but I still try." ------------------------ What is Krishna : 28) Krishna is the person who is time (Kala). (1/7) 29) Krishna is time's own self.(70/26) 30) Krishna is even the time of time. (56/27) So, you have krishna right there! enjoy your "K"
  23. "I read that Krsna doesn't like fake Guru's being worshiped, so He sends the Guru and his Disciple's to hell." It is the Guru who was offending krishna by being "Fake" , the Disciple was not worshipping the Guru, he was worshipping what he thought was the Guru... then why does krishna send his disciple to hell? Let me clarify my question with an example : Lets say I have a Guru X, but he is not really a guru but a fake one. However, I worship him because Guru X is in my view the very materialized form of krishna. Then why would he send me to hell? All I did was worship the materialized form of krishna in my mind, thus making the worship valid. How is it so that if Guru goes to hell , I too go to hell?
  24. a) Why don't we perceive God, if He is everywhere? Answer: We think about others as if they are their bodies, we do not see the krishna in them, but see them as "Eric" , "Harry", "Ashley", My car, My house, My bike, Me, You etc. Ego is also another problem that takes one away from seeing krishna in everything. b) How can this misperception be surmounted? Answer: Bhakthi devotion and knowledge... ofcourse chanting which invokes bhakthi in oneself. Bhakthi with out knowledge is bunch of superstitions, knowledge with out bhakthi is useless speculations. c) Identify the impediments to surmounting this misperception. Answer: Any thought, Any deed or any word that does not increase our bhakthi, devotion and love to krishna. d) Identify the factors that aid in surmounting this misperception. Answer : Any thought, Any deed or any word that provokes love and affection toward krishna.
  25. 1+1+1+1+1+..............infinity infinity=krishna
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