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nadi josem is true? or not?

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My wife's referenced name was given in one Kagabhujandhar nadi.But I did not cross check with anything else.


Anyhow according to that nadi by next month I will have many problems in job and my career will be frozen for some time.

I am worried if that will come true because now itself things are not at my dispose in office.Problems have slowly started to surrond me and I feel that nadi is really true.


Last year they predicted my transfer to bangalore as well.


But for the next year it has predicted US trips,promotion,wealth,house and many more good things for me.


It has been predicted that the current hardship will get saturated and at the peak point things will take a U turn giving my fortune.


I am to wait to see whether those things will come true or not.


But past life and all are made up by these people I believe.Nadi is a system of astrology with some formulae and result.It is never that the sages pin pointed us and wrote.

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I don't know what to infer from this, but from my nadi readings of my 7th kandam,


I know a person like that with all the details matching. It was an arranged match but things did not work out between us and that match was dropped but Nadi references are matching pefectly.


What do you say for that now? I think once we get nadi readings we start seeing things in that light, maybe that is why you are feeling work stressful because you know in the back of your mind that Nadi had predicted it.




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If what you have told in last line is correct,then we are literally entrapped in a addiction sort of thing.But I wish we should not confuse our speculation with real problem.


But I dont want the current stress happening.I have to wait one more year to see whether I go to US as told by the nadi.They even called US as "Kamala Muni Desam" and assured I will go there next year.


Work is really now problamatic with my own team members against me.Actually the nadi told both above and below me will turn against me.That is what exactly happening here now.All are in one group sitting over my head.


But in any case we should not have gone to Nadi and all.


Now we are mixing up myth with reality and getting confused.


I mainly went because I was having some hurdles in getting married.But they predicted very cooly with wife details and all.But as you say know u missed that match probably for me also I think things will go very wrong only.


So I have decided to forget about nadi once for all and later after many years when things get settled for me may be I will be happy with the nadi reader and that siddha who wrote the leaves.


Where are you put up now? Even I know a friend in Madras with your same case.

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I am from Bombay. In my case, two nadi's referenced the same details for the person and also, one nadi said that it would sort of happen this way. He said that the boy and the girl will get to know each other before marriage, they will have some "prachanai", whatever that means.


We liked each other but could not get past some issues that we had and so the match droppped, however, the timing of the marriage is not over yet, so just like you my parents are kind of hoping that this will click.



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Ok fine.


But these things have no basis at all.All our luck and time only.


Besides if now choose to marry then probably you will think like you have forced yourself to get married to suit the predictions.


So your parents should not have disclosed anything about nadi till the time comes and after marriage if they show you the predicted thing then it is really a surprise.Otherwise the nadi itself would have been influential in your decision.It is beating around the bush as which gave which thing.Whether prediction happened or you made it to happen.


That is why I have decided to ignore my would be girl's details even if I happen to encounter such a girl.


Also given my personal apperance, I dont think a beautiful girl will marry me as stated by the nadi.


Anyhow I keep my options open and simply concentrate on my near by collapse in job and how to overcome it.

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Actually, my parents did not reveal the nadi details until the match got dropped. They revealed all that in their disappointment.


But I am not too hopeful, if it did not work once it will not work again since nothing changes.


I don't know about looks or anything or how true that is, but regarding education, work, location, jadagam, lagnam,name, kind of name and nature it all matched perfectly. I could not believe myself. But you are right, we should not see this things as they cloud are judgement

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I don't know if we can believe it or not. I have to wait for some more time to conclude that it was all wrong.


All I now understand is, we should not see these things, they totally impair our judgement process



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Mr. Durai Subburathinam

Naadi Astrologer

36, New State Bank Colony

Behind Philips Hospital West Tambaram Chennai - 600 045.


Tel: 044-22366264 Fax: 044-22367832


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I am from Sri Lanka and I read ny Nadi in 1998.

I gave the birth day ( not time ) and thump print.


During the conversation ( yes , mostly "yes' Or 'No' ), I think the reader got most of the points.


My view is , These readers may be good astrologers who can read the chart quite well. The only difference they are from other ones is they tell your name , parents & siblings. Thats the only thing people give more value to them.


Another thing is I believe they do some sort of mind reading. When they ask question I believe that we concentrate on what we were thinking. For example they ask you "are there 10 letters in your fathers name?". then you begin to concentrate and start cunting the letters in your mind.


If they can do liitle bit of of mind reading, they come to know your fathers name ( mind reading another point od discussion. ).


When talking to an astrologer he said " I dont know whether Nadi is true or false. But some thing the Nadi readers tells about your chart ( Sun , lunar & mercury will be in one house or come in consecutive houses ) is always true for every one".


Knowing your date of birth they can draw the chart . But the issue wil be to find out the lagna.


When talking to you they might ask you "were you born at mornig / midday , night / midnight" from which they can decide the lagna.


any way this is my point.


If you believe in astrology then believe in Nadi. But dont give much prominance to their "identification finding".


probably not worth giving them so much of money.







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I have had 2 readings done so far, with 2 different rishis. One was done 2 years ago, and everything predicted did happen, but some totally opposite things also happened. Now I recently went to another reader, and while many things are similar predictions, some are very different. I don't know wo or what to believe. How can different Rishis predicted different futures for the same person? Both the readers are reputed ones. Can anyone please help?

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Hi All,


Happened to read this article, which is a research study on Naadi Astrology by University of Peradeniya, Srilanka.

Currently only one article is available online, i just managed to read the second one through Google cache.



Part 1:




Part 2:


I have started a Discussion Group in on Naadi Astrology, where people can share there experinces and views on Naadi Astrology.






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Hello Parnee & All,


Welcome to the group, a

group dedicated for discussion of Naadi Astrology and for sharing and Interacting with Naadi Enthusiasts of their experinces with Naadi predictions.


To learn more about the group, please visit



To to the list simple send mail to



To start sending messages to members of this group, simply

send email to @


If you do not wish to belong to , you may

by sending an email to





Girish (Moderator),

Naadi Astrology


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Hi Guest,


These are the 2 addresses I have of Nadi Astrologers in Bangalore. One is Shukar Nadi and the other is Siva Nadi.


PS : I personally don't know about the quality of the Nadi predictions given at these places.



1) Thiru Gunjar Sachidanand Murthy

Shukar Nadi

Naadi Gruha 33,

5th Main Road,


Bangalore - 560 018

Tel : 080 - 26601971

2) Thiru Manivasagan S

Siva Nadi

No 9, 3rd Cross, Bhavani Nagar,

Opp. Arunodaya Kalyana Mantapa,

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 29

Tel : 080 - 26689169





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Dear One,


If your life is so miserable, then why do you not make a change? Live for something else, something higher.


This is not said to patronize or condemn, but as an attempt to infuse new hope.

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