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nadi josem is true? or not?

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I gave that address naa? u just call him and enquire..but that nadi person dont know net and all.....u have to go in person and get a reading.......


Trichy is a very nice place where so many nice temples are there.....Srirangam is one the biggest temples...Srirangam is a devotional cult and a world in itself with so many orthodox brahmins roaming around the four streets of the temple with some devotional activity.....the food we prepare for Maha Vishnu in srirangam is very tasty with pure ghee and milk.......Indeed a spicy tamarind rice is very famous in Srirangam....Everything is appealing there..The holy river Kaveri,the sleeping gigantic Ranga Naadhana,separate Sannidhi for his divine disc Sudharshana Chakra,Maha Lakhmi Sannidhi and much more..


The holy water given in darshan of the Lord is very tasty with some special ingredients added with pure Tulasi leaves..


Everyday some festival is observed in Srirangam.


Do visit


it is


Srirangam Temple,


Tamil Nadu.


The nadi is very near to Srirangam


the nadi address is


Sannidhi Street


Tiruchirappali(in short trichy)

Tamil Nadu

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Hi Shravan, What do U know abt Nadi Jyotishyam, to conclude it is fraud.U might have gone to a guy who is an idiot. It a great science which U cannot even think of. They dont even ask where U come from b4 reading the palm tree leaf. It is a miracle science written lacs of years ago.

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I have visited four of these Nadi experts.Following are my comments.

Your past is very accurate as the information is extracted telepathically from your own mind.The future is a guesswork and is sometimes true but most of the time false. the shock is due to uncanny reading of your own mind due to which you are a believer.[All swamis and godmen use the same method.] I had taken old Sanskrit and clasiclal Tamil expert , they could not make head or tail of the script .The concerned people will always have not more than a few hundred strips with them.

It is us who are stupid who instead of fighting a problem try for a quick fix in a temple ,with a guru or swami, or we go to an astrologer. The entire society has this sickness of giving up when faced with a problem. God will always listen to you ,you do not need a middleman.

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Hello kiran,


I would appreciate if you behave in a polite manner. You should respect people with views that are different from you.


As far as my views on nadi is concerned, I went to a renowned person (Considered as expert in nadi), but I was convinced that it is nothing more than fooling people.


There may be true nadi experts, but I have yet to meet them. Until then, I will be skeptical on this.



What is the minimum information you have to give nadi expert to search for 'your' leaf?





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Hello Ranga ji,


What I meant was, that generally there are more than one people in so called Nadi organisation/institute. Get one person do the finding of nadi for you, and then request them to call some other person from their staff (ensuring that they dont talk to each other) and do the reading. See if the other person can tell the details. If it is in the nadi, other person should be able to read it. But I doubt this will happen.


As far as name is concerned, They did not ask my name, but it came exactly. Later I realized that I told my name already while taking appointment and was even in their register. So this is why they don't ask your name.









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We cannot boldly go them and tell other person to read our nadi.First they will drive us away as being arrogant or disrespecting sage's prediction.


The nadi which I went had no appointment or register.It was a simple hut like building and I never gave my name out.Certainly they use some malefic tantric mantras and sheudra devata to predict the future.The thing is that initially what they told about my vital career things happened exactly like that.Hence I went to consult my 9th chapter regarding Father's health.That time they opened out very bad predictions(hope u understand) and gave some remedy which will costs 3000 a profit for them.


I did not opt for that and went away from that place.


Now my concern is if it is true by chance,then I am doing harm to my father knowing the future well.That too for a sum of 3000.


But I know there is no greater remedy than the Tirupathi Lord's supreme grace and will.I have started since then to sincerely pray and taken a vow to go to tirumala hills from the base tirupathi by walk if my father lives longer.


But given my fickle weak mind backed up by the stress I am undergoing I am greatly disturbed by this non sense.There is also one more fact -- my father's all three sisters passed one by one within a spell of one year and that creates a great fear and stirs up my heart to a great extent.


Every minute I am worried like anything.Job and career are no where before my father.It is more than enough if Bhagavan chooses to save my parents and give a long life even at the cost of my career loss or even life loss.


I am never afraid of a bad prediction to my self but this is really taking away my peace.


Please give me some tips to prove that indeed the guy is fake.

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Hello Ranga,


Could you please share your experience and how you came to this conclusion (100% fraud). Becasue, for same reasons hundreds of other so called 'nadi experts' may also be fooling people around.


I read your previous posts and understand your dilemma regarding nadi. Hope you got your confusions clear now.







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Dear everybody,


The thambaram centre is run by one Mr. dureai subburathinam. I got to know him about 3 years ago.

He is definitely genunine. I did not give my time or date of birth. I was asked to answer yes or no but he never touched on my wifes name until he found the correct leaf. He is a fantastic person.

There is another good reader in kilpauk by the name of R. Rajendran . more than 95% of his predictions matches the one given at the thambaram centre.

The telephone no of the tambaram centre is 044-22266264.




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I dont understand, why these 'nadi experts' ask for Yes/No or other hint questions?


why dont they simply say 'Write down your name/address/date of birth etc and we will find nadi for you'?


Because, their skill is in getting these details from you by using hint questions? Rest is simple astrology. If they ask these straight forwardly, there is no difference between a nadi expert and astrologer.




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Yes then why should they ask so many questions if sages has pre-written everything?


Actually sages may have hinted some planet combinations in those leaves.These people mix up mind reading,tantrism with those combinations and make out something.


From my personal exp, one should never go frequently and get entrapped in psychological fear.


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