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nadi josem is true? or not?

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Hello sir


my details

Name: Rahul Balkrishnaji Deshmukh.

Date- 22-DEC-1986 (male)

Time – 11.45 P.M. ( night of 22th dec )

Place- Gondia ( State- Maharashtra country- India)



Sir, I am a computer engg and now I am struggling for my career. really feeling restless. Working hard but not getting good break. I had also given interviews in 3-4 organizations. I am worried when will I get job in good organization. I want 2 know about my Future Career.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanking you very much..




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Hi Ajay,

You need not go to other states for nadi. We have it in Hyderabad also. It's located at Chintal basthi busstopn,Khairathabad. If you from Lakdikapool,it's on left hand side busstop(at busstop you can ask fro Vijaya bank ATM which will be on right hand side lane to busstop and as soon as you enter into that lane you will find an independent house there will be small board at the entrance.If you didnt fidn you can ask anybody.Anybody can guide you from there.


Good luck.

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Hi Sangeetha,

I have been to nadi jyosam in Dec,2008. I am married but I have filed a divorce case against my husband. When the nadi jyosar questioning me while searching the correct leaf i felt like i'm giving all the answers even in that s or no. I was confused whether it's true or false. He told me that coz of my janma's karma even if iget married agn also we will get seperated.He said I will get married in 27-28 yrs and will settle in abroad with my second husband but again when i'll be 32 yrs i will seperate from my husband for two yrs. He told me that my current divorce case will take very long time.I will get everything in life whtever i have dreamed but will get it very late atleast 5 yrs later than the age when i actually need it, which would be of no use. He told me the remedies and asked me to visit some temples in Chennai. Then only i can fulfill my dreams on time.

Actually I got a good marriage proposal he is from abroad but he couldn't decide anything abt our marriage coz my case is till pending and u knwo usually it takes yrs n yrs.

Is it really true that as soon as we visit those temples whtever he said will happen?


Plz reply me . you can mail me at padma_sql@


Thank you

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Hi Avadhut,

Even i felt the same when I have been there.After coming home i told my mom that it's all fake.He guessed the answers accoridng to the s or no s i said when he was reading those leaves. But now i believe it coz i experienced whtever he said about my past slowly i started realising it. He said I'll get married in 27-28 and will settle in abroad with my husband. I got good marriage proposal now and he is well settled in abroad.He told me he will be back after 6 mths but didnt said anything whether he wanna marry me or not. My dad is still waiting for their call.i will be 27 yrs on July 27th will see wht hpns next.


But my exp says 80% of it true but not 100%.

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nadi some part is true where they tell you name and your horoscope time and date of birth i have done for lot of people just to find their horoscope for astrology purpose rest they perdict  


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