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Human body is built to eat animals also - explained by a Muslim

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[Wow You guys are so off topic] ... so, here's my 2 cents:


I once posted that as far as faith goes, in regards to my own death:


"My only prayer is that God will grant me the few moments, before my own death --to allow me the opportunity to say contrition" ---so as to 'reconcile' my minds thoughts et al.


[i am really referring to an untimely, unexpected and sudden catastrophic passing**]




**This is the purpose of life where usually an entire Life-Time is afforded to each human --to cultivate a service mentality that revolves around contrition (prayascitta).

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Q.1) Plants are also having life and killing plants is also sin. So in what sense vegetarian food is better than non-vegetarian food, in terms of killing or 'sin'?

SWAMIJI: This is a very good question. It is true that plants also have "life" and killing plants is also sin. So the best way to observe total non-violence is to follow "Shiloncha Vraththi". That is to take only those fruit fallen from the trees, plants. In this way we are doing harm to none.

This is not exactly true. It is true the plant is not being harmed but what about all the insects one crushed beneath one's feet as he walks towards the tree to pick up the fruit on the ground.

Becoming a fruitarian is an advanced ahimsa practice but it is far from perfect. There is no perfect karma free activity apart from doing everything in the service of Krishna (Allah).


Now there are two reasons to say that vegetarian food is having insignificant sin. Many of the plants like rice, wheat etc. are having life only for one crop time. Once their yield is over, they die, even if we don't cut them. So by cutting those plants we are doing we less sin or no sin at all.

Same point. How do you harvest wheat or rice without killing the small creatures that on or near these plants? There are still karmic implications.

This is one reason Srila Prabhupada teaches one should not be proud of being a vegetarian (or vegan).

Certainly what is recommended by the Swami is far less sinful then animal slaughter and should be followed


Next we need to know why certain acts are sinful. Each and every life (plants, animals etc) has come to this world, to do "sadhana"(efforts), to get better life and finally get "moksha". Whenever such "sadhana" opportunity is cut short, it becomes sin. For plants there is no much "sadhana". They can not do any kind of physical or mental activities, in terms of "sadhana". So by cutting them, we are not doing many harms to their "sadhana" or reducing their opportunity for "sadhana". So it is not sinful. But animals can do a good amount of "sadhana" by means of physical and / or mental activities. By killing them, we are cutting short their opportunities to do "sadhana" towards moksha. So it is more sinful.

Without getting into the sidetrack of animals doing sadhana or not I will say I don't think they do and this is no valid reason for not killing animals.IMO

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over eating of any thing is bad .


So be careful in your food habit.


As science has proved that by eating non veg food there is danger of spreading many diseases .Now recent day we are hearing about chicken flu and swine flu or may be many more in coming years.


No such thing in consuming veg food. and if found that item/food should be avoided.


So it is better to update our food habit according to insight gain by human mind in various areas .Being it non veg or veg diet.


what i understand is one should respect the sentiment of others


God bless All


Rishi Vatsyayan

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respected all this explanation is made by a muslim. as we all know that they are expert in wrong explanation of the things for their own benefit. for example they are spreading terrorism in the name of 'Jihad'. so why to pay attention on such explanations.


Sometimes, in order to fight Evil, we must face Evil and fight them head-on.


Thing with Muslims is, if we turn our faces away and don't bother them, they will become bolder and push us for confrontation. They are like bullies, who kept pushing those who are weaker to show off their own strength. Submitting to them could be a mistake.


And besides, don't you think that Non-Muslims have been submitting to them for too long already?

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respected Sephiroth you are right I agree with you.


I merely stating what many have stated before.


Looking at today's political situations, one could easily remember the scenes of Sri Krishna playing the Peace Messanger in behalf of Pandavas to their cousins. Those who are in side of good, are few in numbers if compared to those who are in side of Evil. Even the great ones like Guru Drona are on the side of evil.


Hindus today have to remember this scene well, because they are in the same position as the Pandavas were in Mahabratha Epic. In a way, I could say it is almost like the Mahabratha Epic is being played again for the "amusement" of God once again, after 5,000 years. :)


Who knows, maybe what Sage Vyasa wrote was not only something which happened 5,000 years ago, but also a reminder to the future generations on what going to happen in the future.

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Guest crackna


In a way, I could say it is almost like the Mahabratha Epic is being played again for the "amusement" of God once again, after 5,000 years. :)


Millions died, and that's amusement?:rolleyes:

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From prior post:


Q. 5) Is it not sin to kill silkworms for silk and deer's for 'krishnaa-jina'?


How would you answer this question? Are you ok with the killing of silkworms to meet someone's standard of ritual purity for some religious ritual?


Or do you find ,as I do, that the idea of so-called "ritual purity" that involves cruel actions towards another living being to stain with that beings suffering and far from pure in the eyes of God?

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More than that.. the focus should be laid in rejuvenating the Indian Culture. With that.. the rest will be automatically catered.
Interestingly, Indian Culture has a long history of innovation and "evolution". Indian Culture promotes dynamics. Support its dynamics and you support the Culture. If we solely support its history we wont be chaste to its dynamics.
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Hinduism is totally based on the teachings of the holy scriptures...am i ryt? then i dont understand when almighty god has given the permission of having non-veg still u deny that...???


Why oh why do you want Hindus to eat meat? when would you understand in that thick skull or that hardened heart of yours, the meaning of peace.


You would kill innocent beings for the promise of paradise and I would not kill an ant willingly, even for the promise of liberation. A Hindu is par dukhe dukhi.


Do you understand Sanskrit or the real import of those offerings?


All those verse has no meaning if I cant understand this simple instruction that Lord Krishna gives.


And that action performed in ignorance and delusion without consideration of future bondage or consequences, which inflicts injury and is impractical, is said to be action in the mode of ignorance. 18.25BG


So ask you what mode are you in, we all know eating meat is impractical, even science is coming round to this thinking, do you not feel the pain and anguish you are subjecting to those innocent creatures.?


Jai Shree Krishna

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Hinduism is totally based on the teachings of the holy scriptures...am i ryt? then i dont understand when almighty god has given the permission of having non-veg still u deny that...???


One question - Why are you so bent in "holify" non-veg dietery?


Many good points have already stated about the beneficts of non-meat dietery, plus the benefict of it in promoting Spiritualism.

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